* Keep your feet on the Earth during these couple of days - the many Galactic cylcles happening! Times of events Dec. 21 & 22

December 21 & 22 are here! 
There are so many wonderful events happening today: events, times, links at the bottom. Be in the moment and do what feels best for you. Take the time to connect with the earth... because this is
"the moment when the Earth, the Sun and the Center of the Galaxy align in a straight line linking them together. At that instant in time, exactly 4:11 am Mountain Time, USA (11:11 Universal Time) the heart of the Earth, the heart of the Sun and the heart of the Center of the Galaxy will link in love and sexual energy, and from this union, birth is inevitable. Humankind will begin to change in deep inner ways that will culminate over a nine-year period of time in the Birth of a New Humanity. And you will be there during conception and feel the joy of new life." Global Internet Broadcast www.Drunvalo.net on Dec 21 & 22
I have found it fascinating finding out about the different cycles and alignments, most sources focus usually on one aspect. I started to piece together the different information a few months ago when I needed to make my families flight reservations for the holidays. Because my children were getting out of school this year on Dec. 20th. So we would normally make our flight reservations to travel the next day. But I did not want to be in an airplane on the sacred day of Dec. 21. I did not fill comfortable with flying on that day or the day after... An inner knowing just keep telling me no don't. I was was needing a more concrete explanation to explain this to my husband. We have all heard of 21 Dec 2012, we have gain a better comprehension through the years.  The media has portrayed it in a negative way.  But as I analyzed my feelings I realized it was not that I felt a negative disastrous event would be taking place, no. I felt fine with the thought of driving somewhere, but to get to where we wanted to go, we need to fly (a long haul flight one day and another flight the next.
So why did I not want to fly on that day or the next day...  In trying to pin point why and reflecting on things I have read and piecing it together, I began to fully understand why my inner knowledge was wanting me to have my feet firmly placed on the earth. I looked at the different cycles that are intersecting, completing and aligning and how this puts our planetary system within the Photon band and in alignment with the very massive Central Sun. I looked at the increased activities of our Sun and the activation of the crystalline grid. The photon energy that these create is being absorbed into the earth, which is then transferred to us. We are naturally electric beings, functioning through brain waves and nerve endings. The earth surface is electrically conductive, it maintains a negative charge with its free electron supply continually replenished by the global atmospheric electrical circuit. This plays a vital role of all living things. Our structures were designed to receive and transmit that energy. When we fly in airplanes we go out of the frequency band that transfers these energies to us.  So we flew the 19th and 20th.  We were out of the band frequency of the earth for ten hours during the build up of today. Once we landed, I felt such an intensity of energy buzzing/vibrating through me. My husband all of sudden experienced severe pain in his stomach area. He ended up in the emergency room.  Nothing was found to cause this pain after extensive tests.  Was the sudden energy increase too much after we had been disconnected from the Earth?
We are finally to the date that the mystics, ancient elders, prophets, Sages and many channels have spoken about. It is good to have an understanding of the cause of this and its effect it will have on our planet and our selves. The Great Awakenings happening. It cannot be stopped. 2012 is our year to realise who we are and what we are capable of. Much has been put in place to bring this about. Both sides of life are working together as one. It is a joint operation. We are almost there. The timing is right. We have waited a long time to bring this about.  I share my findings with you. So you to can deeper comprehension of this magnificent time frame we are in and today! 
It is said that, the experiment we are now in the midst of involves a Cosmic Alignment known as “The Shift of The Ages.” This shift represents a leap in consciousness to be made for humanity as we raise up from the third dimension (coarse-matter world) through the 4th dimension (a non-physical gateway) and will emerge into the 5th dimension of time/space (fine-matter world). The Earth will also be raising to this higher level as well. This has been called the Ascension process, an energetic acceleration transforming all physical matter to a lighter, higher frequency. Earth and all of its inhabitants are now going through this process. What makes this so unique in the many galaxies is a planet and the beings on it have never done it at the same time and two jumps up. Ever since the Harmonic Convergence in 198725 years ago we have been hearing about this alignment, but most of the information is referring to the completion of the 5,125-year cycle of the Mayan Calendar and Earth’s alignment with the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way. This alignment coincides with the Solstice of December 21, 2012.. the Shift of The Ages is far greater than we are comprehending at this time. It is not just the completion of a particular cycle of the Mayan Calendar. The Shift of The Ages involves an extremely rare event that happens only once every several million years. There are many cycles that are intersecting all at the same time.
During this rare Celestial Moment, Galactic, Solar, and Planetary cycles, within cycles, within cycles dovetail into one synchronised pulsation. This pulsation rhythmically unifies ALL Creation ... the Cosmic I AM, All That Is.
For greater clarity, here are some of the grand cycles involved in the Shift of the Ages: 

-Our Sun has an 11 year sunspot cycle at which it' s poles shift. 
The Sun is more intense right now, the pole shifts have not happened before at the same time as such activity according to NASA.
-the cycle of the Earths transition from the 2,166-year Age of Pisces into the 2,166-year Age of Aquarius. Your own Astrological sign affects so much about you , imagine if it changed to another sign. That is what going to happen to our planetary system, as we will be under the influence of a different Astrological sign. Aquarius represents the return of the feminine, the Goddess/Priestess, and a return to BEing pure Love in the Golden Age,
 -the 5,125-year cycle of the Mayan Calendar, at the present time we are experiencing of the long count calendar. An end of an old paradine. The date December 21st 2012 AD, represents an extremely close conjunction of the Winter Solstice with the crossing point of the Galactic Equator and Ecliptic, what the Maya recognized as the Sacred Tree.
-We are also experiencing the culmination of the 26,000-year cycle known as the Precession of the Equinox, our solar system has now completed its rotational cycle around the great Central Sun Alcyone,  it is now back to the place it was 26,000 years ago.
 -the 438,000-year cycle of Kali Yuga, In Hinduism it is called Kali or Time - the Kali Yug - We are ending the Era or Yug of Kali - we are entering NO TIME. Wrap your mind around that.
-the 1.8 million-year cycle of Satya Yuga
-the 4.4 million-year cycle of Mahayuga
-the 255 million compleation of the Galactic Cycle, this is a full axis spin of The Milky WayIn 2012 our Central Sun Alcyone will have effectively completed a full 225 million year rotation of the Galactic Centre, birthing us into a higher consciousness and state of being.
-and the 4.4 billion-year cycle of Kalpa, or the Day of Brahma. A Kalpa equals 1,000 Mahayugas or Divine Ages. 
The Day of Brahma reverberates with the prime creative force of the Godhead. This cycle is one day in the “seven days of Creation”    mentioned in the Bible."   
www.eraofpeace.org Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
So to say the least this is a very grand event. So the 21 Dec. is a sacred day, in this process which I believe is more than a day... One unity Consciousness is again to be experienced as all planets, and cycles align through this Cosmic ascension cycle. This has been a process in the making for a very long time.
Solar Flares

There is a bigger picture to see the correlation to the cycles that the planets have and what happens during these cycles. (David Wilcock's book The Source Field Investigation looks at this and more.) Solar Flares along with a variety of cycles that are also lining up are part of bigger Divine plan in motion. The latest scientific findings underscore what was documented thousands of years ago by our ancient ancestors, the ones who most accurately told us of the changes which are occurring at this time. " It will come from the sky - and you will be different." "Watch the Sun - as it will begin beyond our star". "You will come into the 5th World - it will be initiated by a new element we call Ether". As an aspect of the Mayan calendar completes on 21st Dec. then on the 22ed Dec. commences the historical moment when the Sun begins to change its dynamic relationship with Earth and All life upon this Earth. It will greatly intensify its light for the unfoldment of the Golden Age to begin. The Divine plan for humanity and Earth will officially start to unfold in 2013 and beyond.


The Solar wind/Solar Flares are one of the mechanisms of the Shift of the Ages that creates this higher dimension. Billions upon billions of tons of charged plasma have bathed the Earth from the Sun since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. The energy given off by Solar Flares is magnetic and has a powerful influence on not only electrical equipment, the earths electromagnetic fields which has a dramatic effect on Earth's weather, such as earthquakes... It also effects our energy fields as we are naturally electromagnetic beings. So the Sun's charged particles have an effect on humans too, which science has documented. Mitch Battros believes " it will be the magnetic influence produced by the Sun which will usher in what is described by our ancient ancestors as "the transition" bringing the Earth and us to a new state-of-being". On his research he has looked at things from scientific findings to ancient text.  http://www.earthchangesmedia.com



The Sun has been increasing its coronal mass ejections, solar storms creating what is called solar winds that have been greater and greater in intensity, some of the largest ever recorded. Additionally NASA says in 2012 our Sun undergoes an important change. The polls of the Sun will shift. They will shift from the magnetic north pole pointing through the Sun's southern hemisphere. This transition happens, as far as we know, at the peak of every 11 year sunspot cycle. 

but this will happen at a time when the activity is more intense according to NASA, then ever experienced before. 

So you ask what is the role of this and the solar winds, flares, or the coronal mass ejections on the ascension of the planet. We are told that this is changing the vibration that affects the earth. These change the frequencies at which humanity's minds operate. They provide the interface to higher dimensional access.

How does this work? The energy that comes from the coronal mass ejections is being absorbed into the tectonic plates of the earth and increasing the vibratory resonance of the earth through that method. These work particularly with certain power points and sacred sites. Particularly those of geometric crystalline overlay. .

These then move through the entire node systems of the earth grid system. If such coronal mass ejections create such a vibration, then the entire electromagnetic flow of the earth is affected. The tides are affected, the tectonic plates, the mind of humanity is affected, how humanity creates the reality in which we live, the illusion we believe, how we feel toward our own life. All of this is affected by the photon energy that comes from the sun, and from the solar wind and flares. www.Earth-Keeper.com James Tyberonn, AA Meatron This plasma creates an ionic ratio shift that absolutely aids in opening our pineal. The gateway to creation. The crystalline expansion into a higher dimensions allows greater crystalline energy that also assists in theta access via the pineal.


It has been said that the most INTENSE out pouring begins on Dec. 22 2012 when our Sun begins to change its dynamic relationship with Earth an all life upon Earth. This will greatly intensifying its Light for the unfoldment of the next of the "Shift of the Ages" which brings forth the Golden Age. www.akashaonline.com  Indeed, there are myriad other celestial energy sources that are having a great effect upon the ascension, beyond coronal mass ejections. There is also the alignment with the Photon band and the Great Central Sun. It is best to say that the our  Sun coordinates all the others as well. When there are other photon rays of influence, even these are absorbed, coordinated and reflected by our Sun. 

I read in a BBC article on Oct. 23rd of this year about the effect of solar winds/flares,  a "flux of high energy charged particles, can penetrate a spacecraft or satellite's outer surface and bury themselves in dielectric materials such as circuit boards and the insulation in coaxial cables. This buildup of charge continue until the dielectric strength of the material is exceeded, when a sudden electrical discharge will occur. This miniature lightning stroke can cause permanent damage in the associated or nearby circuitry."  

NASA and NOAA issue Warnings for high flying aircraft, the ISS, NSSO and NSTAC due to an increased possibility of satellite deep dielectric discharge when solar wind speed are expected to increase.



The Central alignment with the Photon Band and Central Sun  


This year the Sun and our entire Solar System are fully within the Photon Band of light.  This runs through the Galactic Centre of our Milky Way. The Milky Way is a photon band of light. The band transverses all the way through the Milky Way and through our Central Sun Alycone and beyond. This puts us also in alignment with this brightest star in our night sky that is the Central Sun Alcyone, it is part of the Pleides constellation. 


The Photon Band is made up of photons which are the smallest possible particles that act as earners of electromagnetic energy.  A Photon has zero mass- no electrical charge.  The Photon Band has been one of the facilitators in directing this electromagnetic energy light frequency energies to earth. As we received the amplified light frequencies through the Photonic Rays of light from the Photon Band for the surrounding stars solar system and Galactic Centers, we convert this light energy into electrons and spin the sub atomic particles within our bodies in increased light frequencies. We need to align to these waves to have a peaceful and loving transition into 2012. Now our Sun, our Central Sun Alcyone and the Galactic Centre are  aligned within the Photon belt, we have the opportunity of fulfilling The Great Shift. A shift into a more conscious way of being.   http://www.universallifetools.com/waveoflove/about_2012.html 11/18/2008  and http//www.youtube.com/user/AnritaMelchizedek 


This is higher vibration of light than we have experienced on this earth plane.  It has been referred to as a love wave. This great shift leads us into a greater consciousness.  By aligning and working with these energies on a physical, emotional and spiritual levels we awaken dormant energy centers and begin vibrating a higher level. 2012 shows that the vibrational / spiritual effects of the Galactic Center alignment will actually be INCREASING from this point on over the coming years. This means that every Winter Solstice in the immediate future, we will have increasing Galactic Center energies resonating with the Earth, which we can use for our spiritual evolution - but we must also consciously balance these energies, in order to use them safely and not be destabilized by them. info@vesica.org


The Photon Rays of Light have been stimulated through the super electron (super electron is a life activating transmutation force for us at our current dimension).  This manifests as Photon Rays of Light using the sub electron on our earth plane.  For the earthy electron is a sub electron within the super electron, the sole electron of our Multi Universe. As we receive the amplified Light frequencies through the Photonic Rays of Light from the surrounded stars, solar systems and the Galactic Center, we convert this Light energy into electrons and within our bodies in increased light frequencies. Photons, which are formed through the collision of an electron and its anti-particle opposite, the positron, produce two quanta of Light. And the super-electron is a Life activating force which impulses the transmutation  These Photon Rays which we have been experiencing further facilitate the clearing of karma, which is one of the reasons why so much clearing has individually and collectively taken place on Mother Earth. And now, in this grand Galactic alignment of Light, we experience this Gateway of Divine Love, into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation in non-duality and One Unity Consciousness,amplified through the energy vibration of the Photon Rays, now experienced through the electron, a much higher vibration of Light than we have currently experienced on this Earth plane.



What is clear in our perception is that the electromagnetic energy known as the alignment of the Central Sun is going to create a new wave of electromagnetic field waves. These new electromagnetic field waves will be experienced in this sector of the galaxy. These new electromagnetic field waves will include thought particle systems and new strands of light field energy. These new strands will be activating and stimulating the space-time portals or the space-time of the galaxy in this section. These space-time openings in the fabric are going to allow more visitations from other parts of the galaxy to the Earth. It is going to allow a greater influx of light and energies from other parts of the galaxy. This means that a huge energetic influx is going to occur. This influx will not just come from the Central Sun. The activation energies from the wave of electromagnetic light are going to open up new corridors of the space-time continuum that will directly result in more Earth sightings and direct interaction of higher dimensional beings. On the Dec. 21 alignment he planet will experience a heightened energy and an excitement energy from the electrification of the aura of the Earth the fully activated crystalline grid. This will be An electromagnetic charge, an electromagnetic shift in frequencies for the planet and in this part of the galaxy. The shift electromagnetically is going to open certain portals in hyperspace. These portals are sometimes in the fabric of the space-time continuum. They are going to be accessible are are going to be made visible. So you see, the alignment with the Central Sun and the Earth affects the Earth and all living things on it, but it also will be affecting this entire section of this solar system. www.groupofforty.com   2012 shows that the vibrational / spiritual effects of the Galactic Center alignment will actually be INCREASING from this point on over the coming years. This means that every Winter Solstice in the immediate future, we will have increasing Galactic Center energies resonating with the Earth, which we can use for our spiritual evolution - but we must also consciously balance these energies and ground to the Earth, in order to use them safely and not be destabilized by them. info@vesica.org


The new Crystalline Earth Grid & the Schumann Resonances
The Earth has been operating under a magnetic grid system. There is a new Grid that has now been activated. The geometric 144 Crystalline Grid that covers the Earth surface has been increasing and has been being activated over the last 12 years. It was launched into functionality by one twelfth each year up to 100 percent on 12-12-12. This influx of light takes place in two stages now, on 12/12/12 and becomes integrated on 21 Dec. This enable us to flow with the quickening energies of the ascending planet and the Ascension process to unity consciousness. The crystalline energy has been out in the Universe for eons. It is a vibration that is less about the magnetic pull which is a positive to negative, that is a flow that goes in one direction and multitude of different energies. The crystalline energies are more subtle in some ways. They also have the ability to move, to bend, to flex in a way that magnetic energies are unable to do so. The crystalline and magnetic grids have now merged, a blurring of energies. These energies move through the grid work of Earth and into our physical reality. Scientists have verified there is an increase in energy on the earth with the Schumann resonance. www.goddesslight.net
 Schumann resonances (SR) are the electromagnetic frequencies of the Earth-ionosphere cavity.   It is the planet's 'heartbeat'. It is an ionic charge released by the earth that combines with the cationic charges released from the stratosphere to form an electro-magno capacity around the planet from ground level to about 30,000 feet. This capacitor forms a background resonance that plays a key role in regulating vital organs and glandular rhythms in the human body.They have demonstrated a correlation between Schumann resonances and brain rhythms. At Munich University, Köni compared human EEG recordings with the natural electromagnetic fields of the environment and found that the first five Schumann resonances  overlap with the brain frequency bands which are very close to the brain’s alpha rhythm frequency. 
Most commercial planes fly at altitudes of 35,000 feet, in the stratosphere, and effectively outside the regulatory pulse of the Schumann Resonance. 
Air flights take an undeniable toll on our energy fields, by shortening the internal Auric circuitry and rupturing the Auric ovid sheath. We think it is just jet lag going from one time zone to the next. This is an understatement! When we fly in an air plane we are too high and are no longer in this resonance from the Earth. NASA agencies are aware of this issue, as it has created chronic physical issues with the astronauts.  I now realize this is why I end up getting a headache after over five hours in a plane. We are in an environment that is not conducive to our bodies and we are removed from this energy of the earth that is so vital to us. On Dec.21 & 22 being within this resonance becomes that much more important!  
www.Earth-Keeper.com James Tyberonn, AA Meatron
Connecting to the Earth

We are electrical Beings and the Earth's surface is electrically conductive. As reported in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health has stated:

"It is an established, though not widely appreciated fact, that the Earth's surface possesses a limitless and continuously renewed supply of free or mobile electrons. … Mounting evidence suggests that the Earth's negative potential can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of ALL body systems."    There is growing research showing that this connection to the Earth's surface plays a vital role in preventing disease and offers a host of other benefits. "Every living thing, including human beings, draw electron energy through our feet in the form of free electrons fluctuating at many frequencies. These frequencies reset our biological clock and provide the body with electrical energy. The electrons themselves flow into the body, equalizing and maintaining it at the electrical potential of the Earth. Just like standard electronic equipment that needs a stable ground to function well, so, too, the body needs stable grounding to function well.
This brings us back to the transcendent question posed in 1969 by T.H. Huxley, a French agronomist, about our relationship to Nature and the Cosmos.
He put forward a unique answer in the form of a series of provocative hypotheses. In which he argued that our place on the planet was to live in accordance with "natural electricity, which governs us all." Agronomy is the application of a combination of sciences like biology, chemistry, ecology, earth science, and genetics. Huxley drew from all of these disciplines and many years of intimately observing Nature. Concluding that humans are paying a steep price in terms of degeneration and illness as a result of their separation from Nature.
Huxley published a book in France titled La Mission Sacree ( The Sacred Mission), emphasizing the unrecognized electrical relationship of all living things - including plants, animals, and humans - to the ground and the sky. The Frenchman saw life on the planet as being regulated by an energizing continuum from above and below, and that our structures were designed  to receive and transmit that energy. Think of our bodies and forms as antennas, he said.
Modern lifestyle has increasingly separated humans from the primordial flow of Earth's electrons. We are increasingly wearing plastic clothing, synthetic fibers, insulating rubber or plastic soled shoes, instead of the traditional leather fashioned from hides. For the most part, the modern structures we live and do business in - our homes and work places- are also non-conductive and separate us from the Earth's healing electrons. Obviously, we no longer sleep on the ground as we did in times past. The electrical contact from the Earth are slowed down and totally missing and have been lost in many aspects of our modern life. "People have lost touch with the Earth. From a biblical perspective, people who lose touch with the Earth lose touch with God. Earthing, grounding reconnects us to the planet, to each other, and in a sense, to God." Gabriel Cousen M.D.
It becomes important to not only make a visual connection with intent to connect with the center of the Earth.We also need to physically ground ourselves, the easiest way is to sit or stand with your shoes off.  Walking barefoot on the ground. "Earthing" or grounding ourselves to connect to our Mother Earth.
When the body is grounded, it prevents the entry of 'noise' - environmental electrical interference- that can disturb our internal circuitry. So physically grounding will also help us when we meditate during this time.  from the book Earthing, The most important health discovery ever? c. Ober, S.T. Sinatra M. D.,Martin Zucker  & www.mercola.com


"The Cosmic Realms of Light, Ascended Masters, Angelics and Elementals, who offer their assistance to humanity as we enter into these last days of preparation, before an historical moment on 22nd December 2012 commences, when the physical Sun begins to change its dynamic relationship with the Earth and ALL life upon this Earth, GREATLY INTENSIFYING its Light for the unfoldment of the 7th Golden Age to begin. Throughout 2012 the Light has been pouring into our world increases daily, through the Sun, the Photon band and the alignments. But the most INTENSE outpouring begins on December 22nd 2012, in preparation for the 7th  Golden Age and the Ascended Masters Divine Plan for humanity and the Earth to officially start unfolding in 2013 and beyond" www.theiamfamilyoflight.com

So our planet is currently in the midst of the greatest transformation it has ever experienced. The different cycles have been synchronizing with the alignment with the Central Sun, Photon Band, and the Earth. On Dec. 21st the planet has experienced a heightened energy of all the photon energy from these and an excitement energy from the electrification of the 144 crystalline energy grid that surounds the Earth that became fully activated on 21st. This is transferred on to us, so our souls are experiencing an increase in this magnetism, meaning our cells are virtually being energetically lifted or magnified. We are Earth beings calibrated to Earth's frequency. So I concluded that to fly on 21 of Dec. was not in our best interest as we would be limiting receiving the energies that will be available on that day. As it is such a special day every precious minute should be utilized. Our feet need to be planted firmly on the earth on this time so we are activated and connected to this magnificent event and our lovely earth as she makes her transition. Our "sacred mission" at this time involves reconnecting with Mother Earth. Time to open our hearts, let go of fear and embrace love as we celebrate our arrival of the The Golden Age.




Time to plan your days, 21 Dec.- 23 Dec!! Lots to choose from. Have a joyful and peaceful time!
Online Event Marathon - 3 Days 12-21-12 thru 12-23-12 
Shift network, free live webcast from around the world...  http//www.worldunity2012.com
website schedule and locations www.birth2012.com3 Days 12-21-12 thru 12-23-12 

**Ascension Talk & Chanting class by telconference on 21 Dec.  this has already taken place, but you can listen on the recorded line   1-760 569 7229 Access code 1059034 premierlifewellness@gmail.com
GCI Winter Solstice and December Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus
In order for GCI members around the world to participate at a convenient time, we have chosen 4 a.m., 12:00 p.m. (noon), and 8 p.m. Pacific Time (GMT/UTC minus 8 hours) when GCI members in the Global Care Room can do the Care Focus together.*To join the GCI Care Focus in the Global Care Room, you can enter the room directly from www.globalcarerooms.org/rooms/waiting/gci. 

  Higher Balance meditations Dec. 21 & 22 To join the meditation and see scheduled 
meditations go Here 
  "The World is Changing" Video link: Drunvalo
"The World is Changing" ~ Webcast @ http://www.drunvalo.net/upcomin...  December 20,21 & 22 2012  3:40am MST, 10:40AM UTC on the Dec. 21. On Dec 22 10:00am MST, 17:00 UTC

The Twelth Initiatory of Light, telewebinar conference with Anrita Melchizedek 22 Dec. 7 pm GMT/UTC, 11am PST


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Comment by Mimi Naomi Fisher on December 25, 2012 at 2:54pm
Amazing and comprehensive article. I have passed this on so that others may grasp the depth of what is happening. Thank you so much for putting this together. Much appreciated!
Comment by Mukesh on December 23, 2012 at 2:27pm

Thanks Dearest Light ~  Love is in the air ~  

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on December 23, 2012 at 2:21pm

Michelle here is how I became involved in the group of 40


Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on December 23, 2012 at 2:18pm

Ken I loved that video thank you:)

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on December 23, 2012 at 2:01pm


Comment by Michelle P on December 23, 2012 at 1:47pm

Adrian thanks for the link on Alcyone.

Ken thanks for you comments and the interesting photos of your children!!

Comment by Grant on December 23, 2012 at 1:45pm

Ken , very cool pics

Comment by Michelle P on December 23, 2012 at 1:44pm

I glad you enjoyed this, it took me far to long to get it together. I was hoping to get it done a week ago, and a least by yesterday.... but beter late than never. My mother and I are also members of the group of 40!

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on December 23, 2012 at 12:04pm

The Federation of Light said the children will start to see things before us but we will catch up

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on December 23, 2012 at 12:03pm

Ken wow!!!!!! can you put the picture in photos so I can share....OMG!!!!!!!



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