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I give thanks to the Great I AM and thank you that I am able to sit here in this place at this time. I can see you Sitting Bull and I ask that you draw closer to me so that we may blend our energies of Love and harmony and friendship.


We are more than that sweet sister of mine, we are so much more and we register the love within your heart and we bring you peace and tranquillity, stretching out across the great divide, welcoming you to our home, our paradise of love. We censor articles of war and bring to your mind the sweet smell of success.


I can see an Indian woman with a shawl around her shoulders; she has long hair and could be in her 30’s or 40’s.


We embrace you and shower you with our love and affection; we honour this connection as always and draw you closer to our bosom. There has been greater understanding of that which has left your heart and mind in a quandary over which way to turn; we have registered in your heart deep impact at this turn of events, and we allow you to progress slowly but surely along this highway of love and devotion to the cause of mankind. Be of good cheer for we bring you further updates that will register in your mind, allowing you to share with others of your persuasion. We are much interested in your progress at this time and we share with you a little secret that has come to mind, an initiation into the rites of passage into these realms of joy.


We propose that you will honour us with your commitment and your sense of duty for we are honour bound to take you aboard once more, and we travel into that void of discontent, allowing a modicum of sanity to prevail. We are initiated into a deeper, more meaningful assail into that bone of contention that has held us back from discovering a new world of joyous bliss. We bombard you with accents of a different frequency and ask you to register our just intent to honour these proceedings.


We take you to a land of plenty and a religion not seen for many a year; we take you back to the time of Thutmose III and distinguish a pattern that has been raised many times before. We take you to a land of plenty where the honey flows and this dream is just a pitiful example of what is in store for every one of every race, colour or creed and we give thanks to our creator, who has governed the upkeep of all mankind.


We propose that you bear witness to these our trials and tribulations of what has gone before and we register in you that guiding light that transports us to heaven and the stars. We are brilliant, shining our light out into the darkness of Earth and we transpose the importance of letting you have your say and we listen to the children of Earth, we listen most carefully!


I asked who was speaking.


We are the Great I AM presence a divinity beyond your reckoning . . . the discourse with Angels that hover on the brink of mankind’s existence, sharing your woes as a go-between, between Heaven and Earth, bringing us the required information that will assist us to make the right decisions to help mankind. There are many roads to recovery and we come bearing gifts to help you in this ascension process, instilled in our heart as being a most provocative time.  We have revised the proceedings and allow you to settle before we have lift off, this will enable a greater gush of energy to precede our visit. Do believe in us for we are very real in both our worlds; we do justice to what is brought before us and we say to you - be kind to yourselves!


This is not a time to ruffle those edges, this is a time to smooth your passage to greater understanding and we unfold what has not been seen for many a year. It is like running a great marathon; there is time to stop and refresh yourself with water before you complete your journey and you are nearing the end, there is but a little way to go before you touch and cross that line. It all sits well within our heart and we will do justice to all that is given; check your thermometer and this will give you an indication to how we are receiving you! We have not got enough evidence to substantiate a flame but we do have your good will and judgement and a strong and loving heart. We shall break through the innuendo and point you in the right direction to achieve much more than this!


After reading this a few times it has just dawned on me that my thermometer is my heart and although I have been trying to keep my light burning bright there is still a way to go and I will need to rest for a while longer.  I looked on the internet to gather information about Thutmoses III and found it interesting that he was the Pharoah that linked with Moses’s life.


Thutmose III succeeded to the throne after his father died, but for the first 20 years of his reign, he shared power with his aunt who reigned peaceably as co-regent but declared herself a Pharoah, appointing Thutmoses head of her armies. After she died, he became the sixth Pharaoh of Egypt’s 18th dynasty. Thutmose III battled to re-establish Egyptian rule of Syria and Palestine, creating Egypt’s largest dynasty yet. He died in Egypt c. 1426 B.C.


Thutmose III has been called the Pharoah of the Exodus. It is thought that Hatshepsut's images were destroyed after she died because she had adopted and raised Moses (Mosis) who returned near the end of Thutmoses' reign to free the Hebrews by the hand of Thutmoses III's second son, Amenhotep II who ruled as successor because the first born son, Amenhomet III, died in the tenth plague (death of all first-born). Amenhotep II was appointed as successor two years before Thutmoses died.


The date of the Exodus is about 1449-1446BC. If we subtract 25 to 35 from his reign (1479) we get 1454BC - 1444BC. This is well within the range of years that the Bible tells of an exchange between Moses who was 80 years old and a new Pharaoh in Egypt whom he did not know. Hashepsut was Moses' adopted mother and her half-brother Thutmose II would have grown up with Moses. By 1449BC Hashepsut was already dead and could not have spoken in regard to Moses. After letting the Israelites go he lost 3 million slaves and then changed his heart. When he saw his armies drown in the sea he was embittered against Moses, the Israelites and all that Hashepsut had done in preserving their existence in Egypt. He defaced all of her monuments and writings!

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Comment by Kerrie on April 5, 2014 at 8:57pm

What sync Eileen ! you and Peter posting about the I am presence:)

The I Am Presence

Comment by Kerrie on April 4, 2014 at 8:09pm

Dear Eileen,thank you so very much,I am very happy to be helping:)

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on April 4, 2014 at 6:55pm

Dearest Kerrie, I've just read your comment on Brenda's blog and the people you have brought together it is nothing short of miraculous.  You said to Blossom - what could they say to you that they don't say to her, but my friend you say so much more in the most intricate of ways but still getting 'our' words out there and around the world!  YOU are very special and don't forget it - how else would all this wonderful work that you do have manifested!  Wow I think 'they' came in here Kerrie!  The Federation of Light and White Cloud 'are' working through you and you have made such an impact on all of us here on this site - no wonder you have Mother Mary with you her Light is radiating through you to us.  I think I'll just add this comment to Brenda's as well to make sure its not missed.  Love you and all that you do.  Again have a wonderful time in Nepal xxx

Comment by Kerrie on April 4, 2014 at 10:10am

"check your thermometer and this will give you an indication to how we are receiving you! We have not got enough evidence to substantiate a flame"

(This reminds me of this that I received Eileen)

I was at work and I felt something, so I sat down to listen! I realised something was going on, that now familiar feeling was going through me when they are there, I quickly ran to get a pencil and paper and not even breathing or saying hello I asked:

20th Sep 2009

You said in June that the light is shinning bright now and to climatise myself with it, Is that the heat I am feeling? Is that why you use the words climatise, degrees, Fahrenheit and temperature?


Yes dear one, we are enjoying your sense of urgency to write this all down. Greetings to you Kerrie:) ( felt them smiling)


Yes I am also smiling, how I have changed! no longer Oh so spiritual and polite! Greetings to you my dear friends, you know I honor your presence and am in absolute gratitude:)


All is well Kerrie we are enjoying your empowerment, this will serve both of us well.


AHH the birds:) ( The birds were singing outside so loudly)


Yes dear one listen to their song it is music to your ears:)


Sending you my love as always.


Received and reciprocated (I felt they were playing!)


Thutmose III has been called the Pharoah of the Exodus

This information clicked with a song I keep hearing ever since 2007 when this all started for me,'Let my people go'

Thank you Eileen as Kelly said there is much in this channel:)

Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on April 4, 2014 at 4:12am

Dear Eileen, Sister of The Light,

Very beautiful!  Thank you!  I am still letting the energies of this one absorb into my being.  There is so much more here than meets the eye!

The Great Spirit IS gifting ALL with many blessings, and ALL always have the wisdom to recognize them.  Namaste!
With Gratitude, Love, Light & Compassion,


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