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Known as "Buddha boy" now as an adult has created a New Center

Maitriya Dharma Centre at Badegaun
Posted on 2013/10/28 by admin

On October 19th, Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sanga Guru launched his new Maitriya Dharma Centre located in the remote wilderness of Badegaun in the mountainous Sindhupalchok District of Nepal. The Guru called for an official photo session, surrounded by his monks and nuns, and issued a press release announcing the new headquarters. This heralds a significant new phase in the spread of Maitriya Dharma across the world. Since the time of Shakyamuni Buddha 2500 years ago, Nepal is poised to become, once more, the centre of world-wide Dharmic effulgence.

There is a new banner that is the Maitriya Guru’s Standard, differing from traditional Buddhist flags. The colors are, in descending order, of blue, white, yellow, red and green. Instead of Nepali or Sanskrit, writing on the individual banners will be in Maitri, the language of Maitriya (often spelled as “Maitreya”).1911

The Bodhi Shravan Dharma Sangha Centre has been reorganized and is now headed by a small central committee directly under the Guru’s personal command. Henceforth announcements and decisions will be issued directly from his Office, through Jyampa Topchen and Jyampa Ninchenmo. The Maitriya nuns and monks now wear robes hitherto unknown in Buddhist monasteries or convents, of blue and white instead of the traditional crimson, orange, yellow or shades of brown or grey.

Dharma Sangha Guru announced that spreading of the new Marga (Path) of Maitriya Dharma “begins from zero.” This statement implies that no Maitriyan Teachings have yet been received in the preceding Age of Shakyamuni Buddha, and that a brand new Age has begun, the Age of Maitriya. The Guru will devote the foreseeable future to writing the New Teachings in the seclusion of his new kajopa (small house) now in construction and near completion.
A waterfall and a spring here provide pure fresh water, and a river running at the base of the mountain can be heard at night, as cicadas and wild birds sing during the day. In this remote and relatively uninhabited terrain stretching from the valley river up over 1500 metres above, there are wild deer as well as leopards, cougars and other fauna. For human visitors it is a stunning environment with clear sunny skies and dappled shade beneath deciduous trees. Views of mountains in echelon across the valley include small terraced farms and a few earthen houses. From higher vantage points one can see the snow capped Himalayas reaching into blue skies. There is a sense of flowing unity and joy where energies of trees, breezes, grasses and animal life flow into each other the way water moves in and around fishes in the ocean. There are ants and bees here, as well as mosquitoes and other insects. It is as if all nature’s creatures are content here, their vibrations in harmony bloom into pervasive tolerance and respect for one another. Walking in these mountains the visitor becomes easily immersed in the overwhelming peace and tranquillity.

Reading over the Teachings Guru has given the world since 2007, it is clear that the Maitriyan world is singularly, comprehensively egalitarian and in Oneness, free from the slightest hint of anthropocentrism where Man holds dominion over all creation. Rather, Creation and All Creatures are one and of the same essence, inextricably part of one another. Once absorbed in Maitri, human beings can begin to shed, like wornout snake skin, their millennia-old habit of separation, of I and Thou, of all conceptual (illusory) boundaries. And once human consciousness tunes into Maitriyan Loving Compassion, that is total identification with all things, everything becomes Maitri. Everything becomes bliss. Humans can thus be freed from the crippling shackles of greed or envy, to flow effortlessly like fish in the unbounded ocean, in the unbounded space-time of Peace. Everything still looks the same, but one’s relationship to all takes a cosmic leap, because now the universe is one, and one is the universe.

At the last Teaching given at the Chitwan Puja last June, Guru had said that in order to know True Dharma and True Essence, one must be one’s own essential self. This simple statement may be seen to be stressing the need to recover one’s own true, pristine nature. This requires shedding of the thickly encrusted layers of “human nature” built up over thousands of years of cerebral divisiveness, to return to human beings’ essential nature that is of one and the same essence as the universe, and its Way. Statements of such revolutionary nature fill the Guru’s Teachings, but are often overlooked or misunderstood by the bounded mind long habituated to separation.

These days on the mountain workers carry 100 kg bags of cement, stone or beams up and down the steep and often slippery winding mountain paths to finish Guru’s kajopa. Everything locally available is being used in the construction of this modest dwelling-cum-study. Workers will then embark on enlarging the 2 km path down this mountain and up to the next village across the river, in preparation for vehicle transport of construction materials for a sizable Dharma Hall. It is here that this new phase in the Maitri flowering on earth will commence, where the Maitriya Guru will personally train monks and nuns in the future universal language of Maitri. Centuries down the road, these early years of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru’s advent may indeed seem remarkable by their peculiarly humble and obscure beginnings.

And it is precisely the Guru’s gentle loving compassion amidst the skepticism, rejection and man-made obstacles that has drawn from all corners of the world the many very special souls that now form His early International Sangha. In waves they come, as if drawn from the core of their being to the familiar scent of a deep-rooted fragrance lost eons ago. As observed in previous reports, they comprise largely of the types of new beings populating the world over the past few decades, identified by scholars as Indigo Children, and more recently Crystal Children, beings from higher civilizations in distant planets who dedicate themselves to the rescue work needed to help lift Planet Earth from its current course of certain self-destruction. Gathering at Guru’s Pujas around Nepal, they teach yoga, give herbal or psychic healing, make music, cook raw foods, give massages and otherwise dedicate life-energy to the well-being of others. Here on the mountain without a Puja, devotees continue to trickle in. A group from China have come to offer assistance whilst from eastern Europe, India, New Zealand devotees participate in the construction efforts, or spend most waking hours absorbed in meditation or chanting.

Metaphorically, Guru’s large Dharma Drum has already sounded, its wakening thunder echoes across mountains and valleys reverberating in the hearts of all sentient beings ready to welcome the Maitriyan Age.

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Stefan on 2013/10/28 at 04:15 said:
thank you :)

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Comment by Kerrie on May 10, 2014 at 2:47am

Smile the whole trip was about surrendering Carol,I am good at that!....most times! thanks for that link:)

Comment by Carol on May 10, 2014 at 1:31am

Great Thanks James for  posting link 

I remember those bus train rides in India when i was young, great lesson in surrendering! :)

Thanks for explaining Kerrie about the crystals sounds very inspiring, and thanks for the links too I will look into them.


Comment by Kerrie on May 6, 2014 at 7:53pm

Yes it is 20 mins away from Bhaktapur,where we visited a beautiful old town (where my picture was taken) an Eagle circled above us when we arrived,I thought of Bev and Pam's guide White Eagle which made me smile:)

I looked up Salakpur and it is only 8 hours from Kathmandu so where we were was a further 10 hours away! allowing for stops! all up 20 hours! we were right at the Nepal/India boarder. 

Comment by Kerrie on May 6, 2014 at 7:43pm

Do you have a link to his site Carol? it looks like his place is near Kathmandu

Comment by Kerrie on May 6, 2014 at 7:36pm

I go to leylines and place a crystal there Carol,I have had dreams and guidance to do this for 5 years now,I know very little about what I am doing,I just know I have to do it,like this time here


and here


This lady knows a lot about it

Mary Hardy- vortexes are us

I have started to collect a lot of info here

But I don't get time to study it!

Comment by Carol on May 6, 2014 at 6:54pm

Just to add, you can ask for a blessing on Dharma Sangha webpage I did and felt such overwhelming love.

"All in the field of peace "       my new constant thought that begins to roll in the background of my mind like a wheel pray.

Comment by Carol on May 6, 2014 at 6:50pm

Beautiful Kerrie thanks for taking us into a taste of your travels.

I traveled in my twenties to those places which meant a lot to me and still does,I remember too those long train, bus rides, certainly teach us to surrender or go with the flow!!:)) 

That photo is wonderful excuse my not knowing, but what does seeded a crystal mean ?

much love to you Kerrie

love the dragon flies greeted you :)

James thanks for the links wishing you both a great beautiful day x

Comment by Kerrie on May 5, 2014 at 11:13pm

Thank you Carol,I have just come back from Nepal! 12 hours on the plane from Australia,then after a 2 day rest in Kathmandu a 20 hour bus ride to an Ashram in Salakpur.

Our small group of 9 were their first westerners to visit,our bus was greeted by a swarm of dragonflies circling it,so I knew All was well dispite feeling so very tired ( I think that was the Guru's plan) our minds were too tired to get in the way! we arrived on the 15th April in time for the first of the 4 blood moons,we attended sacred fire ceremony every morning before breakfast,there were 2 Hindu priests holding the purification ceremony.

When we climbed the mountain at sun rise we overlooked the river that was the Indian Boarder,I seeded 2 crystals there from Australia:)

Comment by James Bloom on May 2, 2014 at 2:13am
Comment by James Bloom on May 2, 2014 at 2:12am


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