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Message: On Maintaining Balance in Your Being & Your Life

We want to talk to you today about keeping your feet on the ground while your heads are in the clouds.

It's important that you keep yourself grounded in this planetary reality even as you dabble in the realms beyond. These realms are equally real, but you must not discard one reality for the other, no matter how tempting this may be. 

You do have a life here, and it is important that you value and nurture it. You must strive to maintain a balance between seemingly competing realities. They are not really competing, as they comprise various aspects of the Whole. But in a sense, they do compete for your attention. 

It is important that you keep a strong connection with this planet in order for you to do your most powerful work here. (And that is what you came here for, is it not?) 

You need to love and cherish your body, whatever shape it may be in, for it strives to serve you well. 

You would be wise to take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the things this planet has to offer. It is one of a kind, and it won't always be available as a playground, for that is what it has been. 

Care for yourself. Care for your life here. Care for the realities you are only just discovering. 

Live, and live fully in them all. Embrace them all as a part of your totality. (Orea's note: Just in case this wording is not clear, they are saying that all of these realities are a part of you, personally, a part of your Self. I find that quite interesting.)

Go in Peace and Love this day. We bless you and your endeavors. 

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Comment by Grant on January 14, 2014 at 5:47am

Bev , I love that thank you ...... Yes must also thank  Orea............. love to  u all xox

Comment by Beverly J. Thompson on January 14, 2014 at 5:12am

Many years ago I received the following words simply and aptly describing -

 The Great Experiment

Humanity as part of Creator of All That Is experiencing duality through the veil of separation.

Comment by Beverly J. Thompson on January 14, 2014 at 5:07am

Thank you Orea for this message. I add the following regarding The Great Experiment from my writings in "Mystery of the Universes, Book Two":

Now is the moment when all people shall come to be known as
the winners of a very incredible project. This project has been
talked about many, many times, even within these writings.
This project you all volunteered to be a part of. This incredible
project is known as The Great Experiment. What you may not
know, but are learning, is that each one of you have put into
this project your knowledge, your principles of life combined
into a synthesis of awareness studded and confined in the form.
This form is not only the physical body that you now occupy,
but all of the other physical bodies you inhabited when experiencing
life on this third dimensional experiential plane. Your
memories of other Earth lives remain within your physicality,
within the very chromosomes of your DNA connecting you
to the Book of Records that each one of you are still writing.
You also have remembrances of some very early Earth lifetimes
where you lived in altered states of consciousness, able to commune
with other life forms, on and off the Earth. Using the
term “altered” is actually living within the true body, and you
are remembering that you are able to do this without any hampering
of the low density of energy that slowed all processes of
life into a combined effort of forgetfulness. Once you break out
of your cages each one of you has built, you will see a much
grander life that is yours and always has been yours.
The possibilities are always available within the context of
creation. You will absolutely remember that You are the Creators,
that is, really, there is no out there out there. And you will
position yourselves as the Grand Masters that accomplished
this incredible project. This project has now accomplished
what you all decided to accomplish, and that is to understand
the nature of You in its many aspects even within the fields of
an extremely low vibration.
You will now take this information, this life form of the
physical and play with it some more. Indeed, that is what each
one of you are doing – playing with and within your life forms.
But now you are adding to the equation so to speak. What we
mean by this, is that you are adding on to the experiences you
wish to have by incorporating an increased understanding of
your Higher Self, that energetic part of You that maintains its
presence in the physical, yet in a whole other frequency form.
You now know that all is energy, that what you call God is actually
this energy transformed by the overall thought forms of
your combined Higher Selves. It is One split many times.
You now have a saying “take this to a whole new level.”
You are taking your present physicality to a whole new level.
In doing so, you are acknowledging you have succeeded on the
3rd dimensional plane of manifestation, and you are moving to
a new time capsule (time and space) prepared by you for you.

Comment by Grant on January 14, 2014 at 4:16am

Thanks  Kerrie, some years ago I had a vision [lucid dream] call it what you might like , I was in spirit & floating between trees , grass & flowers etc, the msg was said to me , you must really FEEL the things here, all of a sudden I realised I was not being me completely ........ I felt I was missing some thing until I WOKE UP........ I NOW FEEEL textures in trees, plants , the moisture in my skin  from grass & physical things.... we must SLOW DOWN & FEEL the EARTH   even water & warmth from the sun , the breaze etc xox

Comment by gulden kuterdem brown on January 14, 2014 at 1:25am

thank you :)

Comment by Orea De Sa'Hana on January 13, 2014 at 11:11pm

Thank you, Kerrie. Years ago, they called this place "a rubber room" (!)  -- a place that we could play or roughhouse without being hurt. 

It seems to me that there is a lot of info encoded in those three words. 

Add to that the knowledge I acquired years ago when I was actively doing shamanic work, that we have it backwards: the shamanic journey is the real thing, and this life we are living here is actually the dream, and you get a pretty clear picture of what is what. 

Comment by Kerrie on January 13, 2014 at 8:34pm

Some validation Orea:

11th Feb 2010


Let us then say … it is wise to keep grounded also . For one could become a little too deeply involved in the feeling … that the earthly matters get left behind … and yet we say this is not yet the correct time for that to happen. There has to remain the balance. That is one of the reasons many of you Light Beings are here. To bring in and anchor this new Light energy that we have so very delicately been looking after.


4th July 2010

Has it ever occurred to you that those very ‘Star Kind’ that you speak of may just be a HIGHER version of yourselves? After all, you have come to know that you are just a small aspect of who you are , experiencing a ‘playtime’ on this planet earth.




Indeed … this was the intention … this was its original purpose. To play … the derision of which is to be of joy to have fun … is it not? THIS WAS OUR INTENTION FOR YOU. And although the experiment did not finalize in the way we had assumed … it is none the less IN THE BIG SCHEME OF THINGS … just a small experiment. We can FEEL your FEELINGS Blossom as you write for us. We are aware that as a human NOW on your planet, it appears we are of little comprehension of what it actually entails to be experiencing ‘life on earth’ at this time.



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