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We see not the darkness that descends upon us - we see only the hope of a golden dawn!  Haunted by shadows of Earth making her transition, we rally to the cause, tending our flock with mutual consent . . . registering the hopes and dreams of all!


At our group today I felt an Egyptian influence as I crossed my hands over my chest, looking down a long avenue of trees and on to the horizon.


We regulate your breathing patterns to correspond with ours. We simultaneously express ourselves and motion for you to address us as your contemporaries - as your equals! You have grown in stature this many a year and we have followed you and watched your progress - an indulgence on our part!  We are connected on that vibration of love and we harmonise, making that connection grow stronger and stronger as we vibrate together in perfect harmony. We spread our message far and wide - all is written and it shall be so! We monitor this connection, ushering in a new awareness for one and all, and we bring great rewards for those who search for truth. We are long forgotten on the highways and byways of Earth, but we bear witness to the beginning of a new dawn of indescribable beauty and transformation of the most high. There will be a parting of the waves, as in days of old, and you will walk across to the other side!


I was shown the sea parting as in Moses time, and I suddenly became aware of the sound of rain from outside, battering against the windows.


Is not the rain sweet that falls from the heavens? Yes, yes!


Alas there were times when our land was parched and dry and we prayed for rain! Our harvests have been plentiful and yet we fell upon hard times and our land was laid barren. There were many who died and those that perished endured much hardship! We have become prosperous once more - such are the whims of nature! We are guided and directed by the Sun and rely on her warmth to nurture us and sustain us. We watch her rise in the sky, bringing her blessings! We come to harness that energy and give you strength for the road ahead, and in this bargaining process that we are governed by, we give you strength, we give you peace of mind in your deliberations. We welcome you to come aboard!


The group were asking questions telepathically and they answered.


We will ‘not’ harm you or molest you in any way, shape or form! We are here to help mankind, to give assistance and to help you in your decision making! We embroider your land with our knowledge and our wisdom. We prepare you to assimilate a new connection - a new dimension. We give you the proof that you desire, we give you the understanding that we are of the same race and we interconnect with other Star beings! May we make a suggestion? It would be far more appropriate for you to sense and feel . . . look within yourselves and open up your hearts!


We have taken those reserves of energy to catapult you into a new dimension and we prepare for a mammoth assault programme that will encompass all time frameworks.


I can see purple clouds and a golden skeleton that has just turned to look at me.


Prepare to abandon negative thought forms, allowing discord to evaporate, sense a renewal of services on the horizon as we propel you forward to do your duty. We are an exceptional breed - of that there is no doubt! The apocalypse has been lamented and on all occasions, in different timelines, we have held back our grief at this monstrous, outrageous desecration! We suffer no interference from any quarter and penetrate this spectrum of light, overcoming all malfunctions that have arisen. We delight in telling you that we have welcomed aboard the most appropriate study of the human race, allowing those among you who wish to participate to come aboard in grand style! We have relegated all notions of doom and gloom, steadfastly maintaining control of this bombardment of issues that surface for recognition. We are not idle by any means but we have sanctioned a resting to quicken your survival techniques. Expatriates line up to be counted and we foster no further progress until you have hearkened to the call within - this will motivate you to make that connection! We negate any negative agendas.


Can I ask you – are you of the Light?  I asked this three times.


We allow access only to those who register their just intent. We are likened to an olive branch, held out to make that connection to lighten the distance between us. We are from a broader spectrum of light and we are propelled by means of thought, invoking an interest in your colony. We have jeopardised certain aspects of our communication, because of our lack of expertise and general disorder, but we remain to open a network of services that will be held with the highest respect. Dishevelled, we come to kneel before you and we ask your forgiveness!


We have managed this main stream connection to evolve and grow, emerging as a new race of beings ‘Super Beings’! We project our image on your screen and ask that you transfer our data to your memory banks - this will give us greater insight into what is expected of us! We accept the mastery that comes with dedication in the pursuit of truth and we therefore unfold what has not been seen or heard for many a year! We delight in taking you to the back of beyond . . . beyond the veil of uncertainty and paradigms that enchant you, yet hold you back from seeing with cloudier vision. Obstructions shall fall away . . . all shall be heard and all will come to fruition. We bear witness to a greater moment in your time, unfolding gently and carefully, clearing the smoke screen from your eyes. We open up a conduit of pure magnitude . . . of beauty and grace unsurpassed, travelling a broader spectrum of light and re-entering Earth’s atmosphere unburdened, uncluttered, expressing ourselves with the utmost glee!


I wasn’t sure about the word glee! I hope you are from the Divine Light! I send ‘Love and Light’ to you - I will not push you away into the shadows! I leave this connection open to those whom I trust to bring through words from the highest Divine source.


Words spoken and gifted to you and yours . . . we welcome you to these shores and tend to your every need. We open up the doorway that will give you shelter and we respect your wishes to come aboard and we will not harm you or abort the services that we bring to mankind! We open up a vast array of conduits that have agreed to work with us, and we supply a means to promoting peace and harmony on a vast scale. This supremacy has enabled us to manipulate those centres within you that are highly charged with information. We grant you your wishes and impel you to move forward into the arms of the great unknown. We support you from all directions, holding ourselves in abeyance, until all is ready to make that mammoth undertaking with reserves of energy that will propel you into your future! 


We have in fact, come to accept that we are held by some in the utmost dread and fear - but we mean you no harm! We mean only to move forward on this beam of Light, gathering you to us and helping you to make those connections there for you . . . a lifeline to all intents and purposes, a life line to help you in your hour of need! We rescue you from the doldrums for eternal bliss and sanctuary - a golden opportunity! We deliver an understanding that all can be accomplished within a certain time frame and we prepare you to accept this conditioning, which will enable you free access to our main frame.


What do you mean by main frame, can you explain please?


We are governed by an inordinate supply of energy beamed to us from our own reserves of energy, which we bring on board - a loom of energy - a power frame capable of producing massive loops of energy supplying our ship.  Can you show me your ship?


I’m being shown lots of deep purple clouds and golden shapes but I can’t quite make it out.  Open up my vision please - help me to adjust!  Are you worried that we would be frightened of seeing you as you truly are?  If we are working from the highest Divine Light for the greater good of mankind, then it doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you are part of that Divine Light.


We are unscrambled – we have become undone! We recognise the vast fluctuates of energies that beckon us to move forward on this loom of light. We beckon you to move forward with us, encapsulating that light . . . that love and energy that expresses a deep wilderness within, beckoning us to explore . . . to seek out the dark places and to shine a light into each crevice, into each nook and cranny!  I am surrounded by Light now.


Acceptance - peace - understanding! We understand the recesses of your brain and activate a thermal imaging that will help us to discover your attributes.


I could then feel an energy blending with me and looking around my room. Dear friends have you finished now - what is it you are looking at?


We are learning about your species as well as you learning about ours! You are a very provocative race and we look forward to these visits to enable free expression and to launch ourselves into a new time framework that will encompass our species, broadening our knowledge of mankind.


Where do you come from please?  Their answer sounded like Andromeda, but by this time my own mind was coming in and I wasn’t able to clarify, so had to leave it for another time!

This is an excerpt from my second book still to be published.


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Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on March 11, 2014 at 12:39am

No Kerrie, I never used to ask who was with me as I was in such awe of them to begin with. I have recently seen Kumara and Quan Yin but mainly it is the North American Indians that have made their presence known. White Cloud and Sitting Bull seemed to morph into one and they have said they come as 'One Voice'.  This last week I have seen more of Sitting Bull and felt and there was a strong personal link with him. I saw and felt him kiss me and it was a very emotional session. I know they choose to show themselves in that format but really are an essence on a higher vibration. 

Comment by Kerrie on March 7, 2014 at 10:30pm

Eileen do you know much about The Masters? I know you have channeled THE WHITE BROTHERHOOD - Eileen Coleman 

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on March 6, 2014 at 11:09pm

Hi all, as I was editing my book, yet again, as I'm trying to cut down on some of the content; I found this which I may have posted before but feel it is encouraging and what we could all do with at this time. 

Comment by Kerrie on March 6, 2014 at 8:54pm

Thank you Eileen:)

Comment by Kathy on March 6, 2014 at 1:49pm
Thank you Eileen.. Namaste
Comment by Melvin "Yahweh" M. Lusterio on March 6, 2014 at 1:38pm

The Good Force be with you!

Thanks, Admin K & Eileen, for sharing! Good posts & keep it up!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) *

Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on March 6, 2014 at 2:52am

Dear Eileen

Very beautiful, as always!  This is, again, a very uplifting and encouraging message.  Thank you!

The Great Spirit IS gifting ALL with many blessings, and ALL always have the wisdom to recognize them.  Namaste!
With Gratitude, Love, Light & Compassion,


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Grant commented on Eileen Zizecli-Coleman's blog post EXCITING NEWS! - Eileen Zizecli Coleman
"Thank you Eileen always , very intersting xx"
Grant commented on Eileen Zizecli-Coleman's blog post EXCITING NEWS! - Eileen Zizecli Coleman
"Thank you Eileen always , very intersting xx"
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