MYSTERIOUS SYMPTOMS...MISSING FREQUENCIES... And, the changes keep coming.

In addition to excitement, increased hope for the future and a greater sense of balance than you have had for months, are you also experiencing: anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, high blood pressure, nervousness, job concerns, relationship problems, sudden illness, stress with family or other mysterious undiagnosed physical conditions?  These are just some of the symptoms I have encountered with my clients in recent months.  Yes, these conditions have always been present in human life, but they seem more pronounced than ever before.  Do they warrant a new more current explanation than we have ever explored? I believe the changes and the symptoms you are experiencing are different --- in intensity and cause. 

In recent years, and most especially, since the earth has passed through what is known as The Lion’s Gate, a recent astrological configuration from July 26th to Aug 12th, in which the earth received a particularly strong new in-flow of light that is en-lightening and shifting everything on earth and in each of us.  It is as if we are each being recalibrated or re-tuned like an instrument to be in harmony with the new energies.

I have, over and over again, observed in others and felt in myself, some of the above symptoms.  I believe they are caused by the increase in vibrational frequencies on the planet, in and around us.  We are being forced to live life differently, to find new solutions to old situations, to view our lives from a new perspective.  Let me explain by sharing my own personal experience. 

I have had a scoliosis (pronounced curve in my spinal column)  all my life.  It has never given me any trouble.  I have never had surgery for it.  Periodic chiropractic adjustments have always enabled me to move freely without pain.  In recent weeks, however, I have been seriously uncomfortable....A rib in my back kept going out.  Sciatic pain has also been recurrent.  Chiropractic adjustments helped, but did not hold and discomfort returned again and again.  And then, as mysteriously as they arrived, the symptoms subsided and disappeared.  What is going on?

I have learned that as the energies on the planet speeded up, the frequencies which make up my body had to align to the new energies and adapt to the earth’s new situation. My frequencies also became more rapid and some of the slower, denser frequencies dropped out, to be replaced by faster, lighter ones.  I have became more fluid, less solid, less structured.  My body no longer holds its shape as it once did.    I describe my physical structure as ‘loosie goosie”, constantly shifting and changing, inside and out, as the energies outside of me, change and shift.  I have come to understand that the frequencies in my body that once managed certain necessary functions, like keeping my structure upright and in my posture correct, maintaining my balance, keeping me asleep at night and a variety of other tasks, were not functioning as they once did.  Without these frequencies, my body was struggling to keep up with the task of running itself.   Is this happening to you? Are you experiencing any of the discomforts I mention above? 

If so, I invite you to consider an energetic explanation for your situation.  Rather than believe that you are falling apart physically, understand that you are changing energetically and physically.  Allow your body time to adjust. Ground yourself on the earth.  Center in your heart.  And, seek out energetic, homeopathic and herbal remedies that act as substitutes for these missing denser frequencies.  Trust will rebalance, but it may take time and adjustments may be necessary, as you continue to evolve. 

Keep in mind, although these changes can be disturbing while you are going through them, in the long run, they are positive for you are moving gradually, step by evolutionary step, towards the full and complete light being that you are meant to be.  This is not a process that happens overnight (and growing pains are sometimes unavoidable...)


Submitted by Elaine Seiler, Energeticist, Coach, Author & Creator of Transformation Energetics (, one of the internet’s leading resources for information about the unseen realms of energy in, around and beyond the third dimension.  The unseen vibrations affect us every moment and we, in turn, affect them.  It is therefore critical that we understand the immaterial realms and learn to work effectively in and with them. You have energetic abilities you have yet to tap. Click here for my free webinar to learn how to:

  • Identify your unique capabilities and gifts and discover how you might work energetically.
  • Stages you must go through to achieve life-changing multidimensional awareness.
  • Fully embrace and internalize living in an energetic state.
  • Open your awareness to the fact that you are able to energetically affect your environment.

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Comment by Elaine Seiler on October 29, 2013 at 1:13pm
Thanks for your comments.  Yes, Chakra and Energy Balancing can be helpful and some of my body's reactions and those of Diana are the result of what feels negative, because some vibrational fields are so different from ours.  We must, indeed, keep going.  I agree.  Keep sending that support.
It was very helpful to me to understand the concept of 'Missing Frequencies".  With this understanding, I still need to take the remedies, the clearing of chakras and energy balancing will no longer do the whole will help to be sure, but the supplements  are now being used in a different way than when I was more densely physical.  At that time, they were working on the physical body; now I perceive them as 'bridges' , new connective energetic nerve pathways.  Same support process; different understanding.
blessings, Elaine
Comment by Diana l Bliss Elfso on October 25, 2013 at 2:09am

Try to keep your Chakra's balanced, do massage and Energy balancing this is how I must be as well. We will be sensitive to sound to some people and places. but this is from the new energy's coming in and down from the Heavens and We are going in higher dim. Some People are not doing anything and may be Neg. to you for you are higher vibrated then them. That because they don't want change. We must keep going.  hope this will help You Alicjia  

Comment by Diana l Bliss Elfso on October 4, 2013 at 12:44pm

Keep going You will make it. It is Ascension Ra and I are in 18th Dim. It is very Dense or heavy It will take time but you can do this. Love to all of you.   Elfso

Comment by Elaine Seiler on October 4, 2013 at 9:44am

Khristina,  Hope you are feeling better.  Oh, do I understand the insomnia challenge.  Here is what I have been taught re. this sleep issue.  Do not expect to sleep as you once did or as the culture suggests you need.  It is no longer true.  As your body changes, your need for and ability to sleep long hours is no longer possible or true.  You don't need what you once did.  You no longer have in your body the density to keep you asleep for long hours.  At least that is true for m.  It helped me alot to know this as it took some of the angst and anxiety away.  Now I sleep when I sleep; usually in 3-4 hour segments.  I then get up and do whatever I am prompted to do at that time.  Then, I force myself to stop (emails, writing, organizing whatever...) and go back to sleep for 2-3 hours.  Most of the time, this works well and I have all the energy I need for the day..... If I am tired I nap or rest.  The hardest part is not stressing over not being asleep.  Master that and you will be just fine!  And, I have heard that the new product, Laminine, is extremely helpful for sleep-related issues....( I am just trying it; the jury is out on my own personal experience.........(Check out the UTube videos to find out about it or email me directly...)

Comment by Elaine Seiler on October 4, 2013 at 9:35am

Temperance, I hope you are feeling better and that your move went smoothly.  While I definitely believe that some of your symptoms are energetic, I might suggest a visit or two to your local chiropractor to help put your body back in alignment.  While they may not hold as long as you would like, the adjustments will help you feel better and relive some of your stress.  Blessings....Elaine

Comment by Elaine Seiler on October 4, 2013 at 9:32am

Ben, hang in there my friend.  Take an herbal remedy to build your immune system to make sure that your body is as strong and healthy as it can be and then trust that yes, you are clearing and cleansing what is old and unnecessary.  My experience is that the cough can be the body's attempt to balance the energies in and around it.  Does it come and go without seeming reason?  If so, it is most likely energetic.  If it persists consistently, then perhaps it is physical and needs a physical remedy.  There are many natural and homeopathic remedies for blood pressure.  I suggest you search them out on the net or talk directly to a naturapath or holistic practitioner.  If you contact me directly, I can share more on this subject.

Comment by Elaine Seiler on October 4, 2013 at 9:25am

Hi Grant, Glad you mentioned the blood pressure as that has been an issue for me as well....Hard to pinpoint the cause, but I do believe it is at least partially exacerbated by the new energies.  Mine is better but still erratic and I am doing all I can to keep it balanced.  Blessings on our bodies that they may  handle the new frequencies well and easily and adapt well and smoothly........

Comment by Elaine Seiler on October 4, 2013 at 9:22am

C. Wright, Thanks for those lovely blessings...I gratefully accept. 

Comment by Elaine Seiler on October 4, 2013 at 9:21am

Carmela -yes, it sometimes feels I am going 'bonkers' too, but truly you are not and in time, you those challenges will disappear....and balance return.  Elaine

Comment by Carmela Carpio on September 28, 2013 at 11:43am

I am haveing every single one of those problems and was suspecting an energetic cause for it but I kept doudting my self so thanks for your validation, I needed it because I thought I was going bonkers.



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