And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth ..Revelations 21



Listen, I tell you a mystery: we will not all Sleep, but we will all be Changed — in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. I Corinthians 15:51


Comment by Gary "WalkNCrow” Cooke

((: All over the world the Earth has started Humming. This supposedly has been going on now since October 2011. The Last Few days in many different countries. It made the Channel 4 News this morning in the USA.  A Mystery so they say. Remember our discussions about the quartz crystals and how they will start to activate, the Pyramids are giving light. The old Technology is begining to awaken. The Earth Mother is cleaning herself through our all her bedrock. She is preparing with love for the new being We are becoming in this new age. Remember to keep walking in truth, love and light without fear to make her task easier. This is an Amazing Time. :))





The moment of the GREATEST CHANGE that you have been working towards for eons of your time upon THIS Planet and other Planets is entering the birth canal.

Your Mother Earth is in labour and her contractions can be heard throughout your atmospheres.

Sooth her tired brow by sending her thoughts as you would a physical birth from one of your womankind. FEEL too the excitement as that of NEW LIFE EMERGING. As if a NEW SOUL is entering bringing with it the LOVE that fills your BEING when a new born arrives.

IT IS SO! ~The Federation of Light~



7th Feb 2012

I am in extremely High Spirits this morning … so excited to chat with you … You extremely High Spirits you!

It is our intention of this day to assure you that our credentials consist of honour.

How will you be doing that?

By acknowledging first of all that never has there been and never will there be a proposal that will dishonour those of your planet who have the braveness of heart to follow that which they KNOW to be their Truth.

Wait … I have to read that back … Ok … carry on …

We who are with you from a place that is ‘obscured’ can reveal to you that those of you who were ‘chosen’ to comply with decisions that were made long ago … are not only honouring that which they came to do … but understand too that there cannot be dishonour for such a service in the hearts of those who ‘KNOW BETTER’.

I assume you are talking regarding the FEB 4th event with Steve Beckow?

Not just of this … but of many such proposals.  There is only HONOUR that is observed in such cases ... for the hearts KNOWING is KNOWING what it must ‘accomplish’ and is prepared to carry out such itinararies  … no matter what it may ‘seem’ to be to those who are lacking in understanding. For that is all it is. There are many who’s understanding is ‘intact’ and KNOW deep within that what may appear to have not taken place … has fulfilled its mission on a level that very few are able to comprehend at this time. Those who do … smile quietly KNOWING that the DIVINE PLAN is in complete coherence with these undertakings and when the time for ALL understanding is to reveal itself , many many … oh so very many will say ‘AH HA!’

Thank you for that … I was not going to bring the matter up … I was leaving that to your discretion.

In service to your planet we undergo great discussions as to what outcomes particular events may align with. We would not consider ourselves to be anything other than effectively cautious considering all that is at stake and yet … there are assignments that are necessary to carry out that may seem to the detriment of many. Yet we would disclose that in the depths of the understanding of the greater picture … in the larger scheme of things, these ‘efforts' that are bravely undertaken … are cause of much jubilation in realms of Higher leagues ... where such plans are cause for celebration when they achieve the desired effect.

Again we would stress to you that it is very different from where we sit, to that where you are positioned.

You can say that again … but no need … in case you don’t understand the humour!!

In TRUTH there will come the time when that which appears to be so misguided and understated will be prominent in the minds of men … to that of incredulous wonder. In days forthcoming … and we PROMISE you that these days will arrive … that which your hearts have at times felt to be lost in a quagmire of untruths and mistrust … will bring Divine Light into your Beings.

You will inevitably be able to laugh at the way in which ... you had been led to believe are Truths ... and when revealed as to what their actual TRUTH is … your relief that you were not ‘off the planet … off with the fairies’ will be of such joy to you .(that does make sense if you work on it!)

Not that there is anything wrong with being'off planet' or 'off with the fairies' indeed!

It is to your benefit to ‘wise up’ on such matters and Truly seek comfort in your own souls TRUTH. For we say to you, that each one of you KNOWS deep down that we are ALL One. That we are brothers and sisters of the Universes. YOUR HEARTS KNOW THIS DON’T THEY?

Well, I can only speak for myself … and no matter what ‘appears’ to be happening on the surface these days …  I find myself filled to the brim with Love and excitement in the KNOWING that this Divine plan is so very close to revealing itself in a much fuller capacity and that because of this, so many more of us will be  able to awaken to the Truth of our souls and why we are here.  It sort of feels as if … for want of a better way of putting it ... it is inbred … this KNOWING that now we are in this year if 2012 ... we will SEE FOR OURSELVES the change from that which has held us back from who we Truly are … melting away … curtains pulled wide open to reveal  ... US!

And the reason for this is that this ‘inbred’ feeling is one that is part of your structure. You were ‘designed’ if we may put it that way … to FEEL this way. You cannot be prevented from being who you are as the vibration into Truth arises. It simply is not possible for you to remain ‘stuck in the mud’ when there is no longer mud for you to be stuck in! ... The rains shall wash the mud away.

I have to mention here of course that whenever White Cloud speaks of water (any kind) he speaks of LOVE. Now … something I hadn’t planned on asking but seeing as I have mentioned him … could you tell me where White Cloud is? I appear to have lost him! His energy hasn’t been around me since I took my break with you at the end of Nov. Readings have been ok to do … yet any other time … I just can’t feel his energy around. This has happened before … but not for as long as this .

Of course you KNOW that all is well with this situation?

I have learned from past experience to Trust that it is … and besides … no matter what I did  … he wouldn’t judge me and take a hike!

We would simply express to you that his absence is part of the plan.

Simply expressed …. …. …. …. And short!!

This is all that is necessary. We are aware that it is not distressing you in anyway and to offer you more would have you contemplating matters down pathways that were not in the right direction. This is not to be ‘secretive’ … please understand this. Again … all will be revealed in its True time. However we will offer you the knowledge that upon his return you may find him ‘unrecognizable’. Yet as we say … do not have your thoughts travelling down windy roads ... for there is no need.

All I can think is that …. White Cloud has said that one day he will reveal his True self …  having no idea to be honest who that is … even after all this time of working with him ... I look forward to the transformation … perhaps I could get a makeover at the same time?

We are content to leave that there and pursue a matter that quite a few are curious about.

Oh Ok. Thanks … yes … many have written in asking if I could ask you what is causing the weird eerie noise on different places of our planet. I have listened to some of them and they have a sort of ‘whale song’ lilt to them. Can you explain what the noise is and where it is coming from please … for it seems it is coming ‘out of nowhere’?

And once again you hit the nail on the head … or perhaps we assisted you in your wording. The sound you are inquiring of is ‘coming out of nowhere’. It is a resonant vibration that is literally ‘singing’ its call to you. There is no cause for alarm here … far from it. We would ask you to consider ‘tuning into it’ and although you may not think it to be of the most melodic discourse , there is a part of your vibration that can merge with the vibration the sound contains.

How will this benefit us … and what is its purpose for being here?

It will benefit you through its connection with you. Its purpose is to enhance not to take away.

Ok … but WHAT IS IT?

 It is a ‘stepping stone’. 

That takes us where?

To the next stepping stone …

Which takes us where?  etc  etc …

You will find that instead of your curiosity bending toward a fearful explanation  … as we feel this is the concern of many … we would ask you to extricate your thoughts from such and consider the possibility of a young trumpet player picking up the instrument and practicing regularly in order to achieve an accomplished sound. The ‘tone’ in which this ‘pitcher’ sends out, may not be one that is up to ‘concert standard’. Yet ... as vibrational frequencies are attuned with all that is going on and coming through and settling down then you will notice a distinct ‘change’ in tone and fervour .

I am sort of being reminded in my head of the tones that were ‘given out’ in the movie ‘Close Encounters.’ Yet these were far more amenable. However … as you say , practice makes perfect . So basically you are saying that these sounds are coming from nowhere , they will attune themselves to a more perfect pitch as we ‘go along with them’  and will eventually be of ‘beautiful music’.

 More or less.

 Which? More or less?


Yet I still don’t get the purpose? And please don’t say ‘you will’. What is that sound here for?

It is here to ‘speak’ with you.

From nowhere?

Yet how would you define nowhere?

Somewhere where there is no place …

So are you saying nowhere has to be ‘somewhere?’  A particle of dust seems to arrive from nowhere … yet you see it present somewhere , where once it was not.

Ok  ...  could you summarize this  topic … in a nutshell ….

A nut is protected inside its shell until it is ready to be opened. When that time arrives and the shell is cracked apart … there is that nut … ready and waiting to be shown to the world.

At this time I have such KNOWING that things we cannot understand WILL BE understood in the days ahead that I am happy to let that be.

Anything else? As I am feeling it’s time to go and I just looked and the hour has once again gone by .

We would say to you this … We urge you to address your soul. To listen to that inner voice ...

That we can’t hear!

Yet you can FEEL it … Feel your TRUTH in yourselves! FEEL the LIGHT in YOU …  telling you that these days ahead are the ones that you came here to rejoice in . You have wandered for so long … taking different paths along your way … yet ultimately you are now all arriving on that same path … the one path that leads you home. How many of you are recognizing each other as you walk the road? If not in flesh then in soul light?


Oh lets hope so … lets KNOW so! Many thanks … In Light and Love.
















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Comment by Imelda FB Maguire on January 6, 2013 at 11:49am

I was so excited to send love that I forgot to mention that there is quite a bit of similarity to the sounds I heard here in Oshawa in the late fall.

Indeed when the video lead to further search the other sounds heard in the all over the world through YouTube videos.  I was quite astonished to find a video posted there concerning the sounds heard in the Village of Pickering, about 15 miles from where I stood on the four corners in Oshawa.  It was that very sound that I heard and felt as well.

My heart believes this sound vibration to be universal.

It truly is an asset to one's sanity to know that others heard this too and have actually recorded it.



Comment by Imelda FB Maguire on January 6, 2013 at 11:38am

~*This will be the most brilliant era of Love and Peace ever ~ full of laughter and joy as we all Celebrate Life and Love~*

A very Happy New Year to you Kerrie and to all the Light Beings all over the world!!!



Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on January 5, 2013 at 5:46pm
Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on January 5, 2013 at 5:46pm

Big ((Hugs)) Imelda xxx

Comment by Imelda FB Maguire on November 7, 2012 at 11:20am

Nor am I good with remembering the stones Kerrie, nor am I good with astrology or the Tarot, although I feel all their energy, especially ancient history and philosophy. 

Like you passion finds me in the dreamstate or when the mind is busy with the mundane tasks that make one feel good when all is done to the best of one's ability.

Most times, to a flaw, the weakness being the love to surrender into what can not be solved.  That place is so very beautiful.

The Our Father and The Holy Mary have been forever the mantra of my heart.  My mam and Dad taught me this.

Entities come and go, only ONE remains whom I can not resist.

Live, breathe, work, play and Pray I do right here in the studio on the foot of Heaven's Gate critiquing perfection in order to love the image that looks back in mirror.

Sharing our stories , surely does make this journey so worth while.

I love you Kerrie Zoolithe



I sure would love to be strapped to your suitcase on Nov. 11  ~Big Smile  

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on November 7, 2012 at 7:41am

Imelda I am not good with remembering crystals names,mostly selenite though and rose quartz,Lori sent 3 rose quartz crystal skulls,Lumina a clear quartz Angel,Sylvia and John sent me a beautiful 35 yr old dragonfly broach, I think it is amber in it,also an Angel but I do not know what it is,Sonja an initiation stone she 'activated', Sarah a clear quartz with a copper spiral,I always take my large selenite and many other crystals up there,the selenite has been charged my the Masters through channels from the divine university at Byron bay at a 5 day Wesak moon ceremony I attended a few years ago,it has been with me to Blossom's and also to Keisha Crowthers Australian visit (Little Grandmother) please know Imelda I am not up on spiritual stuff or UFO stuff,it all goes over my head,what comes through me is not this small me at all,but it comes through on an energy that is of love and light so I trust it,I follow it's guidance,it seems to be taking me to meet others that are awoken already and have been for sometime,like you and Rebecca and many others who seem to know me more then I know myself,I have had contact from Ashtar,Adama,Masters,Native Americans and Angelic Realms only once over the years has the contact been strong enough for them to speak to me so as I could hear them and write it down,but they guide me other ways,in my dream state and my intuition which is proved to be so very spot on.

Mother Mary has been the one to make her self known more often then once over the years,so my soul seems to have connections but this me is in the dark so to speak,I just trust this is how it is meant to be,it can be frustrating if I allow that emotion to come forward,but usually I don't as long as I stay in my bubble and don't allow others to bring me into doubting myself,some spiritual people have certain ideas about what we should or should not be when these types of things are happening,bless the 'spiritual ego' xxx 

8/8/12 LION’S GATE

Comment by Imelda FB Maguire on November 7, 2012 at 3:27am

Beautiful soul you are Kerrie Zoolithe!

Looking forward I am to your story of the Blue Mountain, 112012, magic is here.



Yes Rebecca, lovely are your words,  "Holographic Fractal of Creation"  goosebumps have I

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on November 6, 2012 at 7:57pm

I will be back home by the eclipse,yes indeed it will be special:) I will be thinking of you too Rebecca and indeed all my soul brothers and sisters we have done well to come together like this at this time...all is as it should be:)

Upcoming solar Eclipse > Aboriginal

Comment by Rebecca ॐ on November 6, 2012 at 6:40pm
...dear Kerrie, will be thinking of you at Blackheath on 11/11! I'll be working... but am looking forward to the eclipse on will be special...
Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on November 6, 2012 at 5:50pm

Rebecca I love how you word things too! xxx


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