Ti amo - Laura Branigan, with Lyrics

I had a dream last night and I was dancing at a wedding and this song was playing,I used to love this song,but I had forgotten about it until my dream,thanks to youtube and this person who put it up:)There is always a reason why I hear a song be it in my dreams or in my head at certain times,if it is back up my syncs.
There will be a reason for this!

Love Kerrie/Zoolithe


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Kerrie Comment by Kerrie on June 17, 2014 at 8:53pm

I have indeed been thinking about it all Eileen...

 that song used to trigger 'passion' in me and the only thing I get passionate about these days is The Federation of Light's words and the day before the dream I said to my daughter in a fit of despair that I am very angry at White Cloud for bringing me into all this drama.

Look at the first lines in the song.....

Ti amo, God how I love you so

My heart just won't let go

Day after day I'm still holdin' on

0dvoa8095pnvv Comment by 0dvoa8095pnvv on June 17, 2014 at 8:48pm

Hope you share it with us Kerrie when you find out the reason for this vision. Maybe there is a celebration in store!

Before I moved to Wales I was browsing through a charity shop and some old music was playing about a girl called Eileen roving through mountains  or such like, which made me shiver with excitement.