I’ve had a nasty bout of tonsillitis and am sitting for healing, bringing down the golden healing rays; I have got to the third eye and am seeing what looks like the face of Jesus. I’ve been watching some biblical documentaries and wonder if that is why I’m seeing this. Now I can see a dark skinned man with a moustache who is wearing a hooded dark cloak; he is smiling at me and I’m getting the words – A follower of Christ!


Again I wondered if it is because of the documentary I watched.  We do indeed use your imagination and we present a clearer picture, opening the archives. 


Thank you that would be amazing!  I can vaguely see big wooden doors opening and we are now moving forward.  I am being shown a picture of Christ - the one superimposed on the Turin cloth. We are going down into underground tunnels where there are locked iron doors, and I’m now being shown a Greek Orthodox priest.


Beware of propaganda!  I’m being taken away from the scene now and rising above it all.


We open a new chapter and verse!  I can see someone who looks like Jesus sitting and writing in a big book; the leaves are edged with gold.


We transcribe various anecdotes for you to bear witness and we take you back to a time of great remorse when our Lord was taken from us unto the Temple.  Miriam – keep thy faith burning bright!


Three times I answered - I will keep my faith burning bright!  It's dark but I can see a light, a candle flame in the darkness.


We will shed Light where Light is due.  We are the ‘Light of the world’ and we come bearing gifts for those chosen to work with us among the peoples of Earth.


I must have thrown myself prostrate to the ground as I now seem to be looking up at long white robes and sandaled feet.  Raising my face, I can see someone who looks very much like Jesus but his name sounds like Kumar; he has thick golden hair that is curly and wavy and is a little shorter than Jesus’s.  The sky is clear blue and he is standing in a courtyard next to a big well as if he is going to address the people.  I’m seeing the colour pale blue, beautiful pale blue cloth that looks really soft and Kumar is wearing it over his right shoulder.  Everything looks clean and pristine compared with the dark shadowy places I was in to start with – perhaps this is Heaven.  My heart is feeling golden and I’m smiling and thanking them for showing me these things.  (Later I wondered if it was White Cloud in his other form as I saw him once in a pale blue robe edged with gold).


These are true rewards for work being done. 


The virus has caused me to lose my voice but I can feel that golden light beaming down through my chest and larynx.  Thank you so much!


The knowledge will be brought into the open, it will not be held under lock and key for much longer. We share with you what we shared long ago.


I feel like I have a long staff in my left hand and am being taken up higher into the clouds.


We benefit from a long line of interpreters.  Ask and you shall receive!


I can feel the energy healing me and thought how wonderful that you can ask for healing for yourself and really be healed.


Yes my child and that is what we wish for  . . . that everyone will ask for that golden light to shine down upon them and it shall be so!


Are you something to do with the Federation of Light please?


We abide in the Light . . .  an amalgamation of souls joined as one.


The energy is so lovely and cool on my chest.  I’m getting the name ‘Olympus' and survival of the fittest.


We come from the stars and to the stars we will return.  I’m now getting the name ‘Merope’ which is one of the stars that belong to the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus. 


I can see someone riding towards me on a dark horse and am getting the words ‘Devil’s Advocate’.  As he approaches I can see he looks like a Roman Centurion; he has now ridden past heading to my right.


We look into the archives and we read our history, taking it upon ourselves to set the record straight in unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


I’ve opened my eyes and can still see the face of the golden haired one, feeling a tingling of energy around me.


We pass on knowledge to the open minded and we share with you now.  There have been mammoth exploits abroad that have left us downhearted and we come to champion the cause of mankind, bringing you upliftment. It has long been said that we have uncovered a vast reservoir of knowledge to be broadcast to the world and we prepare you to accept further information as it is released to the population of Earth.


I can see a biblical fellow wearing a turban and there is a light shining on him; he seems to be walking backwards with me following him. He has a silver beard.


We access a higher domain that will allow further clarification and assist you in your recordings, taking you further into the vaults . . . into the catacombs.


It’s really dark and there are two burning torches set in the wall but it’s still very shadowy.  There are sentries with dark turbans that have cloth hanging down on one side.


Rest assured we are doing all we can to adjust your vision so that you may see more clearly.


The shadowy walls have a golden glow to them now and I can see a little more clearly.  I can see a woman wearing a shawl covering her head.


We are on a mission of the highest intent and we take you forward, ushering you along the passages, deeper and deeper; here we will find what we are looking for.


I’m looking for information on biblical times that mankind is not sure of; also if you can shed some light on lives I have led that might help me in this quest that would be wonderful.


This has been the hardest part of our journey, opening up those reservoirs within you, where all this knowledge is stored. 


I can see a woman who is wearing a veil over her face; it is night and she is watching and creeping stealthily around the city walls – she is a seeker of truth!  I decided to leave it here for today and promised to continue seeking. Afterwards looking on the internet, I saw there is an ascended master named Kumara and he looks very similar to the person I saw.  I have recently been in touch with Sharon Sananda Kumara who was White Cloud's daughter in a previous life; perhaps that is why I have had this visitation.


White Cloud’s past life daughter’s story


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Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on February 10, 2014 at 6:06am

Hi Diana and all,I have suspended the member responsible for those negative comments,he posted on my profile too,sending him love

Comment by Diana l Bliss Elfso on February 10, 2014 at 1:08am

Again I just want to say Eileen everyone Thank  You For Your Messages Love And Light I Elfso 

Comment by Diana l Bliss Elfso on February 10, 2014 at 12:58am

Mother Mary is not ugly nor was She then.  and we were middle class. She is here where  I live She works for the School system. helping Children. Her name this life time is Karen and Blond headed  now as then. She is very kind and cares for other. I Elfos  

Comment by Brenda Hoffman on February 9, 2014 at 8:38am

Yet again, thank you Eileen.

Comment by Diana l Bliss Elfso on February 9, 2014 at 5:13am

Dear Eileen more history of our Family I was Pinky and Blue Boy was my twin brother My name was Elisabeth and his name was Jeremiah our last name was Johnson we were the Johnson brothers who made the bone china and dishes Jeremiah was the famous Jeremiah Johnson he  was a Indian fighter here in the USA. the wars and the hard time for us made Him come here My Daughters were.  the portrait of the Ragan sister they were my Daughters and I had a son names John, He is my son now and his daughter are the girls they are now my granddaughters. I Elfso 

Comment by Diana l Bliss Elfso on February 9, 2014 at 1:22am

Jesus middle name was THE WORD AND THE WORD WAS GOD. OR THE SON OF GOD.  there were in those times when there were no middle name for it is where you come from where you were born is the name you were known as. or the work you were doing in the  place where you lived. has my Brother John as John  the Baptist. He was Baptizing people Dear Eileen the panting is of Our Family you are looking at the flowers your  Mother is there and your Daughter I am sitting at our market place as I said you were there. this was where I was to see who I was I am the record keeper for I was an Angel where the records are in the HOUSE OF THE FATHER GOD. I worked in the house where He our Father lives there are long Crystal hall where they are kept the word we say and what happen to us when on the earth for there is going to be a judgment day and they are there in everyone' s DNA. It's in the water, tree for there are rings it in the earth record are every where that is why of the digs. cities they are finding.  it is written in the heavens to so you and everyone can know. As you having visions so do Painters for He painted the memorys of Our Family. There  were what he remembered when He was with Us. there are more Painting John Waterhouse paintings  of Us. He is Family then. there is a Painting showing what you went though after Jesus died what the Romans did to get control back many of Us died Dear One. I hope this help You to heal Thank You for You beautiful message for it is needed I and everyone need this for Jesus is trying to work with all of You for it is the time to awaken and know who you are for the work is important we should not be in discord but work as one Family. Thank You all for your messages and trying to help in this but the message speaks for it self. For He is letting you know He is real and the word is real. love and light to you all I Elfso         

Comment by Temperance Ropple on February 8, 2014 at 1:34am

So what is Jesus Christ's middle name?  "THE"..It is Jesus, The Christ...takes it up a notch...You can picture Jesus in any variation that appeals to you, but historical accounts reveal that Jesus was a "black" man..according to bibilical accounts, "His skin was the color of burned brass (dark brown) and his hair was like Lamb's wool (kinky)...

In some way, we are all seekers of Truth...even those unaware...

You have interesting visualizations...When I connect to the Divine Masters, they are forms of Light and sometimes with a tinge of color...I assume to be the representation of the Color Ray they express....Mother Mary is not the "beautiful" personage we paint her .  Very Arabic-Hebrew looking.

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on February 7, 2014 at 9:56pm
Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on February 7, 2014 at 8:37pm

Oh my goodness, how wonderful, my cup overflows . . .  I  am speechless!  Thank you Sharon for the upliftment your words have brought me this morning.  In my eyes there can be no greater gift in all the world than having a visitation from Jeshua.

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on February 7, 2014 at 5:56pm




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