Healing With Sound: A Simple Practical Application (Positive "I Am" Statements)

Healing With Sound: A Simple Practical Application
(Positive "I Am" Statements)

Whenever we make any statement that begins with the words “I am,” we are either consciously or unconsciously acknowledging our own capacity to create or co-create as bestowed upon us by The Great I AM Presence.  Therefore, dear sisters and brothers, it behooves us to consider carefully what we say after we say “I am!”  How many of you have said, “I am sick” when you did not want to go to school, work, or wherever you were scheduled to go?  Go ahead!  Raise your hand, because almost everyone has done this at one time or another!  What happened within a short time after saying, “I am sick”?  Right!  You began to feel sick very shortly thereafter!  The reason that most of us have done that is that it was more acceptable than simply stating that we did not want to do something or go somewhere.  Since that was part of our programming, we need to delete that program and replace it with a program that is to our greater benefit.

Those of us who have been exposed to the Judeo-Christian traditions have heard the Creation Story, and we either read or were told that God spoke and said, “Let there be Light,” and there was Light.  Personally, I do not believe that The Supreme Creator actually spoke words, but I do believe that The Supreme Creator moved the energy of Unconditional Love with Sound.  For each and every frequency of Sound, there is a corresponding frequency of Light.  The spectrums of Sound and Light frequencies that are sensed with the physical human senses are but a small portion of these spectrums.  From the Judeo-Christian traditions, we also know that God, The Supreme Creator, is also known as The Great I AM Presence, and as humans, we say many things that begin with the words “I am,” though few realize or understand the power of those two little words.  The sound of those words is very similar in frequency to “Om” that is used very often and on a regular basis in many Eastern spiritual traditions.  Virtually every spiritual tradition, globally, uses Sound and Light, as well as Fragrance, in their ceremonies.  This has been being done for thousands upon thousands of years.

At this point in our Earthly lives, Earth and all who dwell upon Her have been and are being infused with waves of energy with increasing intensity and pace.  Many of us are awakening to the fact that we each create our own reality, and there is much being said and written about how to create a reality that is an improvement over the one in which we believe ourselves to be.  Most of us on Earth at this moment are bombarded by outside information and stimuli from our growing number of electro-mechanical communications devices.  We are into just over twenty years of the new era of instant “real time” communication with others around the globe on a massive scale, and since the 1940s, we have also been inundated with more and more artificial sound and light.  While many find this situation to be rather exciting, many have forgotten or have never learned to communicate with others on a meaningful level, and moreover, have no idea of how to communicate with themselves.  Here, we will look at one way of communication with the self through the use of positive “I am” statements.

For those of you who are unable to hear Sound, most, if not all of you know what some sounds feel like.  You have felt the vibrations of musical instruments, voices, motors, and so on.  You know that some of those vibrations are pleasant, and others are not, so I invite you to use your experiences with feeling sounds as your point of reference in the information that follows.  Additionally, you may speak or sign your positive “I Am” statements, and signing will work perfectly because it is a representation of Sound.

Positive “I am” statements can be a little more tricky than one might think at first.  For instance, when we say “I am delighted to . . . ,” what are we really saying?  Most of us think that we are saying “I am happy to . . . “   If we look at the word delighted, we can see that it is the word lighted with the prefix of de, which means to undo or to negate the meaning of the word following it.  So, what we are really saying is that we are putting out our light to do whatever it is we are doing!  Of course, that is not what you will find in the dictionary!  One of my favorite words for which many do not recognize its real meaning is imagine.  Most believe it is synonymous with fantasize, yet, if we break it apart, it actually means image in, or visualize!   It is a good idea to choose words that are slang or colloquialisms with care, because even if we know what we mean, the Universe “hears” our words in their literal sense, and that is what it delivers back to us.  It is simply the Law of Attraction!

I have had experience with positive “I am” statements since the age of six years.  At that age, my parents and I were told that I was legally blind in both eyes, and that I would be totally blind within four to six years.  One day shortly after this diagnosis, my Grandpa found me hugging one of his beloved white pine trees, and sobbing.  He was a very loving, kind and gentle man, and he placed his hand on my shoulder and knelt down beside me.  He asked why I was crying, and I told him that it was because of my eyes and that I felt like everyone was mad at me about them.  He comforted me until my sobs stopped, then gave me a most beautiful gift!  He told me that I did not have to believe what the doctors said, and that I could stop walking around wearing a blindfold so that I would be ready when I could no longer see.  He told me that my eyes were perfect, and that I should give thanks for that everyday, beginning when I first awakened every morning.  He also told me that eating raw carrots would make my eyes healthy, and because Grandpa was always truthful, I did exactly what he told me to do.  It was our secret.  I wore thick glasses that got thinner over the next twelve years, and eventually, only wore glasses for reading and close work.  What Grandpa did was to empower me to use my own capacity to create my reality, though that was not how I understood it until I was much older.  I am alive today because of what Grandpa taught me over sixty years ago, and have fine tuned it along the way.  Due to injuries from a car crash, I was told that I would become quadriplegic.  To me, that was unacceptable!  It took nearly twenty five years to return to total health from those injuries, and I had some help from others along the way.  I did not use medications other than very rarely when pain levels were very extreme, and I did not have any surgeries.  I did give my gratitude to The Great I AM Presence for my perfect health, and I said aloud almost daily, “I am perfectly healthy!”  I have been walking without crutches or a cane for over twenty years, I do my own yard work, and can walk farther than people who are one third my age!  A few years ago, my adrenal glands failed suddenly.  Again, I gave my gratitude to The Great I AM Presence for my perfect health, and, more diligently and frequently than before, aloud I said “I am in perfect health in every way.”  Though it is very rare for people to survive failure of the adrenal glands, here I am, and my adrenal glands test perfectly!

I have given you three examples of physical healing here because they are outwardly visible and verifiable, but the healing power of positive “I am” statements extends to all parts of our being!  The frequency of positive “I am” statements is Unconditional Love for one’s self.  Every cell, atom, proton, neutron, and all of the infinitely smaller particles of our bodies and our energy fields, or auras, “hear” and respond to our positive “I am” statements!  We know that a newborn infant deprived of Love will die.  This tells us something very important about ourselves now that we are no longer infants!  All parts of our being require Love to survive and thrive!  In other words, we need to have Unconditional Love for ourselves, and we need to be in an Attitude of Gratitude to consciously make the positive “I am” statements that we use to create our own state of perfect health on all levels of our beings!  Our “I Am” statements reflect not only our feelings in the moment, but also what we believe about ourselves and the world around us.

There is a simple exercise that we can use to help us be more conscious of the nature of our “I am” statements, and many people have found it to be very effective.  On a sheet of paper, make two columns.  Title the one on the left “My Old I Am Statements.” and the one on the right, “My New I Am Statements.”  In the left column, write a list of the “I am” statements that you make on a regular basis.  You can add to the list for as long as you like, then set it aside for a little while.  When you return to your list, examine each of your “I am” statements, and if a statement is positive, rewrite it in the right column.  If the statement is not positive, write a positive replacement for it in the right column.  When you have finished both columns, cut the paper in half between the columns and burn or shred the one titled “My Old I Am Statements.”  Keep your “My New I Am Statements” list somewhere where it is visible to you so that you can look at it regularly in order to cement those new statements into your mind and your speech.  Following is an example of these two lists.

             My Old I Am Statements                My New I Am Statements
             I am sick.                                             I am in perfect health.
             I am tired.                                           I am experiencing tiredness.
             I am ugly.                                           I am beautiful/handsome.
             I am angry!                                        I am experiencing anger.
             I am a failure.                                    I am the best me I can be in each moment.
             I am so stupid sometimes!              I am an intelligent human being.
             I am unlovable.                                 I am made of Love!  I am Love!

Our lists will be much longer than the example, but this gives you the idea.  It can be helpful to “brainstorm” these lists with one or more other people, and the better you know one another, the more effective it is because those who are close to us often are more aware of our most frequent negative “I am” statements.  I invite you to take a few moments with each of your statements to observe how they feel, comparing the feeling of those on the left to those on the right when you speak them aloud.  The making of the lists is a cognitive, or thinking, learning experience, and the comparison of how the pairs of statements feel is an emotional understanding experience that you are likely to feel in your solar plexis area.  Once you have done the lists and have observed how the pairs of statements feel, you can bring the positive “I Am” statements to your Heart level, which is the seat of our true minds.  I also invite you to keep a journal for a time to note the changes in your health and your life as you become accustomed to making only positive “I Am” statements, After perhaps a month, read your journal so that you can see your changes more clearly.  You are encouraged to play with this rather than to make it into work!  Here is to your continuing perfect health!  Many blessings to ALL!

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"Since my Light Being Friends and my guides have prompted me to share this, I feel that in so doing, others may be similarly inspired to awaken, through this catalyst, to their own unique and innate gifts, and further to step into their roles of sharing their gifts with others in order to promote the highest benefit to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants in the process of ascension in which we now find ourselves."   

Healing With Sound: My Extra-Terrestrial Experience



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Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on December 12, 2016 at 7:19am

Dear Grant, Dear Brother of The Light and Famous Dancer Among the Stars and Wildflowers,

Smiles and tears here too Grant!  One of the beauties of this site is that we do inspire and support each other, and like you, I so appreciate being around like-minded people and being free to simply be myself.

With Gratitude, Love, Light, Sound, Fragrance, Peace, Harmony, Beauty, Compassion, Joy, Laughter and a Dancing Spirit,


Comment by Grant on December 12, 2016 at 5:33am

Thank you  Beautiful sister of the new light , I also have read  Neils books  & it gave me great inspiration , I had given my sister  book one to read as to inspire or awaken some parts of her DNA , now my sister is a very beautiful soul , does yoga & meditation but has not yet read that book  how strange is that , like they say when the disciple is ready the master will come , YOU dearest sister  [among others here ] have inspired us with your love & a tool box for furthering us on the souls evolutionary journey , you see I do not communicate like this with many mainly just in FOL as this is where my cave is among like minded people I truly feel we here on Kerrie,s site are blessed to have each other & share that four lettered word more openly  LOVE   with real meaning , & yes those glimpses of LOVE   that FEELING  in  the states of bliss seems to out weigh any thing the earth 3 d plain has to offer , love & thank you Kelly  ....as you can see these words are written from my soul with great meaning  something I do not normally tune into . xx

Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on December 12, 2016 at 4:31am

Dear Grant, Dear Brother of The Light and Famous Dancer Among the Stars and Wildflowers,

You are most welcome!  I love you too Sweet Brother!

I am so excited to read that you hear the music as well as see the incredible colors!  That right there is just about all I need to remain out of body on a regular basis!  I believe that many people have such experiences, yet are fearful of sharing them with others.  Your experience of becoming one with the dessert is great, and it is refreshing to hear of it.  Thank you!

On another note here, much gratitude to Kerrie for moving this post back to the forefront here.  I have re-read it myself and have been re-inspired!  Sometimes, I get derailed, so to speak, from things that are deeply important to me.  I may have lost my hat this round, but I can make another, and it feels good to be back on track.

I have never been one to discuss or even mention my personal ills or problems with others, but in recent years, I have been inspired to do so as a means of inspiring others to discover what works for them as they move into the newest best version of their own vision of themselves.  Sound familiar?  Though it may not be precise in how it is written, it is a piece of advice from Neale Donald Walsh in one of his Conversations With God books.  It is very simple, though not always easy, at least until we get the knack of it.  I am in gratitude to Neale Donald Walsh for his wonderful books!

With Gratitude, Love, Light, Sound, Fragrance, Peace, Harmony, Beauty, Compassion, Joy, Laughter and a Dancing Spirit,


Comment by Grant on December 11, 2016 at 8:48am

I AM greatful of your information Kelly xx

Comment by Grant on December 11, 2016 at 8:47am

Wooooooooooow how beautiful are all these words ,  first time I have seen this  , Thank you Kelly....I relate to these 100% we are so lucky that you could share this , about a year ago I had a vision or a dream within a dream , not sure what you call it  obe even , of being one with the desert  [one of many of these types of things] any way I was gliding through this peaceful land scape with this amazing music that I have never heard here on earth , also at times like you mentioned colours  but not of earth colours , we have sooooo much to look forwards to , LOVE you Kelly thank you xox

Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on September 7, 2015 at 9:21am

Thank you so much Dear Eileen!  I am so very grateful to the many who have assisted me with this healing!  It is an amazing journey!

Love, Gratitude, Light, Compassion and Joy,


Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on September 4, 2015 at 9:12pm

There is a surge of LOVE coming to you Kelly from across the pond and around the globe to assist in your healing. Thank you for the extra information, I shall try toning with water in the bowl!

Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on September 4, 2015 at 11:46am

Hello there Dear Sisters! What a surprise to see all of these new comments here! Welcome Jackie! I see that you love singing bowls too. I have a seven metals Tibetan singing bowl, high B, crown chakra, but there are seven notes on the bowl. Following your guidance during energy healings is the best way to fly in my opinion. I am no singer, but am often guided to tone with my voice, tone the singing bowl, play the little Tibetan temple cymbols, or play the little clay Mayan whale flute during healings. To make the work with the bowls even more powerful, you may like to add a bit of clean water to a bowl, then tone it. The water will actually thicken as it transmutes nonbeneficial energies. I don't know about using rocks and crystals in the bowl with water when using a crystal bowl, but it is amazing in a seven metals singing bowl! Also, you may know this, but I will say it anyway because I know people who have inadvertently shattered one or more crystal bowl. It is important to keep the volume down to suit the size of the room because the sound bounces back to the bowls from the walls and other hard surfaces. That will shatter a bowl in a heart beat! It is so tempting to increase volume when planing more than one crystal bowl simultaneously, however the same caution applies.

I have been so amazed at how many times this article has returned to the fore! I too am busy re-membering these concepts at the moment, and had to be reminded of them quite recently! I am not yet feeling strong, but I certainly am feeling stronger, thanks to the many dear souls who have used sound, usually in the form of their words, to assist me in recent months. Thank you one and all!

The Great Spirit IS gifting ALL with many blessings, and ALL always have the wisdom to recognize them. Namaste! Thank You for Being!
With Gratitude, Love, Light, Peace, Harmony, Joy & Compassion,

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on September 4, 2015 at 8:39am
You are welcome Eileen,Eileen Jaxstarseed is another one from our tribe I feel our friend White Cloud has had a hand in contacting,Leanne found her on FB and she lives near us,she is in contact with many of the same beings we all seem to be in touch with.
Jackie if you click on Eileen's name or profile picture it will take you to her page,then click on her blogs you will see her channels, alternatively on the top of my site there are tabs if you run your curser over the members tab a drop down box appears,click on members channels and you will see Eileen's channels you will also be able to see Leanne's channels there.
Another link I will bring your attention to is the link under this post,another awesome article of Kelly's :)
Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on September 3, 2015 at 11:13pm

Thank you Kelly I AM so HAPPY to be reminded of this so simple way of healing ourselves! I started a new meditation group yesterday and feel there will be many happy and invigorating sessions to come. I AM going to share this with them, thank you for reposting Kerrie!



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