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Seers say each day is a new day when the Sun rises. Thousands of quotes about a day being a new day each day. always is a new day. The cloud formations are never the same, the hues and tints of the crimson colour are always displayed in different shades on the canvas of the sky. Yesterday s bud would have slightly opened up or on the verge of flowering. And the old leaves drop away paving way for the new budding beautiful !

But WE the great drama Masters..have all our focus on the dead and dry leaves which have dropped. We sit and cry over the painful things of the past and wear our struggles and fights like martyrs. Just like Jesus Christ wore the crown of thorns.

Sometimes even the drama during the times of Christ makes me feel like laughing and asking.."wasn't there a better way " ?? The carrying of the cross, the crown of thorns, and then being nailed.!! And then wailing for thousands of years over that nailing saying "christ died for our sins" !! There is so much about LOVE and the power of the SELF and the miracles that Christ taught..! But our focus is only on his painful part. Finally we have morose serious looking pictures of Christ all over ! Sigh...

A friend gave his view point saying..may be the times of Christ were this drama was needed to drive home the point to people . Possible.

I also sometimes secretly feel..that Jesus Christ  who would have evolved more by now would be looking back at his own incarnation of Christ and chuckling saying...."how much of drama i played out !! hehe !.. And if i were to have a chat with him..i will say..may be in the next cycle..we will make some changes in the script ;-) may be you can wear a crown of nice flowers..or may be u can smile more..or also we will cancel the nailing is too dramatic !! I will put my hands on my waist,raise one of my eyebrows.. yell at him and ask him.."Christ.. are you all set out to make us feel guilty by getting nailed eh ??? Enough..!!! He may say.."errrr..child..calm down.." Jokes apart..may be Christ knew what was best for those times.

But NOW..we need to decide what is best for these changing times.

We hold on and clutch the baggage of the past as if they are precious belongings. We hear people narrating how much they have suffered and how much the scars hurt ! And suffering and pathos is supposed to make a person deep ! NO..Thanks ! There are other ways of being deep.
Tell me who has not suffered ? WHo has not swallowed pain ? Who has not walked the path of thorns ? WE ALL HAVE...

We chose to do this during these times. So why go on singing about it and spreading sad vibes around ? When all the meditations, the techniques, and paths are to realise this one single fact that BLISS and LOVE are the nature of the soul.

Pain has played its role dear has done its job. Left behind some lessons and may be some scars which will heal if allowed to. Let us neither glorify pain nor resent it. Let us say thanks to this illusion called pain...and let go of it to embrace our true nature that of love,Joy and celebration....

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Comment by Pragti on April 30, 2013 at 3:34pm

Thank u allessandra :-)

Love and light !

Comment by Pragti on April 30, 2013 at 1:32pm

Dear Ma deva Bindu !

Thank u dear one for embracing an approving this msg :-) 

Glad it resonates with u !

Love and hugs !

Comment by Pragti on April 30, 2013 at 1:30pm

Lovely Information Kerrie !!!

Thanks for sharing it here. Isnt that lovely to know he carried on a normal lfe with Mary Magadelene !! Loved the info !

Love and hugs !

Comment by Sofia Ruggia (MaDevaBindu) on April 30, 2013 at 6:53am

thanks for that I approve of this message fully, even as a child I did not understand why the church is highlighted in the cross of Jesus Christ and his suffering, now I know why and I say this just to torture us and of Christ, enough with this pain and density is the time of love joy and peace. I send to all over the world and in our sacred rebirth and seppelisco the past and death. With much love I embrace MaDevaBindu

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on April 30, 2013 at 6:29am

Smile thank you Pragti,I was listening again to the 12 AAngels who channel through Sheila Gillette  THEO...A GROUP OF 12 ARC…

 they spoke about why Jesus had to go through that, they said it was very dense back then and Jesus came here to assist us to release judgement and to know unconditional love,even when Jesus got angry with the money changers he still had love for them,he was pure love and this is what he anchored in here,he didn't suffer as he was able to go into samani (spelling) he didn't die but continued on as a family man with his wife Mary Magdalene.  


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