And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth ..Revelations 21

I do not know if you folks consider this channeling as I do not feel someone talking to me when I have these Revelations of Understanding. It is as if past knowledge is simply being excavated from layers of the sands of time! Anyway, I had this instant thought and my heart screamed out to me to share even if I get ridiculed or scorned or persecuted. I have no fear and tell others not to have fear so even now I must not have fear! Here is my Understanding:

  Today I realized a very important thing. We are light, We are energy, we are tiny! The sun is light, the sun is energy, the sun is massive! The sun is our creator...a bigger sun created it and a bigger sun.....! The sun still contains massive amounts of light, energy, life! We come from the sun...We are born from the sun...but that is not the end of the story as birth is just the beginning...When we are born this light comes to this planet from the sun as energy and begins to take form and manifest into living matter... in trees, animals..humans... everything living. We the light play with it manipulate it mold it shape it transform it. When we die that light is once again released and we instinctively... go to the light... as children run to their parents when they are little and scared of the big world. We do this over and over again. As Teens we further explore... we learn that our parents are just a set of many... we question them. We want to be like them. We want to have children. I believe that the answer to this is that when we die we should not run to the light as small scared children... I believe we should be brave explores and go into the darkness. To go away from our parents and venture off and make a new life to all that our parents were and then some.. as this is the true flow of life... to branch out. We will find others to our surprise...others who also have realized they are adults now. Group together and soon you will become a community and become a new star. We will build a new world with a new structure of matter and new ways to create life. You are light you are Eternal.. I am light, I am eternal, I will never die... i will light my own way in the dark and I will find other lights like myself. I am not afraid of the dark for I know that I will always be connected to my source my creator my parents and they will always be there for me should I stumble or fall and I can always come back home. It is time for us as children to leave the nest but keep the memory of our beloved parents and home in our hearts as we go on our journey. Go without fear as you did as a human child many many times. Home is where the heart is and love is and always shall exist on the sun... it is the heart vibration that is spreading like a wave... we carry within us each a seed. Like our parents wish for us to carry their seed to places that they could not go... and do things they could not do, and be things they could not be... so our creator would wish us to carry our seed to places it can not go... do things it can not do... be things it can not be... each generation improves upon the last... does it make the last generation less important, no, more important,no,... it just is what it is and is how it always has been. Yes I say that God is our creator, I will admit that I believe the sun is that creator. However just as when we were little our parents were our Gods and our creators, we are to honor but not worship. Just as one day a little boy decides to be brave and not run home one day when he fell off his bike... so too we must be brave and try not to run home this time... venture into the dark...solve this, be brave...step into adulthood... I believe as we all should believe that yes it is a big "world" out there... but as I learned aint so scary after all. lots of love to be found! Love&Respect-XoXoX-(LB

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Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on March 23, 2014 at 8:42am

Dear Lizzy,

Thank you!  Indeed you are brave, and it sounds to me that you have just had a big "rite of passage."  Keep holding your Light!

The Great Spirit IS gifting ALL with many blessings, and ALL always have the wisdom to recognize them.  Namaste!
With Gratitude, Love, Light & Compassion,

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on March 23, 2014 at 2:34am

Thank you Lizzy:)


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