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I have only just got around to painting this portrait of White Cloud - this is how I saw him in a vision  6 months ago. Below are the words given to me at the time.


4.12.13 - 4+1+2+1+3 = 11  

Today as I prepared to meditate I was shown the face of White Cloud with shorter hair and he was dressed in a pale blue tunic edged with gold.


Our messages bear fruit for we shall indeed all become part of this new world.  We register your thoughts, your day dreams, and assist you in making a grand recovery; this will be such a momentous occasion and we welcome you all into this land of dreams, manifesting a greater reality.


I can see his face and want to reach out and touch to stroke his hair and there are tears in my eyes.  Grandfather, White Cloud it is so wonderful to see you.  Why are you wearing the blue robe today?  Is it because you are part of the Galactic Council, can you tell me more about this council?


We come in preparation of our new world of strength and grace and we open your heart to receive us.  The Federation of Light has made a declaration to honour and protect the Children of Earth and we come in multitudes across the globe to shelter you in our embrace as we make these mammoth adjustments that will enable you to join us.  Please do not be afraid for we come in all Love and sincerity.  There will be time to make these adjustments as we come among you and we deliver further speeches in the amphitheatres of Earth compelling you to listen to our words.  The time range is of no comparison and we adjust frequencies to restore connections that have slipped through the net.  We attune admirably in the circumstances available.


We fly across the great divide to be with you and yours and we monitor this connection, bringing in flavours of a new time frame that is open to each and every one of you.  Stand firm ready to receive us and we will enable greater delights in store.  We offer a broad beam of knowledge ready for your perusal and we understand a greater connection with those on Earth who are ready to come forward and be counted as part of our tribe.  Those connections on Earth shall come to fruition and we have honoured many of you already in this time frame.  Be prepared to accept greater residual energy and we will have accomplished a mammoth task to reunite with our elders on Earth.  This has been a great accomplishment of mammoth proportions and we ask you not to look back but to look forward into a new world of exquisite gentility and freedom.


This is the main purpose of our visit today to give you that freedom to expand your boundaries . . . to march across those fields to see the vistas clear before you, and as the Eagle flies and soars above so will you soar on wings of Love.  We tell you now my little one it will be so . . . and such exquisite Love awaits you in our dimension.  And we bring you sustenance, the food of Love, and we welcome you to this domain, bringing forth the wisdom that you so desire and to spread around your world that we come in Love and Peace.


We bring a solution for your problems on Earth and the solution is such an easy one to follow if only you will raise your hearts and Love one another.  What could be easier than this . . .




This is what makes the heart soar and the pleasure of giving far outweighs the pleasure of receiving!  For giving yourself - you give to God and God shall raise you up to fly like an Eagle, higher than you have ever known and you shall be blessed!


We tell you now my children that we will be with you throughout the great ordeal you are going through on the Earth plane at this time, and all will be given a place in this beautiful world that we are preparing in your honour, and we receive you with the greatest Love and affection to be brought into a new world of indescribable beauty.


How shall we live in this new world; will we still have jobs and do all the things we do on Earth?  We won’t be just sitting on a cloud all day will we?


There will be much to do, do not fret on that score, there will be much to sing about and for a time you will be adjusting and settling in; there will be a time of playfulness and laughter, a time of learning and exploring your new world.


This does sound very much to me where you go when you die and go to Heaven.  Are we in fact dying and going to heaven?


You will not have to leave your physical bodies behind; you will be transported as you are, as you choose to be in this physical frame.  Your frequencies will have changed and your bodies will be lighter, of not such a denser frequency; you will be more of your true essence.  We will empower you to roam at will and to study the universe in greater detail; you will have the ability to travel as you have never travelled before.  And this new world may seem like Heaven to many of you, but you will remain intact and sample these truths without having to travel through the veil of death, and transformation shall be yours.


I’m being caressed by purple clouds. 

We open this connection to allow you to see in greater detail, we draw back the veils that cloud your vision and allow you to see into our dimension . . . just open your eyes!


I still can’t see! 

Use your imagination and we can build with this.


I’m imagining a temple with white pillars and a blue sea; it looks like the temple at Philae in Egypt near Aswan.  I’m going for a ride on a Felucca with the white sails billowing in the wind, laid back on cushions and floating along the river Nile.  I think I get it now; everybody has their own dream and vision of how they want their world to be.  But is this world of substance or is it a world of illusion?


You are already trapped in a world of illusion but you believe it to be real!  You are locked in prisons that you have made for yourselves!  Open your eyes and see the reality . . . push back those boundaries that hold you down.  Your thoughts build the walls that surround you!


I was thinking of the animals, the ones that are ill-treated, surely they don’t dream the world they live in because we are the ones that are controlling their world.  If we let go they will be free too! 


The more you let go . . . the greater your world will become and the more freedom you will have.  Let go . . . soar to those heights you have dreamed of and imagined in dream state.  Soar to the mountain tops . . . fly through the ethers.  Nothing shall hold you back . . . expand and push back the boundaries that you yourself build.  Continue pushing back and regain your heritage of life eternal, forever growing, forever learning, and forever loving.


I’m feeling the bliss, there are no pains in my body there is just vivid gold on purple in the silhouette of a crown and I can hear the rousing music from Handel’s Messiah  rising up to ornate golden ceiling covered in paintings from times gone past.


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Comment by Kerrie on April 11, 2015 at 9:36pm
Comment by Kerrie on January 5, 2015 at 12:39pm

Good to have you back Eileen,it's been busy here already or should I say as usual :) so much for my creating more peace and quiet in my life!  I think I told you I found another lady White Cloud contacted thanks to Leanne ....

Because of seeing this photo of a mandis being near Robert Van Den Broeke

I was chating to Leanne Kerrison about  White Cloud and the time he showed himself to her as a Mandis Being and she googled White Cloud and  Mandis being and came up with another contactee of White Cloud's 

here is the blog and my comment on it...

here is her video ....


I emailed Mariana from the Sydney UFO group about Sherry Wild's Australian friend Judy and received this reply....

Kerrie, I know Judy and Helene well.They live in Brisbane and we had them come and give us a talk a year ago. Lovely women. Judy is about to publish another book and then we’ll invite her back. Judy and I chat via email quite often.


Helene's experiences with the Greys/Zetas


Mariana has also got an incredible story to tell of her regression and going back home to her planet she loves. 

So hold onto your hat Elieen 2015 is going to be busy I feel :)

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on January 5, 2015 at 8:44am

Sorry for not responding sooner, we only came home on Friday so Monday is back to some sort of normality and hopefully some quiet meditation time. 

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on January 5, 2015 at 8:43am

Gosh, I forgot it was early in December 2013 that I was given this vision thank you Kerrie for reposting and Val thank you for your lovely comments. I hope both of you and all our wonderful friends on this  site had a wonderful Christmas and like me are looking forward to 2015 and all it holds for us!

Comment by Val on December 23, 2014 at 12:30pm

Dear Eileen,  thank you so much for this amazing message from White Cloud. You truly are one of God's Angels,  bringing forth this kind of information for us.   It really has made me quite emotional. There certainly are wonderful times coming,  all we need to do is to have faith and to trust in Spirit, and it will all open up for us.  Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Eileen. xxx

Comment by Kerrie on December 23, 2014 at 7:33am

Merry Christmas Eileen,I have put your updated painting up with the feathers on your blog,again dear beautiful soul a big thank you for being White Cloud's messenger  to me and sending me the copy of your painting and his words, the words from him I couldn't make out the night before in my dream :) soooo magical xxx

Best Christmas present ever! xxx

Comment by Kerrie on September 5, 2014 at 11:21pm

I have been doing yet another blog Eileen about what is going on,I have gathered some links together


Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on September 5, 2014 at 8:07pm

Oh Kerrie, I so needed to hear all these words from White Cloud even the ones I channelled . . . they bring tears to my eyes!  Yes thank you that's great Kerrie, I would love to hear if Elisabeth sees White Cloud in this manner as Sharon who was his daughter in a previous life has said she sees him.

Comment by Kerrie on September 5, 2014 at 10:55am

Eileen I am so glad you commented on Elizabeth's channel of White Cloud,this is what puts a smile on my face,people connecting and not being afraid of ego,you are a pure soul,so glad I met you, I posted this link so Elizabeth can view your painting,hope that is ok xxx

Elisabeth's channel....

Comment by Brenda Hoffman on May 25, 2014 at 6:11am


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