And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth ..Revelations 21


THE ROSES ~Walk boldly as the light and the love,all is as it should be~ WHITE CLOUD  

~The Federation of Light~ 13th June 2009

Dearest lady, we wish for you an abundance of pink flowers. If one was to imagine being surrounded by the petals of the pink rose and allow the senses to smell of their sweet scent, one would find almost immediately that their persona would be transformed from that of a weed to that of a beautiful rose. Those upon your planet are being made more and more aware of the necessity to focus on all that is of Love. And yes, we have spoken that EVERYTHING is of Love, but you understand do you not that we speak of concentrating on all things that bring pleasure to the heart?


.....It is now time for us to retract from your energy dear lady. We ask all who take the time to read these words to ponder upon the pink rose. It will do you well do to do so.


~ HAPPY VALINTINE'S DAY ~Un homme et une femme (1966) trailer

The Wave of Love






I’ve had a nasty bout of tonsillitis and am sitting for healing, bringing down the golden healing rays; I have got to the third eye and am seeing what looks like the face of Jesus. I’ve been watching some biblical documentaries and wonder if that is why I’m seeing this. Now I can see a dark skinned man with a moustache who is wearing a hooded dark cloak; he is smiling at me and I’m getting the words –…


Added by Eileen Margaret Coleman


5.2.14 – I’m being shown a young, handsome North American Indian, his dark hair tied in long bunches. I asked who he was and heard the words Apache and Running HorseThere is a lot going on, they seem to be rounding up the herd.


7.2.14 – This morning I’ve had the most wonderful news from Sharon, White Cloud’s daughter from a previous life, she told me the vision I saw was that of Jeshua, and that confirmation means more to me than all the treasures in all the world! I thank you Great Spirit for putting me in touch with Sharon through Kerrie, the site creator of Federation of Light and I thank you White Cloud from the bottom of my heart. I hope that through our channellings we may be able to fill in those missing parts from Jeshua’s life on Earth. 


This year, your year 2014, will be a most wondrous time for you to witness new creations, new beings, new technologies, and the release of old ways (watch for more secrets to be revealed), welcoming in the New Earth. It is happening and nothing can stop it now

You're Sparkling in Your Life Between Lives 4D Review ~ Brenda Hoff... 

Instead of berating yourself for returning to some unpleasant memories, give yourself a shout of joy for daring – yes daring – to complete a process that only occurred between lives on earth and beyond in your previous lives. You are indeed extremely brave and courageous beings allowing yourself to grow at a phenomenal never attempted pace.You are not moving backwards, you are moving BEYOND at warp speed. So be it. Amen

You're a New Kind of Star ~ Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Many of you are familiar with the duality that creates control. If you are a leader, someone or many are not as good as you. Even though that thought is perhaps not that detrimental, the actions involved with maintaining it are.

When informed that you were gods and goddesses, did you not feel a spark of, “I knew I was better than others” floating through your being? Such is so for a reason. For eons, most of you Lightworkers hid your light so you could fit in, become one with those who had not yet incorporated additional segments of their being into their earth body.

The Second Coming: Chapter Eight LOVE


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I just want to say I so love being part of this community!  There i...

Comment by Sharon Sananda Kumara (White Cloud's daughter in a past incarnation)

St.Mathew ~ Matthew Ward

Comment by Ron Radhoff  on the above post 

I have known for some time that the Matthew in these messages is one and the same as depicted in the bible. I have a personal friendship with Suzy Ward and know her to be a devoted being to bring forth greater truths to the world through her gift of communicating with higher beings including the deity.

I also have received that the "church" has suppressed any importance of women and therefore described Mary Magdalene as a prostitute in the bible. It makes sence to me that quotes of someones words or messages describing events handed down for centuries would be accurate.
I imagine this message will shock devoted Christians and result in a multitude of negative responses to this message of greater truth. The message here comes from one who had direct experiences when living at that time. After all, these are the times that the greater truths are coming forth, not only regarding religion beliefs, but so also in many other areas of life, especially governments.


Wisdom from the heart ~Arcturus Ant

Just a few words of my creative input. empower yourself with the connection you make with yourself…James H Bloom

The Lost Gospel of Thomas: The Original Mystical Teachings of Yeshua

Ted Nottingham offers a special presentation on key passages of the Gospel of Thomas, considered to…Thomas Loughnane

The Lost 40 Days of Jesus - Full Documentary

✦ CROP CIRCLES DECODED ✦- Positive Alien Messages, Truth of univers...

 Connie Talbot - Beautiful World (HQ)



Glass Pyramid found at the base of the Bermuda Triangle

You know that a huge PYRAMID of glass (larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt) has been found exactly at the BERMUDA TRIANGLE, but under water that explains the bizarre disappearances of planes and ships above it. I once again appeal to you all to read the book - "THE VOICE OF SILENCE" ( Book 111 - as its a chronicled Akashic Record's Book with details…



Many Paths to Enlightenment - Spirit Inspired by Brad Austen


I awoke this morning I am not ashamed to write .. tears pouring down my cheeks, tears of Joy, for that what I was given to see, a song has…

Started by  Bev Stratton-Proemper

TOGETHER, WE ARE ONE   ~ Bev Stratton-Proemper

TOGETHER, WE ARE ONE   TOGETHER, WE ARE ONE Stand up and be counted, in every thing you say, words and action are always, our Responsibili…

Started by  Bev Stratton-Proemper

Vision for a New Earth Paradigm

“The power of visualization is a gift from God”

 We begin by visualizing a transformed New Earth where war, hunger, and poverty have been replaced by peace and abundance, all around our planet. Know that once desperate children are now getting new hope for their future by knowing they will all have many positive opportunities to contribute to life using their God given natural talents and abilities,…


Added by Ron Radhoff 

Our Galactic Origins.

Did you ever wonder the REAL story of where our galactic lineage originated from? Do you feel any ties to the Pleiades? Lyra? Sirius? Vega? Orion? Arcturus? Zeta Reticuli?

In passing through the Prism of Lyra, the first fragmentation created a group of beings that can be called the Founders.

The Founders embodied the group consciousness of what eventually became humankind. They can project to a very high level of fourth density, but their natural state is nonphysical.…


Added by James Alldridge

Look at the truth

Can we not look at the truth without creating ideas?

It is almost instinctive with most of us when something true is put before us to create immediately an idea about it.

And I think if we can understand why we do this so instinctively, almost unconsciously,…


Added by Brenda de Bruin

We are multi dimensional beings of light.

We are all multi dimensional beings of light, we are all a part of the great I am, each one of us IS the divinity itself. We each hold the key to our own freedom and our own salvation by simply accepting that we are much more than the idea and concept of just being human.

Each one of us is the most magnificently powerful divine consciousness temporarily experiencing the opposite of all that is…


Added by Danny Chau 

The Under Class 

     Ascension ,  disclosure , tsunamis of love .                 Annunaki , Nephulim  and space ships too .          Old testament  and the New both…Added by timothy lee sutterby (Tim) 


Dwaine Hartman Interviews Andrew D. Basiago


Healing With Sound: An Extra-Terrestrial Experience

I have been re-inspired to have an extra-terrestrial experience in which I could return to my Earthly form with conscious awareness and recall of the the event by three of the dear members of The Federation of Light website, and now, that experience is a fact of my life.  I have had conscious awareness of…


Added by K. P. Kelly 

White Cloud

I just wanted to share this recent experience. 
I had a client that I did a past life regression for a week or so ago. She had been contacted by White Cloud numerous times in the past. During the regression we discovered that she was a direct descendant of White Cloud. He was her grandfather. Explains a lot. We are all contacted for a reason, sometimes that reason presents itself clearly whilst other times we need to go deeper.

Added by Andrew Studt 

"Thanks for your question - it may help others also Katherine. First..."

Terence Arthur Deighton replied Dec 11, 2013 toWho else has been feeling a funny head?

My Wonderful Teachers - The Beloved Elohim "Less is Definitely More..."

Terence Arthur Deighton replied Nov 20, 2012 toMe, My trials & tribulations, My Lifes Path & My Ascension ...


The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild -- February 12, 2014


Message from Matthew -- February 3, 2014

St.Mathew ~ Matthew Ward


Members posts

Angela Hope: An Account of My Ascension – Part 1 and 2 ("as interes...


Added by Jill Rollason 

Cell Purification and Cleansing by Lady Quan Yin

Started by Steven Hutchinson

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Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on February 17, 2014 at 8:47pm

 It cost me heaps,I asked for a dozen,the florist heard 3 dozen! White Cloud is good with my money! .....I thought it was expensive for only 1 dozen roses ,but I had no idea how much roses from a florist were:)

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on February 17, 2014 at 8:25pm

Thanks Kerrie, I'll get that book soon! Our neighbour said their parked up camper van was really shaking in the wind.  It reminded me of gale force winds down south many years ago when we were on a caravan holiday; it was the middle of the night and we were terrified we'd be blown down the hillside!  You knew you were safe and being rocked as the wind sang you a lullaby.  I bet Blossom did cry - the size of that bouquet was mammoth!

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on February 16, 2014 at 6:19pm

Blossom said when the florist came to the door she just cried:)

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on February 16, 2014 at 6:17pm

His 3rd book Eileen A New Dawn:)

I love that reference to the wind,as you know Eileen I visited The Blue Mountains again this week end and this morning I was woken up by huge winds shaking my camper trailer,yet I woke up with a smile on my face and I gave thanks for the love I was feeling.

 Jill Rollason  sent me this today:)

DRAGONFLY PORTAL ~The Hathors – Channeled by Anna Merkaba –

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on February 14, 2014 at 9:06pm

It must have been a real wow factor for Blossom the day she received that wonderful gift!  Two days ago when I sat during a particularly violent storm, White Cloud drew close and this is part of what he said: -

"There is much to be said for a little light reading and we give you insight into our lives on earth".

 I had been wondering about buying some of White Cloud’s books to get to know him better.

 "And you shall my child, we draw ever closer in your embrace, sheltering you from the harsh winds that blow, and blow they will across your world, changing the harsh realities that face you head on.  We are prepared to make a mammoth assault abroad and we prepare you in all honesty to come aboard and do our bidding, feeding the minds of those on Earth, using your imagination to help us enlighten the population. We are prepared to travel further afield and we know you will help us in this great initiative. We are dependent on your uncovering further anecdotes that we bring for your delectation and we bring a wide array of stories to titillate your intellect".

Which book should I start with Kerrie? I can only buy one at the moment!

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on February 14, 2014 at 7:26am

Thank you Kelly,I hope this idea of mine assists with the problem of filling up members inbox,I will try and share once a month,see how we go,my admins. are just going to share their shares as usual but slow down I think,we are working it out.

Eileen they are the roses I sent to Blossom in the 3 days she asked to see a rose to prove that The Federation of Light were of Light,White Cloud got that 'job' to me before I knew Blossom,I had only a month earlier discovered her,so it was a very special memory for me:)

Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on February 14, 2014 at 6:32am

What a beautiful feast you have given to us here Kerrie!  Thank you!

To All,  Happy Valentines Day, one of many days to celebrate, and to BE Unconditional Love!  Thank All for Being!

The Great Spirit IS gifting ALL with many blessings, and ALL always have the wisdom to recognize them.  Namaste!
With Gratitude, Love, Compassion & Light,

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on February 14, 2014 at 3:05am

Gosh what gorgeous roses, makes you want to dive into them and swim in all that love.  Happy Valentines Day Kerrie and everyone o this site. xxx

Comment by Lydia ♥ administrator ♥ on February 14, 2014 at 2:40am

Thank You Kerrie ~ Much Love to All and a Very Happy Valentine's Day! xox

Comment by Diana l Bliss Elfso on February 14, 2014 at 12:16am

Thank You the beautiful flowers,  roses  have a high vibration to cleanse and pure the body and the soul thank you everyone for all of the help and love you send. I just want to say I love all of you My Dear Family and light workers I Elfso  


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