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Best UFO Sightings Of 2012 - Worldwide - From AnoymousFO

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Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on January 9, 2013 at 7:13pm


Comment by Terran on January 9, 2013 at 3:53pm
hahha :)
I love the understanding!
What an beautiful thing this internet is, haha.
Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on January 8, 2013 at 7:47am

Beautifully put Terran,love is all there is and it is pure creative energy,it doesn't judge what we do with it,it knows not to be anything less then what it is:)

~The Federation of Light~
15th Aug 2010

They took away the right to be free under the guise of what is known in your world nowadays as ‘devil worship’.

Funny, I felt odd writing that word … coming from you.

And yet it means absolutely nothing to us for it has no meaning! Wake up to the illusion! Who created who? And why? The fear was introduced to capture your very souls! The so called ‘devil’ was introduced to do the same thing. Who created him? A God of Love??? Think about these things with these brains that you have been given on this journey. Use them wisely. Listen to your inner guidance. A God of Love creating/allowing a vision with horns and a pointed tail that will take you down to the fires of hell forever if you should so much as have an unlawful thought? And who wrote the laws to say they were unlawful? These things were devised by those who needed to control. The fear took its place and deeply etched itself with in the minds and hearts of souls who were once so empowered in the beauty of TRUTH of LOVE. In Truth of who they really are. There was a time when knowledge of miraculous activities was common place. When each soul chose miracles … for the world in which they reside was of them. This world MUST be brought back, and yet it will be of a Newness. NEVER again shall it be able to be tainted by greed and savours  of selfish indulgence. Your ‘tribe’ has learned its lesson. It is not one to be repeated. It shall not be repeated.


Comment by Terran on January 7, 2013 at 7:31pm
As for you, messier Janek,
Thanks for your questions. They're important in all of this.
Don't worry. (Bob Marley's got it right, haha. I see someone posted him up there.)
We'll be ok. Like Kerrie said, the negativity, the pain and, essentially, the fear, is an illusion.
Its a bold statement, I know, but the construct of all things broken that you see are in some form, a piece of your fear.
You're on the right path. If you're ever feeling the negativity in any way... just remember that, because its always true.
Its so easy it seems hard sometimes.
Just let it go. Be at peace. See your Self that is everything and enjoy your pure, endless love... Always Home. ALL of this is an example of absolute perfection. And it is, and always will be... the most Beautiful thing that you can possibly fathom. Come, in your own way, to know this. It is your God-given privilege to do so. And when you come to see this, TRUST.
Come to know your Faith. That's been a big lesson for me lately.
Just love. Be at peace. Be peace. Be Love.
Your on your way to seeing that world of beauty, Janek. I believe it. Just trust your experience. Everything talks to you and your power is in belief.
Comment by Terran on January 7, 2013 at 7:07pm
Thank you, Kerrie. (3 Well said.
I appreciate the light you share.
Comment by Janek Krotiuk on January 7, 2013 at 1:06am

Hi, thank you kerrie for your perspective and I do agree that it is about changing and raising your vibration. You say no bad ETs or no demons ? What I would like to know is do you mean they dont exist ? If there are good ETs, then are there not bad ETs also ? Are there no alien races thats motives are not good ? You say that duality is no longer present in zero point ? Could you elaborate more please. Is that the same as saying you cannot have light without dark ? that then there is only light ?

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on January 6, 2013 at 9:18pm

Thank you Terran,yes The Federation of light have mentioned that those seeing them are 'in a space' ready to see them,they are of a higher vibration then us and it is for us to raise our vibration,they will meet us half way,they said it is easier for them to lower their vibration,Janek we must be in zero point energy in order for this to occur,this is a challenge for us humans as we have come from 3D thinking for so long ( head to heart) emotions, 5D is heart to head feelings,this is a different love then we are used to,it is the detached love of the Aquarian age,love for ALL not just those who do what we 'think' they should do,judgement and duality is no longer present in zero point,just pure and peace.No bad ETs no Demons,these are all an illusion,Planet Earth is an illusion remember that.

Comment by Janek Krotiuk on January 6, 2013 at 7:48pm

Hi, thank you all for your perspectives on what i wrote. I know everybody is on their own journey and in their own time, whether it be on an individual scale or global scale. I have always felt like a stranger on this planet, most of my life and I have for most of my life dreamt of alien beings. The ones I dream of are not so freindly and in my dreams I am at war with them, or they detroying and killing. I look forward to meeting the  good ones and I sincerely wish they would contact me so I can help in whatever way i can. Most people wish for  a better earth, a place of peace, of love, of  a earth where the waters are clear again, the air is sweet  and where we truelly can live in the cradle of mother earth, not only her protecting us, but us protecting and truely cherishing the gifts of life, the gifts of beauty that she gives us. It is really sad how we have destroyed this planet, but I am happy in the hope that we can nurse it back to health and its true state and really appreciate her. If the beings from the stars can help with that and ring in a new age for humanity, then they can sign me up anytime and they will be welcomed by me.

Comment by Terran on January 6, 2013 at 7:09pm
Wow, it was really important for me to see that. Perfect post, mate. Thanks Drago.

For Janek:
Hey, mate. Its much of a clear answer for me either. I live in Hawaii and I've probably wondered something similar. I don't hear about many sightings or reportings over here. Although, UFOs definitely seem to remain a popular topic, surely. There's TONS of speculation as to why some of these sightings take place in some areas more often than others. I recall probably reading/hearing somewhere that there are bases located throughout the earth and that some commute back in forth from place to place. Some are perhaps secretly making futile plans to further enslave humanity... but I think most--almost all UFOs are here monitoring our awakening process. In something like an attraction process. As we become more consciously malleable and aware, they come closer. I don't believe they're here to break in and impose their light. We chose to be here. And these challenges we're experiencing are our chosen lessons. We need them, and we need to overcome them. That's our path, and its our responsibility and privilege to go about such a process. So perhaps, if they are aware of where we are consciously (which I believe they are), they're making appearances where this is cumulatively stronger. I believe the aim is to be VERY careful and delicate in not instilling any sort of FEAR into the human population. They're playing their cards carefully so that we don't collectively retract (i.e. governmental announcements of unknown foreign space threats and all that muckiness). Collectively, we are VERY delicate. Some folks can hardly handle the videos of lights in the sky. With the tired conventional perspective, what are we to think of all of it? How are we even to cognize what's happening? The reason you and I are both aware and more comfortable with such a thing is because we deliberately seek it. Not everyone is so passionately awakening. We need to keep in mind all of our earth family. Their lives and progression are intimately in connection with ours. And if most of us are afraid/unaware, so seems earth humans as a whole: mostly afraid and unaware. Although, I do believe a remarkable and inspiring number of people are, more and more, standing under the sky and preparing to let their hearts take them to their home, without the fear. I believe that's why we're seeing these sorts of things so much more often.
I don't mean to get off topic, though.
In summary, to answer your question toward the end of your comment, I think the concept of them approaching the areas where the higher awareness energy is collectively getting to be at its strongest, the appearances are becoming more frequent. Where that's not happening, I think that they're just taking measures not to unravel people before their chosen times.
We receive Love when we're ready. They know this. Just think about how your neighbors might embrace such an experience. We're all together here. So much of the awakening process is simply realizing just that.
I hope that nourishes some queries of yours, mate. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share.
Much Love, T
Comment by Janek Krotiuk on January 4, 2013 at 4:02pm

Hi , maybe all the ufo experts out there can shed some light on a question i have. I have watched all the footage on ufo sightings ect  and from when I was a small boy I knew there must be other life out there in the universe, sometimes feeling even that I dont belong on this planet but belong somewhere else. I have read comments how many wish that the beings from other planets would show themselves and stop "playing games" with these sightings. I too wish that they would show themselves so that we could all move forward, so that the question that we are not alone in the universe could finally be answered to those who do not believe or question. I think it would be a good thing and a step forward for humanity, in order to finally move away from governments full of idiots controlling the world. The average man wishes for clean energy, peace, living in a better world. The greedy governments and politicians do not want that. In any case, back to my question. Why are there not many sightings over Africa ? I live in South Africa and the sightings you see on the web are always over the USA, Mexico ect ect. Do the aliens not have any reason to fly over Africa ? Or are they not interested in this area ? I hope someone can shed a bit of light for me on this.



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