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The Story Behind The MATTHEW BOOKS ~ A young man's mission after his death to deliver wisdom to his Mother's readers from behind the veil ~

The Story Behind The MATTHEW BOOKS

THE EVENING OF APRIL 17, 1980, Suzanne (Suzy) Ward was packing for her next day's business trip when she received the call from Panama that changed her life: Her 17-year-old son Matthew had died after a vehicle crash that day.

The loss of a child has such an immeasurable impact upon the family that Suzy's preoccupation with Matthew's death would not be considered quite unusual. The direction she took in trying to cope with her grief, however, might be considered that. She called a medium with whom she had become friendly three years before, when they had lived in the same city, and asked about her son. The medium told her that he was in "deep rest"; she would receive an unmistakable sign when he was ready to send her a message, and when that time came, she would be led to a trustworthy medium.

THE SIGN CAME ALMOST NINE MONTHS LATER in her first dream about Matthew since his death, and in the months that followed, she learned first of a medium in Virginia, then one in Maryland, and later another, in Delaware. None of them knew each other and none asked Suzy anything except her son's name. Yet all accurately described Matthew's physical appearance and personality; they told her the cause of his death and the ease of his transition. They talked about his new interests and activities, sometimes with a progress report on educational pursuits or piano lessons. And they gave her explicit information about her own life, even details that she alone knew. They could tell her all of these things because they were merely passing on to her what Matthew was telling them -- the love between him and his mother was the inseparable bond that enabled him to be aware of her comings and goings.

Matthew also told all of those who spoke for him that when the time was right, he and his mother would communicate directly. But even when that same assurance came from a medium Suzy met later, after a move to California, she could not help but doubt that Matthew ever would talk with her directly. Why would such a unique gift -- in her mind, telepathic communication was that -- come to such an unremarkable person as she? To someone with no aptitude for anything extrasensory, no training in anything "New Age," and no knowledge of ancient spiritual beliefs; to someone who long ago had abandoned 35 years of religious upbringing because it never had been spiritually fulfilling?

BUT IT DID HAPPEN! It was early February 1994, almost 14 years after Matthew's death, when he started speaking to his mother. It was not simply her longing for this moment that created it -- something definitely extraordinary was happening! For a while, each morning as Suzy recorded her and Matthew's conversations at the computer, along with feeling elated by this glorious development, she struggled with the thought that perhaps some bizarre part of her mind was emerging. Soon, though, she realized that her imagination could not possibly produce the astounding information she was receiving from her son and, by now, the entities whom he introduced to her.
It wasn't long before Matthew started talking about the books she was meant to prepare from their transmissions. He told his mother that her profession as journalist was not by chance; it was experience she needed so that, later on, she could properly work with the information he and the others would be giving her. But the huge task of reviewing, indexing, integrating and organizing months of daily messages into some logical order was a challenge she didn't care to accept, and she kept ignoring her son's urging her to "start the book."
FINALLY, HE TOLD HER THAT HER PRIMARY MISSION of this lifetime was to publish that information about life beyond Earth and the celestial advice and guidance urgently needed during this era of unprecedented planetary changes. Finally, he answered her question about why he had died at such a young age: He had to, so he could send her that information.
And thus began The MATTHEW BOOKS.
THE FIRST OF THE SERIES, Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven, is what the title denotes: life in the wondrous realm where we all go

after physical life on Earth ends. The second book, Revelations For A New Era, provides a wealth of history from antiquity forward and cogent messages from representatives of our space brotherhood, vast and powerful civilizations that are helping our planet survive during this time of momentous changes. The third of the series, Illuminations For A New Era, explains why violence, greed and power-mongering have been in human nature for millennia and how they are being replaced by peace, love and harmony. Among other cogent information for this unique time in history, Voices Of The Universe shows how our thoughts, feelings and actions create our lives and our world and simultaneously affect the universe accordingly.
With her husband Bob and their family of adopted dogs, Suzy is living in a rural area of Washington. Her numerous sources are providing more information to enlighten and assist us as we are changing at cellular level to enter the forthcoming higher spiritual dimension along with Earth.

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June 24, 2015 - New Message from Matthew

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Comment by Patrizia on November 22, 2013 at 6:33am

Thanks Kerrie, i knew something about Mattew, but not the true story.  I'm not mother , and i can only imagine how deep,strong, painful was for  Suzanne Ward knowing about his death, i think it's incredible for all women who are MOTHERS. I hope that her books , talking with  her beloved Mattew, help to feel him closer, hoping too that these books can help more people living the same experience...

A little in late, THANKS Kerrie!

Love, Patrizia

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on November 6, 2013 at 4:31pm

She is indeed a blessing Ron,hope you are well:)

Comment by Ron Radhoff on November 6, 2013 at 7:25am

I had the privilege to befriend Suzy at a conference in Pagosa Springs last year. I have found her to be very dedicated to bring forth such valuable information from Matthew which expands ones consciousness and raises vibrations on the planet. We continue our friendship with periodic sharings.

Love you Suzy

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on November 4, 2013 at 8:34am

I felt I would post this for those who do not know of this beautiful story,I no longer read his channels, not because I don't respect and love him, but I value my time off this machine and it all goes over my head anyway:) most of what I post on this site I scan very quickly before I approve it,I can get a feeling very quickly of where they are coming from and if they come from their heart my heart recognises this,Matthew always comes from his heart!

I do read some channels that are put up on this site fully,because they are put up by the actual channeler,Blossom's channels are the only ones I read fully even though she won't go on sites,but I do keep in touch with Blossom either by email or flying to see her.
Smurfy I love your story,thank you for sharing,I do enjoy reading fully as many comments from people I can,for it is this human connection I so enjoy,even though in 'reality' this 'human connection' is what challenges me too!

Comment by linda lee on November 4, 2013 at 6:24am

Thanks Kerri for posting this. I love the wisdom that Matthew has to share with us.I love all that he has brought through his mother. He is a great teacher. Blessings of love to him and his mother for the wonderful work she has done to get his information out!!!  And thank you Matthew....Linda :)

Comment by smurfgiant on November 3, 2013 at 11:25pm

very awesome story i myself have a nephew who i prdicted to die of sudden infant death syndrome, as i got 3 preminitions and yes his death did come, i have seen him on the otherside and he is doing well, he comes to me now and then and talks with me, there is alot that i see also, and i just try to help teach people the truth which society refuses to acknowledge at any time......... smurfy

Comment by Luc van Lier on November 3, 2013 at 5:42pm

I am following Matthew for years now, and I am very greatful for his help to humanity from the other side of the veil.  much blessings and love to all here on earth in our ascension proces.  Know that all is well


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