What is Beyond 12.12.12 & 12.21.2012.. written by the enlightened master Ibrahim Hassan on Dec.9th 2012


What is Beyond 12.12.12 & 12.21.2012.. 


12.12 is the sacred day of Ascension for Mother Gaia.

On that day, the network of energy is completed, which when completed , allows the flow of the energy of the Violet flare, and this energy was available on earth before, but not in its complete flow, it was in the Form of “Flame “, and now it shall start pouring in the Form of a ” Flare”


And the reason in increasing this flow of energy, { is the direct transformation in the nature of the Solar Interactions }, which in turn will begin preparing itself for the biggest transformation in the nature of the frequencies which will be sent from the Sun on the day of the alignment 21-12, where the Central Sun is going to work on supporting our sun through the energies it’s going to send to it on that day.

The work of the Violet Flare on earth starting 12.12.12

1. Cleansing karma

The personal karma of the earth and how the Violet Flare is going to deal with it.


energy of the Violet Flare is responsible in the first degree for : cleansing the personal karma of the earth {Mother Gaia} and her suns {it’s residents} together, which will causes an escalation in the earth’s movements through realigning and moving its continents and seas in terms of their energy networks, electromagnetic and energy currents as well as their chemical makeup in order to return them back to their original state.

This is going to occur in stages. Previously, all of these changes would occur in three days only, which is why they were accompanied by plenty of natural disasters, and this was how a new era was entered. However, these events are now going to occur in stages, and they are not to usher us into a new era but into another dimension.

These stages are going to take several years until the shift in polarity is complete; as well as a complete change in the nature of mountains, rivers, oceans, trees and plant forms into their new shapes.

The purpose of prolonging this period is to transform us to a new state of evolution and not to punish us, and so that there is no negative impact on the people as a result of this change…


So the first stage will be the lightest one in 2013; and this will continue on to the second stage which is the most difficult in 2015. From then on, the third stage is lighter and starts from 2016 until 2020... The stages afterwards get lighter and lighter until the earth reaches its prime state after the year 2032. 


The results of this difficult stage in 2015 will be { the emergence of two continents: Lumoria and Atlantis. In later stages, the continent of Shirlanka shall appear as well as two other continents: one from under Australia and the other from the left of the northern American continent.

The changes are going to take place in two phases:

  • The phase of the fourth dimension from 2013 to 2020
  • The phase of purely fifth dimension from 2020 to 2032

How the Violet is going to affect the average human and how it’s going to cleanse his karma?

The presence of this energy shall work on gathering the forces of good and Evil , in thesame platform:

  • Previously, the forces of evil were dominant and working in the shadows, while the forces of good were neither dominant nor apparent.
  • However, in the year 2013 the Violet Flare is going to force the powers of evil to come out, and that is by weakening it from the inside and breaking off its limbs {The Shadow Government}.
  • The Violet Flare is going to support the forces of light to have a real and solid presence on the ground, just like the prosecutor and the defendant are forced to stand on the same platform by the judge.
  • Here, the battles for change are going to be fair... and this would entail more claims to approve new constitutions and laws through peoples, as well as demands to bringing justice, peace and love.
  • And this will lead to a conflict which will result in a series of { disclosures of conspiracies, secrets and facts that will amazed everybody } , and it will also going to lead to unveiling and announcing the new financial system and easing the download of new technologies. All of this is going to happen in the year 2013!

As for the individuals on their personal level, this energy is going to show and release all the confined feelings, rights and inner confessions of every person until he becomes completely naked in front of himself; and is unable to hide anything or deny his true nature. This is a kind of tough reconciliation between a person and himself. 

2. Decoding our DNA


As you all know, the human being on this earth has gone through several stage of evolution, one of those stages was working on coding his DNA into 2 DNA which has led to limiting many of his abilities and realizations as well as separating him from the Divine. 




In 12.12.2012 the Violet flare shall start decoding the DNA and establishing its connection to the 12 DNA; also, the 7 chakras shall transform into 12 chakras. This does not necessarily mean that you would be able to gain the full abilities of the 12 DNA... 


The purpose of this is as follows:


Previously, you were limited in your abilities to the 2 DNA, and if you were to complete their advancement of consciousness and wanted to advance to the Third DNA and above, you wouldn't have been to do that in a direct and physical manner  

However, you are able to achieve this at the level of developing your inner bodies, by raising the level of your consciousness until you reach full enlightenment; and your natural physical powers remain limited to the consciousness of 2 DNA …  

However, after the decoding process, everyone is going to gain his/her supply of consciousness to be activated physically through DNA. Meaning, if you were not evolved consciously above 2 DNA; your DNA would decode and only two would be activated while the rest would be on standby pending on your future development.

So whenever your consciousness advances in accordance to the Third DNA, you would gain its abilities, and if you carry within you the consciousness of the 6th DNA, the 6th DNA would be activated immediately in its physical form for you, all in the span of a year, in order for you to gain all the powers that come along with it


For your information, all true activation of the level of DNA and whatever consciousness it carries automatically elevates you to a different dimension, as the dimensions are linked to DNA, up until 12 DNA and 12 dimensions.


The year 2013 is going to be the year of awakening that, in turn, is going to work on decoding your DNA

21st of Dec. 2012



ON that day, the Blue Flare and the Violet Flare are going to combine with the golden energy sent from the heart of the galaxy, in order to open up the gateway...  




  1. This means removing the quarantine from earth that has been in place for the last (13.000 years)13 thousand years..
  2. This will occur in around 8 minutes only, which is enough to open the gateway on 12.21.2012
  3. This spectacular energy is going to penetrate the earth to its center, to the holy spirit of our mother Gaia, which will in turn announce :

The beginning of its birth in the fifth dimension (in terms of energy)

The beginning of the immediate activation of the fourth
dimension of its surface.

The Warriors of the Rainbow

On that day, “The Warriors of the Rainbow” would have completed their mission in building the new bridge which will link between earth and sky to allow the flow, graduation and ascension of the new class of spiritual masters from the earth into the fifth or seventh dimension. And the other way around: to allow those from the skies such as all the ascended spiritual masters, higher councils and The Galactic Federation of Light to have a presence here on earth.

Of course, this does not mean that “First Contact” would be established, but i mean that the doors would be fully opened and the atmosphere on earth is ready for the fifth dimension and for their presence here on earth. 


As for the First “apparent and official” Contact , preliminary steps are needed before it occurs such as:  { The new economic system, new technologies, disclosure.}.. And these steps would be completed between 6 to 9 months from the beginning of the New Year. 


On this day; every person would have his own world according to his level of awareness:

  1. There are those who feel love and peace...
  2. Those who connect with The Conscious of the Divine
  3. Those who connect with the higher self
  4. Those who would be able to see the Ascended Masters
  5. Those who would see their brothers from the stars
  6. Those who would deal with the Hierarchies.... etc


{ Everyone would be categorized in accordance with his or her level of awareness, level of ascension, and the dimension that supports his or hers consciousness credit.}

The arrangements scheduled to occur in year 2013 “ that we’d previously talked about” before first contact, are going to help all of those who find difficulty in ascension up until The First Contact comes to call, which in turn will prepare our presence in the Inner Earth with our brothers [The Agarthians], and then support us through Biotechnology that would activate the powers of those who were not able to do so on their own before “The First Contact” , so as to be on the First Step of full consciousness. 



From 21st of Dec. until the 23rd Dec. 2012:

Three days for the Gate to be completed, accompanied by three kinds of Eclipse, those 3 days are very valuable, for they have come to you with love and absolute light after a wait that lasted 26.000 years {26 thousand years}...

So don’t let those days pass you by, without establishing direct connection between you and your higher self, by entering deep into yourself through
{ Meditation and inner communication with the higher councils of Angels, and asking them to prepare you for Ascension. You must have dialogue with the Divine; this is not just something that comes implicitly from within you. You must explicitly ask for it and clarify your choices. Try to assign to these holy days a special celebration that symbolises your reception to the new era}.


All in all, the year 2013 is going to be filled with surprises and events...


I would like to point out a very important point: the right way of doing this is for the human being to prepare himself to receive his full consciousness within the first three months of opening the doorway, without waiting for anything else, and for himself to help others who were unable to complete ascension on their own, and thus ensuring himself a place among those who are in the top lines in joining with the forces of light to help the people of earth.


The right way is to not sit down and wait for help from the forces of light when they restore order in the fourth dimension on earth. What I mean is, starting from the 21st of December 2012 the connection between you and the sky would have been opened, and you would not need anyone’s help in that, because you could ask from the Divine who would materialize by activating your powers of creativity through returning these abilities to you.

An example of this:


Why to wait for new technology such as anti-gravity cars (that are really arriving) but need time, when you could teleport through your Mind. Why wait for The Funds to build a new modern house when you could create it by yourself. Why wait for new technology to cure you from difficult diseases when you could heal yourself and others... 


My dear brothers, you have not yet realized that you are among the most precious, skillful and advanced life forms created by God... stop this waiting and be among the first class of ascenders to regain their full consciousness... be among those who descended from the Divine to watch over and help others who could ascend.



Your brother

The Enlightened Master
Ibrahim Hassan


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Comment by The Blue Flare on December 16, 2012 at 8:01pm

Dear Ruo Xing Antoinette Loh,

 to find an answer for your question  { what about the 3 days of darkness } there is an answer in the article as that happened before on earth and it will never happened again,

i would like you to watch this movie as an answer :

Comment by Kathleen Rae Brooke on December 14, 2012 at 3:25am

I am American.  I do not believe the American people in general have a clue about the collider in Europe.  They had begun building one in Fort Worth Texas over twenty years ago.  The public 'allegedly' put a stop to it.  And from what I understand, moved production over to EU.  Unfortunately so many americans have become indolent, full of melancholy and pathetic.  I have been that periodically.  NOW I am BETTER.  I agree with the fact that whatever is being done with the collider is irresponsible, simply because it is not made public awareness a priority.  Peace.

Comment by Ruo Xing Antoinette Loh on December 14, 2012 at 2:57am

First of all why should such people want to do a thing like this and destroy the world? They are being foolhardy and irresponsible. Furthermore why didn't they warned the world? So irresponsible! They are not right. Who do they  think they are to put us in danger for no good reasons. Are they out of their minds? Who are they anyway? Americans?

Comment by Kathleen Rae Brooke on December 14, 2012 at 2:26am

Comment by Kathleen Rae Brooke on December 14, 2012 at 2:06am

I like it.  It makes sense. It resonates with my One. Peace Brother.

Comment by Enlightened Master on December 14, 2012 at 1:21am

Dear Brothers and sisters, thank you so much for your trust , and kind comments..

TO Daniela Flores:


We mentioned in the article that the violet flare is already exist in the atmosphere , but in 12.12.12 it will flow  intensive & powerful  ..

love, light and Peace to all 


Comment by Ruo Xing Antoinette Loh on December 12, 2012 at 7:50am

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and very pleased to have contact with you

Comment by Peace, Love, n Light on December 12, 2012 at 6:52am

Maybe we need to talk about the "Worlds Most Powerful Accelerator". Which is on the border of Switzerland and France. This machine will be fired up on 12/21/12. They want to see if they can create anti-matter in the atmosphere. It is call Hadron collider.  It has 17 miles of tubes, running underground. They have had several mishaps along the way since 2008. This creates so much energy, after smashing the particles, which produce photons in the accelerator. This machine, will be used in such a way, it might cause countries to disappear from the face of mother earth. Right now people, are calling, e-mailing to "STOP" this unthinkable situation to happen on 12/21/12. With so much energy produce, it will cause the tectonic plates to pull apart. In turn the  methane gases to spew throughout the world. This also might be part, of the three days of darkness. Because with volcano's and earthquakes happening. It would cause darkness of the world. This is when people should have food supplies, water & things which one needs. Saved in their houses, for when this happens. Plus tape, to tape up windows and doors. To tape up vents from the outside world. You want to keep the poisonous gas from entering your place you live in. Yes, you wander when this would happen? But this site will never talk about it here. All of you take care.  God Bless us all.............

Comment by Dilip B Malgaonkar on December 12, 2012 at 4:53am

Thank you Ibrahim Sharing for your Valuable knowledge which really clear confuse mind

Comment by Karin Stenius on December 12, 2012 at 1:05am

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