Healing With Sound: My Extra-Terrestrial Experience

Healing With Sound:  An Extra-Terrestrial Experience

I have been re-inspired to have an extra-terrestrial experience in which I could return to my Earthly form with conscious awareness and recall of the the event by three of the dear members of The Federation of Light website, and now, that experience is a fact of my life.  I have had conscious awareness of these travels for a number of years, however, recall of such experiences has been mainly on a feeling level, and with awareness of the purpose of those travels.  In the experience I shall describe here to the best of my ability, I also have recall of Sound, Light and images.  Here, the term "image" may also be in reference to something unseen in the usual sense, yet stored visually.

In addition to being re-inspired by the Dear Ones mentioned above, I also owe some of the credit to Gregg Braden, though I have never met nor seen him.  I recently watched his video entitled "Deep Truth:  Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate."  Through a series of synchronicities, I viewed this video in segments.  I finally was able to watch the last segment just before retiring for the night.  At the end of the presentation, Gregg Braden asked a technician to play an instrumental music CD at a soft volume, and then gave an invocation/prayer.  Other than the beautiful and soothing music, all was very still in the room where the presentation was given.  Gregg Braden picked up and played a beautiful wooden flute along with the recorded music, which put me into an instant state of deep meditation, with my permission, of course.  When the video ended, I went directly to my bedroom.  As my head touched the pillow, I was gone from Earth!

In what I estimate to be a nanosecond, I was in an area where I was surrounded by quite a number of very beautiful Light Beings.  I felt immediately at home and very welcomed, and had a very deep recognition of the energy signatures of these beautiful Beings of Light.  I felt as though I had known them forever, and that I had never been separated from them, though I am aware of having had a number of incarnations here on Earth.  In appearance, my Friends were humans who had distinguishing features just like we humans on Earth, including varying skin tones, hair and eye color,  and bone structure.  All of them were in perfect health in every way, and during this visit, all communicated and worked as One.  They live Oneness one hundred percent!  Minimally, they were at least hundreds of years old, but most likely many thousands of years old, yet all appeared to be about thirty years of age.  The best way that I am able to describe their attire is that it was shimmering Light - White, Purple and Gold, and their auras were pure White Light.  About half of my Friends were of primarily of masculine energy, and the other half were of primarily feminine energy, however, the "gender" distinctions were not as prevalent as they are on Earth.  All were in perfect balance between their feminine and masculine aspects.

The space we occupied can best be described as an area, as there were no walls and no ceiling.  We stood on Light!  The area was vast, yet cozy and comfortable, and was illumined by the most beautiful lights of unearthly colors.  The atmosphere of the area was that of infinite Unconditional Love.  Also, the most beautiful music was audible in the area, and again, with tones not heard on Earth.  There were no furnishings, as such, other than the floating rectangular table of White Light around which about eight of us stood.  There were many other Light Beings encircling, or more accurately, ensphering us.

At the moment we encircled the table of White Light, a human from earth appeared upon it.  The person was dressed in a one piece bodysuit made of a very soft and flexible white fabric, and the bodysuit had no decoration upon it.  The person was there for a healing facilitation on his or her physical and Light bodies, and was a conscious and active participant in her or his own healing.  The person was also in an Attitude of Gratitude with acceptance and allowance of the process.  I could see all of the many, many chakras on all levels of the person on the table.  The healing facilitation was conducted as a symphony orchestra would perform a beautiful and intricate musical composition as one.  Each of us had a specific set of chakras assigned to our care.  We pointed at a complex "chord" of chakras, and a Sound, a musical tone, would be directed, one tone to each individual chakra, to at least sixteen chakra points simultaneously, and a corresponding harmonic musical chord would be heard.  Each musical tone or note corresponded to a singular Light frequency, or color of LIght.  We facilitated healing for perhaps twelve or more people.  While I was there, I knew each of these Dear Ones in my present Earth incarnation, and all of them are presently incarnate on Earth.  Upon my return to Earth, I retained no recall of either their faces or their names, and that remains true as of this writing.

I returned to Earth physically awake, and my very dear resident cat friend, Raphael Merlin was right up to my face looking me in the eyes, purring loudly!  His eyes were huge!  He moved after we exchanged the proper greeting by placing our third eye areas together.  Once he moved, I found myself in direct line of vision to the bedside clock.  About six hours had elapsed since my departure.  I got up for a drink of water, and felt quite light-headed (pun may or may not be intended).  I fell asleep instantly upon my return to the bed, and with a feeling of the greatest Love all around me and my living space for a large radius.  That feeling remains with me, for which I have extreme Gratitude!

A couple of days after this awe inspiring experience, I awakened at 7:00 in the morning, ready to begin my day.  The next thing I knew, I was once again in the area of healing with my Light Being Friends!  I participated in a healing facilitation that was conducted in the same way described in regard to the first experience, and again I knew the person on the table of White Light.  This time, however, I have recall of that person's Earthly identity.  This person was at the brink of physical death, and I was called to help with the emergency situation.  When I returned to Earth, it was after 10:00, a period of over three hours.  When I began to get up, I saw physical evidence that I had started to do so earlier, so I knew that it was not a dream within a dream.

I have been facilitating healings, including on myself, for over sixty years.  When I was a little girl, I knew that I needed to be very covert (no, I didn't know that word then) about it.  I have always known that the necessary components are Unconditional Love, assistance from higher realms, Sound and Light.  It took a number of years to pull the terminology together in order to communicate these things to others, but the intuitive knowing is innate, as it is for all of us regarding our gifts.  The purpose of this experience has several layers.  An obvious one was to give me a "behind the scenes" understanding of the mode of energy healing with which I have been involved, and another is perhaps to let me know that I have successfully re-membered how to Love myself.  These are personal, and there is also a more expansive purpose.  Since my Light Being Friends and my guides have prompted me to share this, I feel that in so doing, others may be similarly inspired to awaken, through this catalyst, to their own unique and innate gifts, and further to step into their roles of sharing their gifts with others in order to promote the highest benefit to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants in the process of ascension in which we now find ourselves.

May The Great Spirit gift ALL with many blessings, and may ALL always have the wisdom to recognize them.  Namaste!
With Gratitude, Love & Light,

Healing With Sound: A Simple Practical Application (Positive "I Am"...

Whenever we make any statement that begins with the words “I am,” we are either consciously or unconsciously acknowledging our own capacity to create or co-create as bestowed upon us by The Great I AM Presence.  Therefore, dear sisters and brothers, it behooves us to consider carefully what we say after we…Continue

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Comment by David Kilpatrick on April 19, 2015 at 4:21am
Dear Joanna and Kelly
The indigenous cultures certainly had and obviously still do have some very effective healing practices that modern medicine would not find acceptable. It seems our modern medicine is only interested in controlling pain rather than curing a particular ailment. Keep the patient alive and paying!! Last year I read a book called" Human Tuning" by Dr. John Beaulieu, he would use tuning forks to adjust the chakras, with each chakra having a corresponding frequency. He would have the patient stand before him and could tell by their posture and symptoms where he needed to apply healing. They would lie on a table and he would wave the tuning forks over the affected area( some times it was necessary to use two forks in combination to get the right frequency). When I first read the book there was just too much new information to fully grasp all of the information, but I think I may have another go at it . Joanna I watched the " Little Grandmother " video and found her to be very believable. Her three days of darkness explanation makes a lot of sense to me. The flipping of the magnetic poles has occurred over 170 times and is documented in the geological record as magma aligning to the magnetic pole when it is laid down. Fifteen years ago I wrote a book that I Couldn't find a publisher for about a connection between the pyramids, precessional numbers, ancient myths and the Earth Crust Displacemnt theory. In the ECD scenario the outer crusted the planet moved as one complete unit thirty degrees of longitude along the 100 th meridian southwards in North America and northwards in Asia. The rest of the points on the planet would have moved less or nearly not at all if they were at a right angle to the line of greatest displacement. This destruction occurred during the age of Virgo 13000 years ago, which I associated with Isis and is related in the Osiris myth of Egyptian mythology and the destruction of Atlantis. I believe that event too was a very rapid event like she demonstrated with the fulcrum point of the pen on her finger. During the last Ice Age Hudson Bay would have been at the North Pole and that is why the ice cap would have become so thick. Most of Canada would have been within the arctic circle and its heavy load of ice would have created excessive centrifical forces upon the crust as the Earth rotated. The Earth has been warming ever since all over the planet and until recently the only place this wasn't true, was the Antarctic which was receiving more annual snow fall over the center of the continent than during the last Ice Age.
Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on April 17, 2015 at 2:59am

Dear David,

It is great to be able to share experiences, stories, feelings and wisdom here!  It is very possible that those who have experienced "miraculous" healings have also experienced the Light Table at whatever point was/is most beneficial to their unique paths.  The stories, especially when they are "professionally" documented, of miraculous healings go a long way to get people to take a new look, and have a new willingness to change perspective.  We know that we are speaking truth when we discuss such things as the healing shown by Gregg Braden of the woman with bladder cancer, for instance, yet without the "documentation" most people would scoff and call it a fairy tale.  I have heard a number of stories from Native American communities over the years of miraculous healings, and many of them were facilitated remotely, bringing people back from the brink of death.

With Gratitude, Love, Light Laughter, Peace, Compassion and Joy,


Comment by David Kilpatrick on April 16, 2015 at 3:25am
Dear Kelly and Joanna
You have given us all a very valuable incite to the light table experience. After reading your latest comments I was reminded of several things. One was the placebo effect of patients who receive a sugar pill in some sort of medical study but believe they are being healed and thus start to become healed. But then revert to ill health when discovering the oil was only sugar. The second was the Anita Morijani story and how she healed herself of cancer after her NDE and realizing how fear and anger were the cause of her illness, which she then released herself of and had an instant and miraculous recovery. The third was the woman who had bladder cancer in a Greg Braden video and was healed by three practitioners who send her love centered healing energies. My point is that in each of the cases the patient was instrumental in their own healing because of their acceptance that they would be or could be healed within their own minds. Clearly humanity has much yet to discover about our own powers and abilities to heal ourselves. After all if a boy can grow a new leg just by believing he can, then anything we desire necessary for healing should be possible. Perhaps each individual had also experienced the light table healing before their experience and just needed an outside stimulus to trigger that acceptance.
Comment by Bev Karakochuk- Administrator:> on April 15, 2015 at 11:03pm

Almost forgot  tonight as my husband and I were driving home, we saw a cross in the sky. I will post a picture soon.

Comment by Bev Karakochuk- Administrator:> on April 15, 2015 at 10:58pm

Dear Kelly

All I remember is that I had no fear while walking home and normally I would have , cause my Mom would have been very angry, but instead I walked in the back door , they were sitting at the dinner table eating and its like I felt like I wasn't really there. Felt like distance, I was somewhere else still and cant remember anything  else to this day. Is there a way to access that even now ??

Love Bev

Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on April 14, 2015 at 10:57am

Dear Bev,

Your three hour disappearance when you were a child is very interesting!  In other realms, three earth hours can be much longer in how it is experienced.  My question is about how you felt during or after the experience.  Do you recall your feelings about it?  Do you presently have feelings about it?  The one thing I can say for certain is that I, for one, am very happy that you returned!  I would give my heart felt Gratitude to my guides for informing me about such an experience as if it is done, and then I would simply allow myself to be open to receive the information from them.  Oh, and I always like to add "in a manner that I can easily understand and recall when I return to 'normal' consciousness!"

With Gratitude, Love, Light Laughter, Peace, Compassion and Joy,


Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on April 14, 2015 at 9:44am

Dear Joanna, David, Brenda and Kerrie,

What a beautiful exchange happening here!  It is a wonderful feeling of freedom to be able to share these stories of our experiences here!  Now the addition of child energy and a baby in the clouds makes it even more free!

As for the Light Table, when a being is on it, healing is facilitated on all parts of the being, and on all levels and in all dimensions and in timelessness.  It is all inclusive.  That being said, not all beings who have been on the Light Table are instantly aware of the healing that has taken place.  There are those who hold onto a malady because they receive secondary gains that they enjoy and they are addicted to them.  Having been on the Light Table, all of this can be healed, and as soon as the resistant being moves into acceptance, the healing is complete.  Many beings experience the healing in a flash . . . literally a flash of Light!  Human beings often like to make things more complex than necessary.  All of this healing is actually very simple, which makes it more of a challenge for some to grasp because some of uf are still more in our intellectual minds and have yet to find the balance between the intellectual and the intuitive minds.  This balance is what some call Heart - Mind Coherence.

I hope that more of you who are reading the exchanges here will step forward and share your own experiences.  Each experience shared is another piece of the puzzle that aids in manifesting the highest benefit for all!

With Gratitude, Love, Light, Laughter, Peace Compassion and Joy,


Comment by David Kilpatrick on April 14, 2015 at 7:37am
Dear Joanna and Kelly
This has been a very interesting and enlightening experience discussing your light table experiences. But I busy mind has one more question for you both to ponder. Do you feel or sense that the light table may also have a secondary purpose of chakra cleansing or healing and that all light workers may have had a similar experience to assist with gaining clarity for their ' divine purpose ' but have no recollection when they awaken in the morning?
Comment by David Kilpatrick on April 14, 2015 at 7:25am
Dear Kerrie
I would say that the energies have definitely increased, I personally feel so much "in tune" these days. I too have given much thought to where this is all going. I feel that through your site and others presenting similar enlightening messages,that we are meant to share our experiences with other awakened individuals and star seeds etc. as part of a movementt of acceptance for all that is and a greater appreciation for how incredibly far reaching the scope of oneness, unity contiousness and the creators magnificence and awe inspiring involvement with this whole divine plan. By sharing our experiences that in the 3D environment we tend to keep to our selves, we create acceptance for our selves and each other. There are some really incredible stories on this sight and all are told with the utmost sincerity, so how can we do anything else but marvel at how spirit has affected so many in so many different ways. This process of enlightenment through shared experiences may increase the transition to global ascension. Of course that will happen when the divine plan has determined the time that doesn't exist is right. In March of 2014 I was given two messages by an eagle at a work site one morning. He was magnificent as the morning sun create a glow about him that left no doubt as to his importance. So I asked him what message he had for me. The first was "after Pepsi" . Which makes no sense except that the job I was working on was an awning installation for A Pepsi plant and I had been given several indications that my time with the company I was working needed to end so I could follow my intended purpose in life. We finished the installation that day and I was gone at the end of the week. The second message was "a gathering of Eagles". I Understood that this had a spiritual aspect to it and the 5d movement. I looked to the sky and there were four Eagles circling but knew this wAs not the time. This past winter there were more Eagles at the creek behind my house than I have ever seen before and they remained for several weeks. I would count up to seven or eight a day on my dog walking trips and of course I was reminded of "a gathering of Eagles" message. So I believe that everything is starting to come together. Since we can not rush the creators divine plan it is best to just marvel at its unfolding and grateful to be a part of it in some small way. I also like your story about your connections to your arcturian family. I checked all the boxes on a U tube video describing a Syrian star seed. And there are those who resonate with the pleiadian star seed description, so perhaps this is another piece of the puzzle to 'we are all one' and White Cloud's message saying we are them. We are just learning to accept that now and may have a tie in to the THree Stages of Truth.
Comment by Brenda de Bruin on April 14, 2015 at 6:13am


Loved what you said!

It's amazing how much is going on around us. The baby in the clouds is beautiful!


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I was given this name in my mind at 3am in the morning,I asked who it was and was told thyself! so I am guessing it is an aspect of me from else where,maybe Arcturus as I have been guided by The Arcturians many times and mediums have told me I am from there,which explains why I resonate so much to their channels,I am guessing they are a part of The Federation of Light,I love them so very much,when I am contacted I get very emotional and call them family.

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