Hello everyone,

I just wanted to introduce a project I've been working on for the past few months. Well actually it has taken far longer than a few months, but all things need time to develop fully. 

On New Years Eve in 2012 I had the idea to create a range of energetic essences that resonate with each of the chakras. I work in a health food store and see many people on a daily basis in a fairly constant state of anxiety and who are desperately in need of grounding. They are disconnected from their bodies, the physical world and themselves. So the first Essence I wanted to create was to balance the Base Chakra which is all about grounding, being fully present in the physical world and addresses survival type issues. A little more than a year later in March this year, the first Essence was born. I use the term 'born' quite literally. 

After an amazing 6 hour process of combining ingredients and 'tuning in' to the developing mixture, the energies of all the ingredients coalesced and the Base Essence was born. This essence helps to address survival issues and dissolves problems people have with being fully grounded. There is a lot of heavy energy on this planet and residual trauma that we are exposed to on a regular basis. Energetically sensitive people often pick this up and sometimes don't realise that what they are feeling is this 'collective stuff' we have all around us. Particularly so for heavily populated areas or places that have a lot of historical use. I live in Sydney, Australia and often feel this residual energy while walking through The Rocks area, an historic place for the budding new country of Australia where a lot of unpleasant things befell the New Settlers.

I believe that a lot of this energy is what is currently being 'cleaned up' and transformed by light workers, by those both   within and without body's. What this Essence assists with is to establish a strong internal foundation while all this work is being carried out and to help raise our vibration to what it will need to be for our own and the planets' future. This can be a tumultuous time and many people have expressed feeling destabilised. For some it is more sensitivity, others a lot of emotions and others more physical pains and conditions that are difficult to resolve. Many people experience a combination of all of these. 

What I didn't expect or anticipate about the Essence is the breadth of what it can shift. I had in mind an Essence for the Base Chakra, but this does far more. It activates the Heart as much as the Base. It can reignite a persons' passion and an awareness of what they are here to accomplish. There are so many of us light-workers here, but I wonder how many are still incognito and not 'On Purpose'. After all, it is doing what we love the most, what we are truly here to do, that will bring us Joy, Happiness and Fulfilment.

My own experience of the Essence has been to realise my 'True Nature'. Many of the posts I have read have indicated the FOL wish us to remember who we are and to operate more fully from this place. Who we truly are is extraordinary: we are manifestations of Love, Light, Compassion and Beauty. Imagine a world where all beings on it operate from this place; how would this be a very different planet! Unfortunately so many of us have forgotten who we are. We think that to be light is only for 'Higher Beings' and we couldn't possibly be one of them, nor possess as much Love and Light as them. I don't believe this to be true. We confuse a hesitation and desire to control the Ego, to actually dupe us into believing we are far less than we are. If All is One, then we are ONE WITH THEM.

The Essence also helps us to remember our connection to all things, to other species, plants, the earth and the Planet herself. I have always loved the Earth, but have found myself wanting to lay down on the ground and hug her, both out of love and out of sadness for all that she suffers. Practical matters such as an awareness of waste have become even more important than they previously were. How we treat ourselves and the earth is the same, what we do to her we do to ourselves. We can do everything and touch everything with our innate Love.

I keep referring to the Earth as her. I have noticed a powerful Feminine energy building, welling up inside and moving through me (and I am male). An imbalance of distorted Masculine and disempowered Feminine energy is shifting. It doesn't matter whether we are male or female, we will be affected by this; and this is what our Planet needs to heal. We all suffer with this imbalance.

There is more that the Essence addresses. I have written the full story of it's creation on the site that the following links to, if you would like to read more. The Essence is available through this site also:  aletheiaessences.com.au

Most people have reported feeling safe, secure , serene or some other expression of this upon taking it. It can really assist when moving through a lot of change and eases the passage of transformation. It dissolves things and brings it to our attention rather than us needing to work through a lot of stuff. Many people work too hard at self transformation (myself included) but the message is to just allow it to occur and stay centred in the experience and knowledge of ones'  True Nature.

My sincerest wish is that this helps you on your Journey and Path. With love, Lyle

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Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on July 1, 2014 at 10:24am

Ahh now I see it was meant to go on your page or on their page,to thank anyone who leaves a message on your page click on their picture and it will take you to their page:) 

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on July 1, 2014 at 10:18am

Hi Lyle I see you are putting your replies on your status and not on your post so I will copy and paste them here

"Thank you Bev for posting this. As I was writing the blog post and writing that line, I 'accidentally?' hit the caps lock key."
this one I don't know where it belongs
"Thank you Martha, Babs and Brenda :))"
lol........ you will get the hang of the site xxx

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on June 26, 2014 at 11:30am

Yes Lyle Enthusiasm is an energy that is of creation,I read it is from the Greek word meaning 'of God' or something like that,I'll have to ask our Greek Goddess Ametrine she is a Greek member here:)

I put up a post I will add to on words as I love words THE MAGIC AND POWER OF 'THE WORD'

Dear Bev I thank you for putting me onto Lyle and your suport  much love xx

Comment by Lyle Paul on June 26, 2014 at 8:02am

Thank you Kerrie for your comments. We are definitely living through interesting times :)) It's fantastic you are connecting in with your passion. Along with passion comes vitality and action and then so much transformation is possible. I love all this! This is my passion, to create Essences that can help so many people to connect with themselves and realise their Love, Light and Potential. To raise the vibration of All of us and this lovely Earth we share. I love your comments on the Ego as well, thank you for sharing them. Much love, Lyle

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on June 25, 2014 at 11:20pm

Lyle I am so glad you wrote this,I'll put the link in  AUSTRALIA'S FAMILY AND FRIENDS group and MEMBER'S NETWORKING GROUP also.

I feel the essence has heightened my passion,my passion to know more about what is happening to me,who is contacting me?  How they contact me?I share what I get in the hope that others will also share too,I find at times fear of the ego stops a lot of people speaking up,we have misunderstood the role the ego plays,we are ascending body and soul,the ego is part of that,it needs love and nuturing so it will stop acting out.

www.asktheo.com (group of 12 AAngels) Sheila Gillett has been channeling for 40 years say even the Masters had egos but their light shined through.

As the Divine feminine finds it's was into our being more and more we will find that balance and that much needed self love and nurturing.

I was unsure how I was going on the drops when I emailed you last week,as I seemed to be even more in my head which is what I thought was my problem,but it is who I am and I do believe I can still be in my heart too.

Balance is required and I have my ways of ensuring I maintain that balance,so in short the drops are activating my passion to want to know more and trusting myself when I speak my truth.

Blessings Kerrie/Zoolithe


Each and every one of you as an individual is responsible for your own Ascension. You cannot simply hope that you will be taken along with the tide … it is not like this. For you cannot move into a vibration unless the entirety of yourself as a soul sphere  is able to sit comfortably in that new place. It simply does not work in a way that would allow this to beTherefore …. This is why we are asking those of you who ARE aware to assist. This is why you are here. Not just for yourselves, but for your world as a whole. As a ONENESS. It is essential for those in the KNOW to liberate those who are not yet able to understand this movement into Higher Realms. It is interesting to us, that some have slipped away from reading our words, for they are not to do with what you in your world express as UFO’s and all the phenomena that goes with it. And yet …. What theses souls do not understand is that these words of LOVE that we offer is exactly what all this UFO phenomena is about!!!! So many of you want to see for yourselves … these wondrous ships in your skies … to PROOVE to yourself that there is more … more to your earthly existence than just that of the goings on upon your planet. You need the proof. This is what you desire. And yet, what many of you cease to understand, is that until there are a certain amount of souls that can ‘anchor’ our vibration we cannot present ourselves on a continual basis. Yet we know that more and more are Ascending. This is not to be confused with the actual ASCENSION … which is in preparation at all times as you move forward.



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