sharing of light and love - my stories with Mother Earth

I wrote this article somewhere else and i will just copy it here because i think we can share our discoveries of love and the light that shines in our memories can also bless the ones that hear of them.

healing that is spoken of heals.

Here it goes:

Hi !

Heres my story

its three stories actually

number one

after i saw Avatar i was so touched and moved. i was in a very special and serious mood, i was very honestly concerned, its so nice for me to know that it is possible to feel true concern and in that discover my belonging to love - this knowing is provided to me by the memory of the feeling i had after watching Avatar.

I was lying in bed and my thoughts were running - what could i do to help the Earth, our Earthly "Eywa", what did we do? Humanity was both, the cruel invadors, and also the indigenous maybe, we could be both, how could i help with our reunion with Her? to live that beautifully with Her?

i dont remember where my thoughts were as they were running and i was only semiconcious (lying in bed to sleep in the evening or night) until suddenly there was a voice speaking to me. it was both inside my head as well as outside, in my room. it was crystal clear and i knew it was not coming from my thinking, it was somebody talking to me. It was a female voice, beautiful, half whispered like sound, like elbish, or elfish or so, just magical, it said "Daniel. Stand Up" that was everything.

I was scared as hell :-) not much sense of appreciation, and after i completely shocked checked my room around me for the source of that voice i turned around telling myself (still shaky) "that was meant metaphorically! i dont have to stand up now! its just an image! i dont have to stand up! i can sleep now!"

so i did not stand up. Later i realised that the fear and the resistance to stand up physically right there is the same fear that kept me from standing up in real life, in the bigger picture. everything is a metaphor, metaphors are not different from life, every situation is one. Im still, after these years, in a process of standing up, and i love the encouragement i find in remembering all of this to drop my fears and worries and facets of sabotage, judgement and imprisonment to emerge in true feeling, concern and authentic living with Her.

The second story is 11.11.11 i did some meditation as i read there were many different instructions for what to imagine at 11:00 to 11:11 pm or both am and pm. i was at a lake in australia and i was uncertain about what i would do  so i said - "Whatever i should do now - i intend to do it " :-D

i felt a hand taking mine, i was lifting off and let it happen, all the energies and all that wanted to happen, when i had the feeling it was done i also envisioned some portal stuff i read earlier that would be nice to do. there was also a facet to that description that was interesting to me, rainbow colored light should have come out of that great portal and bless us with the unlocking of memories. i went for that :-)

i chose to remember, so i started the feeling of remembering something and fed it with my attention, my energies. i kept on remembering until i summoned the feeling of images appearing just as if one would remember. somehow it worked and i suddenly had a vision. I saw myself as a child (the way i looked as a child  with golden curly hair). i only wore some white stuff around my waist, maybe some cloth or diaper. i was in space above earth (no ship just the child) and white light was surrounding me. The same white light was surrounding Earth and there was such a strong, intense and beautiful Love between these two - the child (me) and Earth. Thats again a really beautiful event just for feeling that love, it made me happy for days to know i am capable of feeling such love as i wasnt sure i am such a good dude ;-). Suddenly something happened which i translate as a call or an opening or something in between and the child got down there to Her with amazing speed. it all was very quick and very beautiful, and i knew i was welcome here, called by Her even, and that we love each other. Again a very wonderful experience.

and here is the third.

I read Drunvalo Melchizedeks books, and "The Serpent of Light" really inspired me and touched me and stirred that longing to engage in that relationship with Mother Earth more. I was fascinated by the Love of the indigenous people, and the beauty of ceremony. One day while googling a bit on the Mayan or other INdigenous People online i found a quote by "Wandering Wolf" which is a i dont know which generation High Priest of the Mayan Council ( I believe the Guatemala One, not Chitchen Itza but im not sure). The quote was similare to this:

When I was a boy, the forest talked to me. The colors were like poems in my head.

This quote gave me the rest so i went outside into my parents garden and sat down (actually on a sort of chair that offers even a place to lay your legs down, so there wasnt that much contact even physically - now that i think of it, im not sure if i sat in that chair from the beginning or if i changed to it later, doesnt matter just wanted to share its all not that narrow). i inwardly talked to Her and said i wish to be more intimate with her, play with her, walk with her, sit with her, be in awe at her beauty. i felt a sensation in my heart as i spoke to her of my wish to be with her and it made me happy to realise that my wish was sincere. its good to know "We Are Love" :-)

Beauty happened. She answered. Waves of Energy came through my feet and legs up into my body. Wave after Wave. And quite intense. They made their way to my heart, and one after the other arriving they finally cracked it open. there was great great love and joy in my heart and a wonderful connection has been made. i felt her presence, her female individuality and i asked her if i may call her Pachamama, as i deemed it so beautiful in seeing this great love of the indigenous. i felt a clear Yes! and was very happy.

She is very beautiful and so kind and loving and nice.

I love her so much and i am so happy to tell you these stories as the memories feel so good in my body and heart, and encourage me to move on in that relationship. she is so beautiful.

Actually just lately i am again encouraged, the wish for union with her got new fire and i again feel drawn to stuff that mirrors this desire and connection.

I lately posted two discussions linking to two messages and sharings filled with lightcodes and memories and healing and communication that is also very much about or of the Earth and her beautiful being so i will share the link to these as well here:

We chan share our love as i hope you enjoy the codes, energies, and light that lies in the memories i shared to bless you and your relationship with Gaia, Mother Earth, Pachamama!

there are many messages that help with our feeling welcome here on Earth, with our discovering of Love and Aliveness here, and Healing of many sorts i love very much (including channeled messages of Earth herself) on (which is also translated into many languages). I highly recommend this page as it helped me a lot, and blessed me a lot, and is just outright beautiful

Now be blessed everyone,

and thanks for walking this Earth with me you beautiful souls!


In Lakesh

Blessings and WElcome to Paradise :-)


Another beautiful comment Drunvalo Melchizedek made while speaking of the indigenous people and their way of seeing things he said they told him something sort of like this (i repeat absolutely freely):

Mother Earth, the Mother, Gaia or Pachamama, she is alive and has a personality, she is a sentient, concious being and she has a name in the universe. And she knows your name.

That was just so beautiful to me, that she knows my name. I hope you enjoy that as well.

<3feel free to share your light as well and whatever you want to offer, even longings, dreams, ideas, or experiences or anything. i believe you always share more than the words, and we can all benefit from your offerings!Thank You very muchbe blessed!

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Comment by Daniel on January 7, 2014 at 7:43pm

oh i just see 5 members like this,

i wanna thank you too for your support and appreciation!

it feels good to find ones expressions and sharing well received, appreciated even and supported!

Thank You everyone!

Thank you all very much!

Comment by Daniel on January 7, 2014 at 7:42pm

Thanks for your appreciation and Support Kerrie and Beverly!

And K. P. Kelly thank you very much especially! It really warmed my heart, touched me and let me know i am loved and not alone to read your words. that was a very beautiful gift you gave me!

Thanks for letting me know i am well and well on a beautiful and meaningful track of love <3

See you in the Garden everyone <3

BLessings and Miracles

In Lakech

Comment by Beverly J. Thompson on January 7, 2014 at 1:21pm

Love the synchronicity. At first I thought is there a Terra Nova in Australia? Then as I read on, this is one of my special places. My experiences there are numerous and go back many years when the land was being prepared for the center. The people there are like family. And no Kerrie I don't know how all of this came together, but I also know we definitely are all connected.

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on January 7, 2014 at 12:53pm

Hearts of grace dear Daniel:)

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on January 7, 2014 at 12:52pm

Love the syncros Bev,you have no idea how this all came together,yet you know don't you how it weaves so magically 

Comment by Beverly J. Thompson on January 7, 2014 at 12:41pm

Daniel thank you for sharing your warm stories, your heart connections with Mother Earth.

Kerrie, you posted a response about Terra Nova, the people and place very dear to me. It is located near where I live and I also have seen the fairies. One flew over my shoulder and I could see the wings. It definitely is a beautiful spot and has many votexes. I have witnessed a lot of other dimensional activity there. It also is the place where I became an ordained minister.

Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on January 7, 2014 at 11:25am

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for Standing Up!  Yes, stories about healing are healing, and I thank  you for sharing these stories and the links.

With Gratitude, Love and Light, K. P. Kelly

Comment by Daniel on January 7, 2014 at 9:18am

:-D Thanks KErrie for that beautiful and uplifting enchanting story that made me very happy and touched me in some beautiful fairylike way. what beautiful creatures, what beautiful hearts!


and Love for you and the author.

Blessings upon all, on Terra Nova (retreat center) on Terra Nova (yes Gaia herself) and on the fairies and everyone everywhere! :-D


see you in the garden

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on January 7, 2014 at 8:55am

I have this on me so I will leave it here ,another story from a member,how wonderful are these experiences Blessings Kerrie/Zoolithe 


The name of the retreat center is Terra Nova. Upon original purchase of the property there were plans to build a small meditation area in a particular place on the property. It happened to coincide with a vortex resulting from the crossing of many leylines. The retreat director is clairvoyant. She connected with fairies in that space who asked that the space be left undisturbed. As a good faith gesture, the fairies agreed to make themselves visible in 3D for a month each year, mid-May to mid-June.

The place where they appear is known as the Angel garden. It is a beautiful little spot that encompasses an old chimney, beautiful flowers and lovely angel statues. Guests at the retreat center go there after dark and sit quietly ,inviting the fairies in with love. The angel garden is at the edge of a national forest.

When I have seen them they appear as very small, pale neon blue orbs. They fly like hummingbirds, they can move slowly like they are drifting or very fast. In addition they can hover in one spot. If they get close enough you can see facial features, slim bodies and wings. Most of the ones I have seen are the pale blue but I have also seen very pale green and yellow ones.

The agreement at the center is that you do not try to touch them or photograph them. Respect is of the utmost importance. I have seen them on four occasions and have taken others to see them including my children. They are breathtaking and I love seeing the joy in other people's faces when they see them for the first time.

The fairies at Terra Nova are most connected with flowers. One time the director was explaining what they do to someone else and she said they were responsible for flowers and grass. I head fairy was quick to correct her and say, " we don't do grass." The leader went on to explain the gnomes were responsible for that :-D



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