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US Presidents (1933-Present) - Re: UFO Issue / ET Aliens compiled and post by Jamie

I was given the permission to post and share this blog compiled by Jamie. Thank you so much


Curious Chronological History of:

What US Presidents have known

~ and ~

What US Presidents have done regarding UFOs & ETs.

Many of the below videos are very short (less than a minute long)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945)

February 25, 1942 (just 2 months after Pearl Harbor Attack) - US Military launched a defensive ground attack against UFO(s) that were flying and "hovering" over California. Roosevelt apparently didn't even consider the fact that it could have been an ET UFO, owing to the WWII "War Effort," his failing health and the UFO Issue not being well-known at that time.

President Harry Truman (1945-1953)


(UFO Admittance - Truman knew and he said that he knew!)

President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961)

Eisenhower's Secret Meetings with Various ET Alien Groups

(It was Eisenhower who "Officially" made a pact with the wrong side!!!)

According to UFO Exopolitics Scholar, Michael Scalla Ph.D., Eisenhower's first meeting was with a group of Nordic like Aliens at Edwards Air Force Base, in California

According to US Military Wistleblower, Milton William Cooper, a second Diplomatic Alien Group met with Eisenhower offering to get rid of the Greys, but refused to transfer any of their technology to the US Government.

This version seems to have been corroborated by CIA pilot, Black Ops and Businessman John Lear

According to Former Military Intel Wistleblower, Robert Dean, other US representative had several meetings with 9 ft. tall Pale Humanoids and also with Reptilian Beings.

Still according to Cooper, later in 1954, Eisenhower and military officials had a meeting with a group of Greys at Holloman Air Force Base, in New Mexico.

A Dramatic Treaty was set up: The Greys would transfer high technology to the US Military in return for the Greys having free pass on human abductions for their genetic experiments, without interference.

Yet another Whistleblower, Geologist and Former Military Engineer, Phil Schneider, claims to have worked on the construction of underground bases shared by Aliens and Military persons.

Still according to Schneider, the US Government has lost or never had control of the Greys activities.

Eisenhower's Secret Alien Meetings and Treaties with the Greys - Part 1 of 2

Eisenhower's Secret Alien Meetings and Treaties with the Greys - Part 2 of 2

(President Harry Truman "Officially" briefed Eisenhower on the topic of UFOs and ET Aliens prior to his taking office!)

President John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)

(Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy had been briefed by military Colonel Phillip J. Corso about the ET Alien Presence.)

Did President Kennedy seek UFO information from the CIA 10 Days before his Death?

(See Video at Youtube Site for links to articles and documents mentioned therein.)

President Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969)

After leaving NASA, astronaut Gordon Cooper claimed that the U.S. government was covering up its knowledge of alien activity.

During his record breaking orbital trip aboard Gemini 5, Cooper filmed a UFO. However, the film was confiscated. President Lyndon Johnson told him,”Son, I ordered it classified.”

Read Full Article here:

President Richard M. Nixon (1969-1974)

(Actor Jackie Gleason claimed that Nixon not only told him that Aliens were real, but he also took him to Homestead Air Force Base and showed him evidence of their remains.)

President Gerald Ford (1974-1977)

Ford's UFO Legacy: Unapproving of The Air Force's Explanation He Requests Congressional Investigation

[When Ford was still a Congressman] - The year 1966 was very active for UFOs in this country; in particular sightings were heavy in the state of Michigan, and understandably people wanted answers. The Air Force back then was still “officially” investigating the phenomenon and tasked “J. Allen Hynek” to “calm the waters” and offer an explanation; the answer he gave would haunt him the rest of his life. He attributed the bulk of the sightings to “swamp gas!”


Perhaps to no one's surprise, "after" Ford became president "it seemed" his "interest in UFOs" waned; years later he would comment:

"During my public career in Congress, as Vice President and President, I made various requests for information on UFOs. The official authorities always denied the UFO allegations."

Read Full Article here:

Then Congressman Gerald Ford: Calling for UFO Investigation

President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)

Carter talks about his UFO Sighting

(He saw one with his own eyes, yet he says he doesn't think it's possible?)

President Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)

In a UN Speech, Reagan comments on ET Alien Threat

(Why did he think they were a threat? - What was he afraid of?

Did he know something about Eisenhower's pact with the Greys???)

George H. Bush - "Bush Sr." (1989-1993)

In 1977, when George Bush Sr. was still the Director of Central Intelligence (the CIA), President Jimmy Carter demanded that Bush Sr. turn over classified information about UFOs and ETs to him. CIA Director George H. Bush refused to give this information to President Carter, insisting that he needed to go through congressional committee red-tape in order to obtain this level of clearance. Apparently Carter was never given this clearance (?)

President Bill Clinton (1993-2001)

Bill Clinton talks about UFOs in Hong Kong, September 2005

(He says the Roswell thing really was an illusion - He doesn't think it happen - And he says he's almost embarrassed to tell us that he did try to find out.)

Why was Clinton embarrassed to tell us that he tried to find out? - And why does he still think it is not true? (If that is in fact what he really thinks.)

President George W. Bush - "Bush Jr." (2001-2009)

(Vice President Dick Cheney seems to have known about the ET Alien Presence.)


President Barack Obama (2009-Present)

Obama UFO Document Request

(Notice how he evades the question on the 2 separate occasions he was asked about it.)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on UFOs & Conspiracies

(She says there is nothing to be hushed up since they don't exist!)

Bill & Hillary Clinton Are Involved in UFO Cover-Up

They were both briefed on the topic, yet they both deny they exist.

Perhaps the United States wouldn't be so secretive if it hadn't made a pact with the Dark Side!

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