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My New Picture and accompanying words - Eileen


24.7.14 - During meditation while listening to Yo Yo Ma, I saw lovely patterns in gold and purple and then became aware of pink bubbles literally bubbling up like a fountain into a pyramid shape and popping at the top. Maybe they are showing me how the music affects my soul.


We seek to find ways of expressing ourselves, making monumental discoveries, empowering a nation to stand up for what they believe in. It makes no difference whether you are poor or rich - this is a time to challenge the establishment and to make yourselves heard in every walk of life! We are beholden to those of you who seek the answers to your predicament and we understand that you are champing at the bit, wanting more, so much more than you have at present! We belie an infra-structure that raises the roof only to see it plummet to depths unaccounted for and we ask, do you really need these exercises, or are they a discipline that can be registered as a pure waste of time?


We beg to differ and tell you that without these tools, you will not be able to proceed . . . to move forward on this beam of light. We are encouraged with your progress and we ask to be allowed to monitor you in greater depth. There are a few instances of regret that have been put on the back boiler for now, and we believe it will only be a short time before you have made the adjustments necessary to climb another rung of the ladder so to speak. We push you forward in alignment with all we hold most dear and we forecast a greater reunion in the not too distant future. This has been our dearest wish that you should come among us, to be uplifted into ‘team spirit’ and we adjourn this meeting so that you may go about your business.


I sat again this evening after watching a documentary called -Our Planet from the Air; Home, documenting how man is affecting the planet.


There are many in your world who have suffered and considerably so. We give thanks for the heart pouring’s of love from all around your planet; we give thanks too for those who offer up prayers of love that are without sustenance themselves. We give thanks to the creator for providing us with everything we need for the world is bountiful and beautiful, and we scrape together enough evidence to put humanity to shame for not providing for those less fortunate! There have been greater violations of nature than you could ever imagine and we are behoven to those just few who come forward to save the planet. We ask you to be more careful in your deliberations, accessing the very heart of the community with your prayers.  


We interest you with our message and ask you to bear with us as we sample some just desserts. It is not our way to mismanage a whole nation in distress; we merely mean to collaborate with you to alter the time scale in which you live, and to judge the accuracy that may be maintained as we take you on course for a new world of ample proportions, where no man shall hunger and every child is catered for. There shall be no more pain, no more sorrow or disillusionment; we come to prepare you and to update you on the stage you have reached before moving on. We have taken well to the adjustments as a whole and we realise this has been a time consuming effort but well worthwhile.


We shelter and caress your energy fields, softening those edges and embracing you. We do have the capacity to come on board at this time.  I get the feeling of soft swaying ribbons of colour and light, like the Angel’s wings I’ve painted.


We regulate your breathing and sanction a going within.  I’m now sensing a pale blue veil. Suddenly there was a loud bang on the roof and I shot out of meditation with a jump!


(I've included this last bit as it shows how important it is to make sure you are not disturbed during meditation. Unbeknown to me my husband had climbed the stairs above my sanctuary and moved a chair that clunked onto the fibre glass roof)!

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Comment by Kerrie on August 7, 2014 at 11:58pm

Mirror image Eileen,that is how is happens when you upload it:) 

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on August 7, 2014 at 11:49pm

Ooh Kerrie I've just noticed my painting is inside out - you can tell by the signature how weird is that!

Comment by Kerrie on August 6, 2014 at 10:12pm

Well that makes sense Eileen! I have had contact by The Arcturians,Leanne has channeled the Arcturians,Pam ( another fellow Australian I connected with a few years ago) has channeled The Arcturians, a lady who joined my site because of White Cloud contacting her was told he is Arcturian! I have been told I am Arcturian by two mediums.

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on August 6, 2014 at 9:16pm

Kerrie, I've just been reminded that the ones with three fingers are Arcturians! Here is the link.

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on August 6, 2014 at 8:35pm

Kerrie as I told Steven I have felt drawn to paint a Lion, I think that will be my next picture. I definitely felt weird yesterday, all day I felt my head expanding as if I had taken some sort of drug and instead of going for a walk had to sit and rest. In the evening I sat in my sanctuary and received some words which I may share as others are probably feeling the same. I also had a strange dream last night where a creature with a grey head was leaning over me. Also I was shown that I had just three fingers which was weird, need to do some research! 

Comment by Kerrie on August 6, 2014 at 12:18am

Eileen no wonder we have been focused on lions again lately,I had forgotten the 8/8 lion's gate is soon!

The Hathors – Lion’s Gate Portal - Theme Magic - Expansion of Consc...

Comment by timothy lee sutterby (Tim) on July 30, 2014 at 4:33pm

Eileen , I was into reading this post like a great suspense novel and then the loud bang on the roof and it was like I was there myself , wow . Yes very disturbing but I feel where it was going and I'm ready . Nice painting riveting telling , it will return . Thank- You .

Comment by Grant on July 30, 2014 at 7:13am

Thank you Eileen......lots of msgs  here .......adjusting the time line we have noticed time running even faster........not to mention the breathing...............this morn I woke with a strange  regulated deep breath  [a more healthy breath]....... love yr painting .....oh yes being jolted out of meditation  happens often for me with a young family & frisky wee dog .. I try & meditate about 6 am  unless weekends when every one sleeps a bit longer  xox


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