And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth ..Revelations 21

My summery of what has happened~ White Cloud~The Feathers~The Roses~The Federation of Lights guidance~plus links I want to keep

From Blossom Goodchild after THE MESSAGE  was put out and the world waited

* A few weeks after Oct 14th 2008 I was really struggling what with one thing and another! I asked White Cloud for a sign ( I don't do that very often) . I HAD to KNOW that The Federation of Light were who they said they were. I FELT I wanted to TRUST them, but did not want to fool myself or anybody else after what had ... or should I say ... had not taken place. My soul was in a miserable place . I closed my eyes and was shown a beautiful rose. So I said to White Cloud that if within three days I saw a rose that carried his energy I would know it was from him and know to continue communication with The Federation of Light. I told no-one of this. At 4pm on the third day ... there was a knock at my door and the local florist delivered three dozen roses .They had a beautiful ostrich feather in them and a card which simply said ...

'Walk boldly as the Light and the Love. All is as should be . Adieu. Kerrrie ( a petal).
These words as many of you know are what White Cloud always says.
Within moments it clicked and I sobbed uncontrollably ...vowing I would never doubt them again. My heart was so grateful to White Cloud for this Truth.
I did not know Kerrie then. I do now. When I asked her what made her do such a thing ... she said she felt nudged by White Cloud all weekend to 'listen to him'. (She had his books) So she did and felt the urge to send me some roses ... only knowing that I lived somewhere in Noosa.

Link to what has been happening since ' My Story of contact' Kerrie...

 'The stronger the wind the stronger the tree’

White Cloud continues to contact many all around the world,to my joy one of his contactees lives 5mins. from me

 Leanne Kerrison's communications from White Cloud and other beings 




I have made contact with Claud-Adama of Telos

My visit from Ashtar ~ Kerrie / Zoolithe








2012-12-12 Blackheath Australia



On December 2005 BLOSSOM GOODCHILD was asked to start writing a book,this time unlike the other books she had written by her guide White Cloud it was going to be written by for want of a better way of putting it.... White Cloud's bosses! It is now 1/1/2012 and I have been working with Blossom's channels from The Federation of Light for 6 years now, taking them around about 30 sites and creating my own sites

THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT , SOUNDS OF SILENCE ,  MORNING STAR and THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT BLOGSPOT I am a dog groomer and a grandmother from Australia, who whilst I have always been very intuitive, I have never had my intuition proved to me in a strong way as it has these past few years, the guidance I have have received been nothing short of magical. On Christmas Eve 2006 I had a visit from Jesus, it was like a brief flash of his image and a cool breeze along with a strong feeling of love, it woke me up from the dark night of the soul I had fallen into at the time, I started a year of reading 30 books on the latest wisdom of spiritual teachers, I did a year of yoga and meditation, this is when I first saw what I now believe was WHITE CLOUD  I was so excited as I had such a clear vision of a shaman looking at me.I started getting sentences in my head one of them "I think there for I am" I later found out was Renae DesCarte's famous quote, my life started changing dramatically, I started getting feelings going through my body of bliss, I woke up with a thought of a UFO sighting I had in 1989 this lead me to

BLOSSOM GOODCHILD’S site, I heard White Clouds voice on the demo tape WHITE CLOUD'S MEDITATION (His actual voice comes through Blossom) an energy of so much love went through me that tears flowed as I said I am home, I read all 5 of Blossoms books in a month and I bought all of White Clouds meditation tapes I was in heaven. After THE MESSAGE ~Blossom Goodchild and the world waited and nothing happened on the 14th Oct 2008, Blossom was in a terrible space and asked WHITE CLOUD  if The Federation were of truth and light, White Cloud sent a rose in her head and she said ok if I see a rose in 3 days I'll know,I had not met Blossom at this stage,but immediately I received the thought in my head to send her roses,however I was busy in my business and I ignored it, it took three days of this thought and my heart area was buzzing before I eventually responded,I called up at florist in Blossom's town and she located Blossom via her publisher, Blossom received 3 dozen pink ROSES and the above card.

As luck would have it a couple of days later I heard Blossom mention the importance of the roses in an interview,so I decided to contact Blossom as I had sent the roses anonymously and asked the universe for confirmation that I was to become involved,I decided that I had indeed received that confirmation :)

Blossom's guide White Cloud spoke to me through Blossom after I flew to visit her in Noosa and has guided me to do this that I now find myself doing.

I have been guided by frequencies going through me and I feel them close, I was driving one day and a frequency went through me and I said I don't know what your saying but love to you, at that exact moment a car pulled in front with the number plates LUV4U!

I went to a medium and a frequency went through me, I left my body and went to a place so beautiful I didn't want to come back, the tears were falling, the medium said I have to that I have work to do, I said I know.

When I was coming back I noticed a swirling vortex a being descended and stopped at the entrance, beside me was a blue crystal tetrahedron.

When I got back into my body my hands were electric and it took 3 attempts to sit up.

I went to visit Blossom and had a beautiful reading from White Cloud and another energy came through and presented me with red roses, she referred to herself as the Lady in blue.

It explained a dream I had 20 years ago where Mother Mary was on a hill holding baby Jesus and hundreds of women were around her, a gold light was beaming down into my head from a cloud I knew it was telling me something but I didn't know what.

White Cloud also thanked me for sending Blossom the roses which was good conformation for me. At Christmas in 2008 The Federation had a break from channeling, they asked us to meditate and said they would come back soon, while they were away I received a song in my head that I knew was for Blossom 'for you and I have a guardian angel on high with nothing to do but to give to you and to give to me love forever true' Blossom said her dad used to sing that. I went to visit Blossom on the 13th June and she received a beautiful channel on PINK ROSES and on the 6th June a channel on the DRAGONFLY CROP CIRCLE  that went down in England on my birthday (3rd june) the dragonfly is my adopted symbol ever since it was bought to my attention at the beginning of my transformation in 2006, I found out it meant transformation and I kept buying them and people still buy them for me now, On the 20th April 2009 I was in meditation and a frequency started up I saw a dark cloud and behind it was a bright light, I saw Mother Mary descend and I started to feel ecstatic bliss my breathing became intense. afterwards I was resting and I heard Kerrie write it down, I have had 4 communications from them that I have been inspired to write down before they went quiet the last one was on the 20th September,they have asked me to be prepared in my soul and have said that they are soon to be in our skies and it is for me to be on alert. I am not religious at all and all this has taken me by surprise as despite a UFO experience I had in 1989 where I saw and felt a being working on my chakras in meditation soon after my daughter and I saw a fleet of star ships hovering, this was reported in the local newspaper here in Gosford Australia,I haven't been into UFOs either but what amazes me is how I just am falling into this role I seem to be playing with such ease as if a part of me knows what it is doing and is just waiting for my small self to 'get it' I have had so much more happen too much to post here but significant I feel is the feathers I get and the words I woke up with in my head on what I later found out to be Greek ascension day MORNING STAR The Federation have been channeling weekly up until now,their last channel was on the 23rd September the silence I feel is for us to be prepared for their coming I know I am personally going through a lot of releasing of old paterns that no longer serve.




On the day of the Norway spiral I was awoken with the word 'PULSAR' in my head,Blossom said she was just sent an email of a channeling through Zilanthra (www.starportearth) from beings from a pulsar

the previous night I was walking to the kitchen from my computer and I had to stop and breathe an energy of such love started up in me, I closed my eyes and I could feel them close I gave thanks to who I refered to as my family.



7th Jan Their Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just received this when he heard me talk about  MORNING STAR Ms Brown...I am honord to become your friend in here.I am a Penobscot/Mic-Mac Native of the Wabanaki Confederation in the North Eastern liveing in Tennessee helping my Cherokee brothers and sisters here. The name Wabinaki means "Childeran Of The Morning Star"...We beleave we came from there...and our family will return to be with us one day...soon now.I first meet the Star Seed's and or Star Childeran when I became Medicine-man of the Pan American Ass. in Arcadia Fl. back in 88...and was told I am also one. I have no doubt this Star and its people will and do have a part in all this.I greatly look nforward to any post's you may share with us here.My peoples name for Jesus is "Sazos".



MIKE has sent you a message on FEPETOPIA

Hi Kerrie I was channeling last night and asked what they could tell me about me and my family and anyone else and they said something about you.This is what they said:

"Now to Kerrie of Sydney. She is connected to the entities she deems as FOL as you are, for it is in accordance to her role. A role she chose and will do well. "

They told me I needed to tell you and the others that they spoke about in order to continue whatever my role is.So there you are.

Peace and happiness to you




I just came across my notes on Larisa and they said Larisa from Yalah (an interesting coincidence, The channel I was guided to by the word pulsar in my head on the day of the Norway spiral was from beings from a pulsar and the name of the being channeling through from this planet was called Yalah,)


so was it Larisa and Yalah not (from) what is coming to mind now are the two beautiful young angelic beings, a male and a female (no wings) that assisted me a few years ago in a lucid dream could they be Larisa and Yalah, they showed me what was to happen the next day and it did! and thanks to their heads up I was prepared for it and I was able to handle what could have been a soul destroying experience.

In the dream the female wiped a tear drop from my eye and it was on her finger she looked at it and then looked at me with a puzzled expression and I felt her saying why do you allow it to upset you so?

Texas Reki Master Jill Kline.......

On the 30th Jan 2010 as I was about to go to sleep, I felt AAMichael’s presence and saw a blue light,I sensed White Cloud’s energy,I then had a vision of a lovely lady with long black hair wearing a yellow rose and I heard the song The Yellow rose of Texas in my head,soon afterwards I received this email: 


Hello, again, Kerrie! The message I received to give to you was "Carry the Light, Kerrie, the Light!" I then saw a brilliant Matrix with a multitude of lights flaring up in Australia, reaching those of us in Texas and the southwest. I got the feeling your guides are very excited about your work, and I was to tell you that your light is about to burst forth in ways that will delight and amaze you! Be ready for a huge shift in your aura/energy.
Your spirit guides have been "interrupting" my Reiki sessions for about 3 weeks. I wasn't sure what they were trying to communicate to me, but they kept sending me images of Australia along with the name "Carrie". Also, every time I turned on the TV there was something about Australia, and my cell phone kept pulling up a picture of the Opera House in Sydney (even though my phone is locked). The "guide" energy that comes through is so powerful, it makes my ears pop. I feel like I am underwater when one comes through. He manifests to me as a kind of "outback" holy man/shaman, holding an intricately carved walking stick. Is this White Cloud? Also, he comes with very strong feminine/Mary/Sophia energy.
I sent Blossom an email asking her what was going on in Australia, then saw your name on her Blog. That is how I was finally led to you.



Jill has just sent this to me Aug 2011 I feel this is the answer to my question about 11/11/11


Hey, Kerrie! I'm very excited right now. I was watching an episode of Ancient Aliens, and they spoke of a history of UFO sightings along the 33rd parallel. You may know this already, but I had never heard of this. Along the 33rd parallel run places of powerful unrest or great spiritual power. Tibet, Israel, Iraq, Syria, Rosewell, New Mexico, and Mt. Hermon (where the book of Enoch says "Angels" first set foot on the earth.) So I looked up my home, Flower Mound, TX, and it is EXACTLY 33 degrees North, 0. Then I looked up Three Sisters in Katoomba. Guess where THAT is? 33 degrees North. Do you live near or on the 33rd parallel? I think that's why White Cloud brought us together, because we are near this line of power. What do you think?



I just realized Alabama is also along the 33rd parallel, specifically Birmingham. Is this why the FOL mentioned it in The Message? Exciting stuff!



Here is another email from lovely Jill I keep hearing ‘We are here this you know'

Hi, Kerrie! I hope everything is going well for you. I know there is a lot of flooding over there, and I hope it isn't affecting you too much. Australia images have been coming to me lately (again) and frequently. I'm not sure if it's because of the floods or its vibration is rising again. What are you feeling?

Also, are you thinking of taking a different job/path? I keep getting a vision of you being hesitant to step on a new path that is in front of you. I'm to tell you not to fear: either road leads to joy but the new one will be the most fun. There is the symbol of a butterfly attached somehow to the "fun" road as a sign for you. "She will not walk it alone! Tell her We Are Here!"

Love & Light!



White Cloud gets feathers to me all the time when ever I need to take notice or when I have listened to him and responded, one day I was walking to my shop feeling so at peace and connected giving thanks for everything and a feather fell in front of me, I knew then that all was well and that when I get to my shop that the door that was jamed would be sorted, as I arrived 2 clients and staff were watching the locksmith still trying to fix it after 20 min, he went to get a tool to cut through the resistent  lock and still in that lovely space I tried the door and it just easily opened!!!!!!!!!!!


I received Zoolithe in my head early one morning and when I asked who it was I heard thyself,here is an email I have just received from Zeo a teacher I met at the Wesac moon conference on the name


Zoolithe sounds like a part of your spirit that is re-integrating.. has a bit of an elfen-feel to it.. exists in another dimension yet is here present to merge with you... definitely a soft energy that will help you connect to the earth more.. lots of wisdom there abut natural rythms and how to flow with them.. Might serve you to become her for a while.. until you feel more complete & deeper connected with the Earth and her kingdoms.. :-)


And this was from Zilanthrah (Channel of the pulsar)

Hi Kerrie,
Could it be that Zoolithe may be your Elemental? A being named Tumble has been communicating with me for a while. I first thought he was a nature spirit, as when he first showed himself to me, he appeared within some pink lillies that grow in our flower garden and was tiny like a fairy. But recently, he showed me a Captain's hat similar to a boat or airplane pilot's hat. The next image I was given was of a genie. He seemed small but as he slowly arose I realized that he was a tall being.
I took all of this to mean that he is like a captain for me, or a pilot. I think the genie means that if I am wise enough to follow his guidance, my dreams will come true. Our Elemental is with us from our first incarnation on Earth, so they would know everything us, even more than we know about ourselves, at least in this present time.
Playing with it and integrating it is a very wise thing to do ( and fun! )






I have been told there's music in my energy by a medium, she said she has never seen that before,but I can not play an instrument! I have been given music 3 times now as guidance,once when The Federation told Blossom they were going to have a break from  communicating   for a while and asked us to meditate,I heard the song "True Love".... 'for you and I have a guardian angel on high' I said to Blossom I feel it is for you,she said her father used to sing it all the time! the second song was 'Yellow rose from Texas' it was put in my head together with an image of a lovely lady wearing a yellow rose,a few days later  Reiki Master JILL from Texas emailed me saying she found me after her sessions kept being interrupted by my guide,it sounded like Blossom's guide White Cloud,the third time was when Blossom stopped channeling them when she was despondent, I went through such a bad time,broke down in tears,then I did some healing and became centered again,I woke up with the song 'My boyfriend's back' by the Angels in my head it kept going on in my head all day,when I went in my car I turned on the car radio,something I rarely do as I like my quiet and that song was on! of course soon after Blossom went back channeling them again:)

Some beings contacted me the day of the Norway spiral from a  PULSAR , when I told Blossom she said Zilanthra had just sent her a channel from beings from a Pulsar and they are very into music,when they contacted me I felt very emotional and called them family!






I called Blossom and she sounded better,it has been a challenging road all this releasing,the emotional roller coaster and it has taken it’s toll on many of us especially Blossom,I know this will pass it is just the beginning,just time for us to go within as The Federation of Light keep telling us to do.

Before this all happened  I kept being woken up with a star shinning through my bedroom window around 3am, 4 times it has happened,I would go back to sleep feeling safe and loved,I kept hearing the song Band of Gold in my head,when I woke up yesterday I felt the urge to look it up on youtube,that was when I saw Blossom’s channel saying she was going to stop channeling them,as I was going to yoga at the end of this very emotional day I felt very clear and at peace after my much needed meditation, when I felt a strong urge to turn the radio on,I hesitated as I was enjoying my quiet time alone with my thoughts, but I eventually put it on and guess what song was on!


"Now that your gone all thats left is a band of gold all thats left of the dreams I hold is a memory of what love could be if you were right here with me” 


All is once again ‘on track’ and Blossom is back channeling The Federation of Light and all is well in my world:)


















I felt White Cloud's presence as I was on the beach here in Budgewoi Australia on the 9th March 2013 and I took this Photo


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Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on October 20, 2013 at 9:48am

How amazing is the universe! only yesterday I was contemplating this PORTAL TO ATLANTIS and today I received an email from Ron about portals!

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on February 14, 2012 at 5:32pm

smile... bless you Peter,it is true it will require me to have faith in me,I am uncomfortable with empowerment, as are a lot of us,we want our freedom yet we are wounded healers are we not! 




This is so. And yet we would acknowledge the fact that receiving these energies is entirely up to the individuals desire to accept them. They are a present to all, and yet it is so that many choose not to unwrap this gift.

What individual enlightenment is brightening your planet at this time.

You have been made aware of an upsurge in activity from craft that are not from your atmosphere. This is just a mere taster. More and more of your people are witnessing this phenomena, and yet we say to you … you may see it as phenomenal … to us, we are simply carrying out the requirements that are necessary to introduce ourselves to you on a grander scale … as promised. Do you see Blossom how the great plan is unfolding? As more is revealed within this scheme it shall become apparent to those who are willing and ready, that which they have come to earth to be of service toward. There will be a time for many … millions and millions of you … when all the questioning, when all the awaiting shall end. And in its place there shall be PEACE. For the knowing that is yearning inside each one to be realised … shall be. It cannot be otherwise. The plan has been in place too long and is too vast to be miscast (?) It is time dear people of earth to come forth in your strength. To shine your Light more brightly than ever. The darkness is ending and there is the moment upon you when you shall arise into the eternal dawn.

How we wish we could comfort you in a manner that would be more suitable to what you feel are your needs. Yet agreements were made and must remain in their rightful place. Know dear ones, of the Love that is filtering through. Feel it … for you are of it. As this is recognised more and more the vibration that is now with you shall become more apparent to those who are Truly in awe of themselves.

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 20, 2011 at 3:11am

I love Brian's comment to me so I will post it here so I don't loose it:

Kerrie, It is important to find your own truths and pathway. When connect with the higher self---the consciousness may reach to the greater levels of the Creator and his adversaries. It is in this part with your commitment to The Galactic Federation and of the channel Blossom that The White Brotherhood has intended to interact in your mind with good intentions. There is no smybol for God--although human thought has to signify this in his/ her intention. The truth is always placed in the heart chakra and this is the correct method of discernment of many. Blossom was tested to the utmost and because there is no tomorrow--only today--the time of October was very testing one. We wish you to understand the time--this was a testing period---a time for re- action---not of Blossom but of those who listened to our words ---being ours. Much as you must understand in the partnership of ASCENTION, is with the human kind and there free will to achieve this goal of UNDERSTANDING. Much is seen of the written word on your progress in understanding us. It is with that AND the collective minds we make decisions of progress. Much in the media of the disheartened and torched minds of the repressed are understood completely. The time is of the essence and is watched in love always. Remember we know you, as you know yourselves--blessings to the earth and its progression

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 9, 2011 at 8:43pm

Anya was just now talking to me on facebook and her guides gifted me with this and I am so very grateful to them I really needed it today.


WOW, seems like something's cooking in the kitchen, lol- God Bless you and your enthusiasm! ;-) My guides are saying "Hope springs eternal with you and we love you for it!" (I don't know what this is in reference to or just in general your personality- oh wait, here they come to say something else- ) "Keep doing what you are doing, dear one. We love and honor you and your willingness to see through whatever it is you need to do for yourself at this time, many blessings and love and light, the Galactic Federation with the assistance of the Arcturian Brotherhood in attendance" - WOW- haven't heard directly from them in a while, your energy field must be completely charged for me to get that to you, you are on fire, lady! lol love to you and yours xo A-

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on March 16, 2011 at 9:44am


28th Jan 2011

We come to give hope. Although we are aware that some these days FEEL 'hope' to be a position of 'lacking’

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on August 26, 2010 at 11:00am
I have just returned from Blossom's White Cloud show and at last here is White Cloud speaking through Blossom and all is as it should be in my world,my question to White Cloud is in the last youtube at the begining you can imagine what I asked:) ((Hugs)) Kerrie

Hello Good people.

So happy to announce (after 5 days of challenges!!!) that the YouTube of the White Cloud channelling that took place last week in Noosa has now gone up in 5 parts.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

So ... here 'WE" are .... My indian friend and me ... up close and personal!

I do hope you enjoy his wisdom and unconditional Love. Please help spread his message by passing these on, should you FEEL so inclined.

Many thanks to you.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays

My question to White Cloud on Extraterrestrials ((Hugs)) Kerrie
Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 14, 2010 at 11:14pm
Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 11, 2010 at 9:37pm
Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 11, 2010 at 9:23pm
Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 11, 2010 at 9:30am


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