19th June 2014 - Yesterday we visited St David’s the smallest city in Wales, where nestled in a deep valley lies an impressive looking cathedral. Afterwards we walked across the headland at Solva and sat on the crags, gazing out to sea. This change of scene blew away the cobwebs and when I sat in meditation this morning I was in for a surprise, making a new contact.




Oh sweet Jesus draw close I pray and answer the questions within my heart.


We come in all meekness and sincerity to hold thy hand and to raise you up where you belong in the arms of our Lord. We shelter you from the abyss and tread thoughtfully and carefully along this highway of Love. There are no doors barred for all is there to explore and uncover. We raise you up from your doom and gloom and ask you to be thankful for those few mercies granted at this time. We have developed an over sensitive pattern of behaviour and this shall be held in abeyance.


I can now see a vast expanse of golden lattice work against a purple background.


There are joyous overtures waiting in the wings and we give them life, we give them expression!


(There are tears in my eyes). Sweet Jesus I love you so, open my heart, help me to explore the right channels.


There is a greater life force that has, with the power of alchemy, registered an appeal for the human race and we guide you constantly to that benchmark that we have taken upon ourselves. We believe this will take but a moment of your time and we are predisposed to expect a grand reckoning, bringing in a cluster known as the ‘Hyades’. We welcome you to these shores and suggest you propel yourselves to this ‘Temple of Love’ where we will lighten your journey in many aspects. We have propelled you thus far to register your delights; we have propositioned you to accept this frequency and we work at a stronger pace, sectioning off those articles of mistrust that have followed you in the past. We welcome in a new stream of thought that will assist your vibration and move you forward along this tidal stream of Love. We beckon you forward to fulfill your destiny and listen to your queries. Deposit your love and register your appeal!


In Greek mythology, the Hyades were the five daughters of Atlas and half-sisters to the Pleiades. After the death of their brother, Hyas, the weeping sisters were transformed into a cluster of stars that was afterwards associated with rain.


I am sitting again this afternoon and as I am bringing down the golden light into my crown chakra I can see a man wearing what looks like a blue kimono; he has deep golden coloured hair which is swept back from his face and hanging down, much like the Elvish race portrayed in Lord of the Rings. He seems to be waiting for me to begin. Dear friend can you show yourself to me more clearly.  He has blue almond eyes with dark eyelashes and slightly Elvish ears.


We do indeed belong to a race of initiates who come charged with this homely complexion. We are a pure breed of that there is no doubt and our countenance has long been regarded as one of resemblance to those on Earth. We are by nature selective in our hearing and we have adjusted our sight path to correspond with yours. We register the complacency within your heart and without a shadow of doubt, we will come up trumps in our union and we shall make sure that you are given the information that you seek from us, your friends and allies.


We are able to keep abreast  with attitudes that have led you astray in the past, but we now deliver as promised new visions for the future of mankind, and we put it to you as bluntly as we may that this whole scenario has been a fact finding mission of some consequence, broadening the horizons of all and sundry. We point out that it has taken this long for us to indulge in these conversations and we have outwitted many in the past who came to simple stand and stare. This has not been our way and we open up your horizons so that you may expand and grow, delivering further prowess and enabling our minds to speak to one another, and how wonderful it is that we may converse in this way!


Yes my friends it is wonderful, thank you. Are you those Star beings from the Hyades that I spoke with this afternoon, and if you are can you tell me a bit more about yourselves please, I’d love to know?


We initiate greater rewards for those who step over these boundaries and we come to you as brothers and sisters under the skin. We are humanoid in appearance just like you but with feline characteristics. We open up this connection and ask you not to tarry for there is much to be covered in a short space of time.


What will you be talking to me about tonight?


We will be covering those issues of boundaries and suggest that you listen more carefully to what we have to say. We have opened a new network of independent advisors who will come forward when the time is right and we have your best interest at heart. I can feel the tingles on my head.


We open a chute of sorts that will channel through information that we can hand to you, and in so doing to those on Earth; this has been planned and sort out by those on high, and we are governed by a greater life source who champion the cause for mankind. It is not a difficult task it just needs some adjustment, a few tweaks here and there.


I feel like I’m adjusting a radio set trying to get the frequency right.


Yes that is exactly so and we are striving for a greater connection and greater clarification of getting the message across more clearly. We are concerned to a degree about the reserves of energy being used and it will take a few moments to adjust this connection to turn up the tempo, broadcasting on a greater velocity of energy that will help with the pronunciation of words coming through. We are indebted to your services and welcome you aboard in the truest sense.


Ooo does that mean part of me is coming aboard your ship; how are you speaking to me, is it telepathy from your world or are we half way in a space ship somewhere?


Not quite at the moment . . . but that is something for us to consider in future interviews! We are compatible with one another on every level and we know you will do justice to our words, bringing them through with greater clarity. There has been more than enough time to rally around and adjust our conduits and we ask you now to sally forth arm in arm with us, your friends and helpers. We are indeed from that bright cluster known as the Hyades, cousins of those from the Pleiades and we work together with many other star systems, joining and amalgamating to bring greater strength and energy to the situation on Earth.


We are hybrids of a kind just as you, and we join together to make this work in your world and in ours, and those around your planet who have experienced great setbacks from the malevolence on Earth. We come at a time of great calamity and further upsets, and we rock the boat so to speak to set you on your guard, to make you aware that all is not what it seems. There are outside influences that are governing your world and we do not want it to fall into the wrong hands. There have been greater reserves of energy pushing and pulling you into place and we tether the knot to keep you safe, to create a balance of sorts.


There is a readiness in the hearts of mankind to stand firm and be counted, to be the voice above the rabble, to instil peace and sanity in those who have gone astray. We are forever striving to maintain peace and equilibrium on the earth plane. We do not want a shattering of that peace and stillness in your hearts; we want your hearts to grow with an abundance of love and joy that will enable you to impart greater knowledge. For when the heart is full of love it enables growth of the mind and greater intellect and the portal in your heart becomes more vibrant, more pliable like liquid gold. And when you step though this portal into other realms, your eyes are opened to dimensions previously unknown and endless possibilities for the soul to expand. Your perimeters widen and there is so much to explore . . . the universe is your oyster.


We want you to grow and prosper and use your talents, to enjoy life to the fullest and allow us to join you, brothers and sisters walking into that golden sunset. And the expansion of Love will bring about a great healing, far more than you could ever visualise, for this healing is on a stupendous level, revolving and evolving all around your world and out into the furthest reaches of space. We are governed by the love within our hearts and that should be all that you wish for, and as the saying goes in your world, ‘Love makes the world go round’ and we would not want it to stop! We reach out to touch you and hold you back from greater calamities and yes, we know you have free will to do what you will but oblivion on a vast scale . . .


No I cannot say that I think my own mind must be coming in here. Please help me friends, I think I am getting carried away with myself, please step in and help me with the right words please!


We have a statement to make that will indulge the masses and we take you to task for stepping over the mark when all is in hand to set the world to rights. We do not believe it will come to this, if you heed our words then all will be well, and we will be having this conversation in another world where adjustments need to be made. That is our mission to evolve and grow and to help others learn from our mistakes, to learn that Love will conquer, Love will overcome, it always has and it always will be so. For Love is the binding force that keeps us together, that keeps us from tipping over the edge of sanity and hurling into the depths of the abyss. And Love will surely give you wings to reach those heights that you strive for, surmounting all problems old and new. And this is given to you by those of the highest intent, who come to purge your sins and to set you right on the road to freedom, for is that not the greatest gift of all – to LOVE and be LOVED and to rejoice that it is so!


I am now being shown a vision of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns.


For there has been much suffering in the world and we ask you to gird up your loins and set to the task in hand, opening those doors, crossing those bridges and leaving behind the sorrows of a lifetime, letting them fall, letting them go, casting off the shackles that bind you. Point yourself in the right direction towards the Sun and with greater life force energy we shall bathe you in the energy of the Great Divine and wash away the cares and worries, wash away the sins that cling to you. Do not foster them, let them go, they will not give you sustenance!


I can see leeches being removed from the skin.


Don’t cling to the pains of your past for support, throw away the crutches and walk unaided and be thankful that a new time approaches. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and we shall rejoice for it shall be so! Go now brethren and watch over one another . . . count your blessings one by one! Love those around you that Love you, your families, Love your friends, Love those that hurt you, Love those who despise you, Love those who would cast you aside for they know not the way of the Lord. With your Love they may be brought back into the fold and that is their choice, their way must be honoured, but the Light of Christ will shine down upon everyone, upon the whole world. That blinding Light will be seen by everyone and your hearts will melt with Love and even the darkest soul will become light and just like little babes you will be reborn.


I questioned this statement.


We do not mean like little babes wearing nappies, we mean that you shall be reborn within your heart, with the pureness of a child’s heart with eyes wide open, eager and excited to learn of the world in which it lives, without abuse and unkind words but with tender loving care to be nurtured and loved in a world free of pain and sorrow, in a world of joy and upliftment. We express ourselves with great tenderness and draw you to us in our loving embrace. We register your thoughts and take them on board, opening up those reserves of energy that will help you to move forward on this stream of Light.






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Comment by Catherine Ambrosino-Cathy Bird on June 26, 2014 at 1:23am

Dear Eileen, I was finally able to read what you sent me umpteen hours ago. Maybe because Mercury is in retro grade all my electronic devices are haywire. I am SO VERY GRATEFUL for your assistance and sharing your knowledge and guiding me/others to receive White Cloud's healing. It is my firm intent I shall start today the June 25th implementing your directions. I do, daily light my candle at least once a day if not twice to pray and meditate though this last month has been difficult, I have missed a day here and there. I am looking forward to the quiet time this afternoon  with great hope & belief I shall receive healings from White Cloud under the protection of God and His Holy angels. I will keep you abreast of how things progress. I cannot express the gratitude in my heart to you, Kerri and Blossom. Also, I am hoping what you shared will help me finally cross the bridge I am so anxious to cross.  Peace and an abundance of Light and Joy to you, with gratitude I thank you. :)

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on June 25, 2014 at 12:50am

Sweet dreams Kerrie! I have just finished typing up a short message I received yesterday evening and will post it as 'We Shall Take wings and Fly'.

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 24, 2014 at 10:53pm

Off to bed Eileen I will sleep on it,I created a post in Kerrie's stuff group and I will add to it as I go

Thanks for being there for me tonight Eileen as I spontaneously combust, grateful for that! xxx

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 24, 2014 at 10:48pm

Exactly Eileen there is too much to read! 

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on June 24, 2014 at 10:36pm

Gosh Kerrie there is so much to read, I'll have to take my time to digest it all. No wonder your heads in a spin! You'll never sleep at this rate; perhaps you could ask for answers in dream state and bring it consciously back with you.

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 24, 2014 at 10:26pm

OMG there's more! Ok I am stopping now,I need to stop reading and think/feel though this!

Page 35: TOTH or THOTH is understood to have been an incarnation of VIRGIN MARY, and THOTMES is shown as CHRIST whose thoughts were projected to the material part of HIS SOUL who carries out HIS IDEAS. Thus as He was the “IDEA” of GOD, SHE became HIS IDEA. For this reason some ancient records call Her “MOTHER IDEAN”. Another interpretation could be carried further to show it had something to do with the IDE of the Moslems and the name of the state, IDAHO.

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 24, 2014 at 10:24pm

Re Thoth and Anubis have a look at my comment! I have to know whats going on Eileen!

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 24, 2014 at 10:22pm

More on my lion dream Eileen,there are so many pieces of the puzzle coming together but my challenge is my head has switch off,these past 6 years has tired it out,yet I feel so compelled to try and work it all out!

The following excerpts were taken from an “I DO” Booklet and “TRUTH” News Letters. 

Booklet I: “Keys to Truths Unrecognized

Page 30: Built into the Great Pyramid are two lions lying down together. It is really THEY (THOTMES and Thoth) who built the pyramid for the purposes of protecting the POSITIVE teachings from devastators determined to destroy them. Because of HIS meekness and tolerance the TWIN lion later became symbolized as a LAMB and this will explain the Biblical prophecy “THE LAMB AND THE LION SHALL LIE DOWN TOGETHER.”

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on June 24, 2014 at 10:20pm

Gosh Kerrie the link you have given us looks so interesting -"They consist of twelve tablets of emerald green, formed from a substance  created through alchemical transmutation". My ears pricked up when I read the word alchemy as it was used in my post.

There is a greater life force that has, with the power of alchemy, registered an appeal for the human race and we guide you constantly to that benchmark that we have taken upon ourselves.



Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on June 24, 2014 at 10:09pm

I thought you might ask me that Lol. I've had a lot of words through from the ancient Egyptians over the years and I get mixed up with Thoth and Anubis. I'll see if I can dig out the book I bought while on holiday in 2007. I was lucky enough to go on a weeks cruise down the Nile and was thrilled when I stood on deck in awe and hear the words 'Welcome my Beloved'. I vaguely remember a black statue of a bird while visiting the Temple at Philae in 2007. I had a strange experience during the light and sound show as I stood transfixed, looking up at the huge statues and pillars. The crowds were then urged to move forward to the next point of interest and everyone hurried away, but I felt entranced and could only move very slowly. My husband held out his hand to me at shoulder level and I laid my hand lightly on his, walking slowly as if in some sort of procession. My husband was concerned for me  and I had to shake myself into normal consciousness so that we could catch up with the rest of the party.


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