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Comment by jan marie price on January 15, 2014 at 5:34am

This is so true, as each one of us are growing, at our speed, experiences are individual and it is learning acceptence, of each person as they are.

Other wise we are not true, as human beings are very quick to make judgments on others' forming thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It is through living our own life as in 5th dimensional level there should be more of living through your higher selve who knows what is right at any one moment, connecting with your I am presence, living from love is not judemental, as many still do.

I also feel it is a case of needing more healing, on allowing oneself to let go, more, there is still much to release, heal and love as Christ, Mother Father God, Angelic beings and many enlightened ones do not state that they are for ever right, or Tell us what to do, how to be, they offer non judgmental ways of being for us to adapt new growth on being, and becoming whole.

Moving forward, with leaps and bounds, we still need to learn to be still and work on loving self, daily.

Through my own understanding of what I have been receiving, and experiencing as we step up on the ascension path, it is a solo journey, as when we come into life by ourself, and when we pass on we leave alone, although working with the Angelic realms, Archangel Michael, and many others as they come in, and as I do and many others it is for me working with the sacred fire, and the Ascended hosts a great journey working for the whole, as we develope a greater understanding of our role to assist all life, humanity and the realization as we grow as the individual, our perception changes affecting the whole.

It makes me feel we complicate things, it is easier than you think? the less we formulate judgment, even I have caught myself forming an assumption, then I have corrected that impulse, and thought no, I did not mean that and I have had to retract the feeling, the thought, ect, so the end result by focus on sending love to each situation, is a lesson I am learning and getting better with day by day, and I must say the energies do change, by stepping back and re trace your thoughts, over your day.

Thought is energy, how one thinks will create the experience/s this is when you come into your own and know when you stepping forward into 5th Dimension, or stepping back into the old, 3rd, the more you practise what your project outwards, is more of who you become.

Comment by Temperance Ropple on January 15, 2014 at 2:38am

How timely for me...Thank YOU James....Feel I invited someone into my home as a "friend" and he left as a Spy and Informant and caused a firestorm with my landlord.  Getting through with a little bit help from my friends...

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on January 14, 2014 at 12:34pm

Thank you James,I have been told! xxx


Prayers for Standing Rock Please

We come in peace and prosperity for mankind.  It is hard to accept that many on this plateau of existence do not understand the most basic of concepts that Love will conquer over all maladies.  We strive for peace on Earth as we did for our lands long ago.

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The Angel for November is Play

Love Letter from God from NDE ~ Tricia Barker


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