And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth ..Revelations 21

Q&A with EM { about the new energies that will descend on the ground, starting from today 28 March 2013 to 21st Sep 2013}

Q & A with The / Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan-
[ Part 1 ]


What is the difference in the new energy that entered into Earth in 20th of March 2013, and earlier?


EM : Since 21st of Dec. 2012, energies following on the earth respectively, and these energies getting stronger and severity ….

The nature of energy that entered earth in 20th of March 2013 is over strength than the energy that entered the earth in 21st of Dec. 2012... It is a manifestation energy, and preparation for all major events that will force the third Dimension on decayed, and the fifth Dimension to get stability and constancy...


Q. What are the advantages of this energy, and what does it do for us?










EM : This energy is “the energy of the intensive blue flares with violet flares”, and carried within the ability to interact with our DNA and the decryption of this DNA which limited our presence in the higher frequencies and forced us to be present in the lower frequencies... And this energy will work on supporting, developing and raising our DNA up to 12 DNA, so that we can communicate and presence in the fifth Dimension and above...

The actual time for spreading this energy is in 28th of March 2013, since the configuration stages of this energy had started in 11th March 2013 until 28th of March 2013..

The nature of this energy is unique because a series of massive development has entered on the nature of its installation, and it is an extension of the higher councils’ consciousness , not just for the 12th Dimension , but with cooperation between the 16TH Dimension “ The White Lodge “ and the Source of Spirits for the Origin Souls “ ..

This energy considered a very modern energy and renovated not only to the nature of souls on earth, but to be the First integrated Model for the consciousness of Origin Souls in order to place a quantum leap in development in all Dimensions of creation, stage by stage until completed its work from the third Dimension to the 16th Dimension..

This energy is a representation for the gathering of Lord Brahma’s consciousness with his intensive violet energies and the blue flares energies which is related to the Origin Souls, and it express the Freedom Code, where violet energies & the conscious of Lord brahma had embodied in Mahavatara personality, whereas the blue flare becomes the heart of Mahavatara..

The merger between Mahavatara and his heart “The blue flare “has occurred in 11thMarch 2013 until 13th March 2013, these energies taken stabilize until the date of 20th of March 2013, and then began to interact until reach the peak in 28th of March 2013..and it will launched from the heart of our Galaxy to Alcyone Star, and then to our sun, and end up in the Center Of Mother Gaia, it will continue charging the Center of Mother Gaia until 21st of Sept. 2013..

Therefore, it is expected to occur a lot of transformations on Mother Gaia “The earth” and humans on her back during this period..

We call the period of the next six months as a “Holy Months” of gathering and merging Mahavatara with his heart, after he completed his merger with the consciousness of Lord Brahma in 14th Feb. 2013...



Q. Is this energy dedicated to all?





EM : Yes, everyone will be affected, but it will be effective in all its aspects on the higher consciousness of human and will continue until 21st of Sept.2013, and it is expected to be activating and completing the process of ascension for at least 500 million to 700 million people on earth , then there will be successively intense energies more and more after that date 21st of Sept.2013 until year 2015 even working to activate the DNA for all processors persons who have chosen to move to the 5th Dimension..

Q. What will happen to us when
ascension, in a simple and practical  points?




EM :

  • Start by remembering, through our memory, accelerated footage of events in this life of incarnation in a form of showering...
  • Start remembering, through our memory, accelerated footage of the events of previous lives of incarnations in a form of showering...
  • Start by remembering rapidly clips of the events of the moment of the creation of our souls, and worlds to which we belong, and the history of our Galaxy...
  • The ability of telepathy begins waking up slowly, and open channel between us and the other worlds.
  • Begin to see the spectra of beings around us and then become clearer and clearer vision.
  • We will start taking guidance from our brothers in the galaxy for the major phase of the change that will happen to us to be “ physical angels”..

Of course , all these things will happen during the next 6 months , depending on the degree of each person’s awareness, and the person who will not completed in these six months “ who has low consciousness and connected with low frequencies”, he will complete in the period between year 2013 to year 2015..



Q. Is there of the people of the earth who are in the 5th Dimension or 4th D NOW?




EM: Yes, however, at the level of awareness, thoughts and the higher vibration of these dimensions 4TH D, 5TH D, 6TH D , but not on the apparent physical level: 12% from the 6th Dimension, 17% from the 5th Dimension , 30% from the 4th Dimension, 41% from the 3rd Dimension..


The apparent physical level will begin from 28th of March 2013 until 21st of Sept. 2013 for people of more aware and connect with their essence of within , and the manifestation energy will help to activate this for them, which will continue launching from 28th of March 2013 , until 21st of Sept. 2013..


Q. What is the importance of The Light Chambers at Agarthans, and is it for all the people of the earth?







EM : Originally, the inner procedure of ascension is the mission of a man himself, and the external & physical changes procedure is supported by energies that condense successively...


However, going down to Agarthans and joined The Light Chambers is a support plan for those who could not complete the physical virtual genetic process of ascension, and who have chosen to join the 5th Dimension and their spiritual & consciousness abilities did not support them to achieve that..



Q. Could people from the 3rd Dimension be able to see us when we become in the 5th Dimension?











EM: Up to a certain stage, Yes. The difference between them only in the level of awareness and awakening, and then the difference between them becomes in the level of higher frequencies, and still be able to see each other’s..


But to a certain extent of the ascension of Mother Gaia“ the earth” and the completion of the ascension of the new 5th Dimension people, here people of the third dimension will not be able to see their friends in the 5th Dimension..


Upon completion of the Light Body , and the beginning of the gene change which will caused on our genes by transferring it from carbon to crystal, so our frequencies will arise to become higher frequencies, and our bodies have the nature of gamma rays and higher frequencies, so the eyes of the people in the 3rd dimension will not be able to watch or listen to the people of the 5th Dimension.. So the people of the 5th Dimension in turn will begin to see the worlds of the 5th Dimension with all its creatures and cities of light, and they can move to it..



I hope from everyone and invite all to seize this great opportunity of this great energies that will flow on earth from 28th of March 2013 to 21st of Sept.2013..


Love & peace to all

The Enlightened Master

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Comment by gulden kuterdem brown on April 1, 2013 at 6:38am

thank you :)

Comment by Grant on March 30, 2013 at 7:39am

Thank you brother  xx


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