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3.1.2014 - Sitting in my sanctuary, I asked for Love, healing and guidance, asking if there were any messages to share.


We do indeed bring glad tidings of great joy and this shall be seen as a great wave of Love around your world.  We come in uniformity bringing Love on a grand scale and this shall be felt in your heart centres as you register the impact.  There is every need to shelter from that which threatens to engulf your soul and we bring you hope, we bring you that ray of Love that will confound those who wish to drag you down with them into the abyss.  We protect you from the negative energy that swamps Earth and we align ourselves with a just cause that will free mankind from bondage.


We register those patterns of thought that circumference the globe, those patterns of Love that you expel bringing cheer to the population of Earth, and we shall make a grand recovery giving air to proceedings as they unfold.  We shall be there by your side holding your hand, adjusting and tweaking where necessary to give you that strength, to give you that grace of expression, and we honour you for taking part in these proceedings and sharing with those around you.  Be not alarmed at what is taking place at this present moment, there is no cause for alarm, the underlying currents of energy are amassing in the heavens, streamlined advantageously to your world, and we bring this with courtesy from those on high who have a grand interest in mankind.


I’m seeing deep purple overlaid with a lattice of gold. 


There is an undercurrent of activity that will register in your brains and we know it has been uncomfortable for you all of late.  We feel the resonance emitting from your frames and we help you adjust to these frequencies little by little.  If you are finding it hard, imagine the discomfort felt by those around you who have no understanding of what is happening.  We come to bring completion to what is long overdue and it may take some time yet to adjust your settings.


We bear a massive responsibility and feed you as much information as we are allowed.  There is a time of recuperation from the massive changes already in place and this will come as no surprise to you!


We bring in a Light that will encompass the globe shining into every nook and cranny.  We are Super Beings extraordinaire come to bring enlightenment to mankind.  We are adjusting your circuits in time for this recovery and we ask you to bear with us as we make these adjustments to your energy field.  We allow you to bond with us.


I’m now surrounded by a circle of white Light and can hardly speak. 


We bring growth of stupendous proportions and regulate the glitches in your energy field. We bring adjustment and new levels of understanding that will raise the consciousness of mankind to new levels higher than ever before, and we establish a new continuum, a new theme of enlightenment that will register in your souls, in your minds and in your very being.  This will give us great advantage and we open up the networks that will allow for greater clarification, greater unity of spirit as we circumference the globe. 


We bring you full circle and honour your discretion in maintaining this contact.  There has been a great initiation that has brought us to fruition and we beg you to listen always to that voice within your soul that brings us equal measures of Love and clarity of expression in our commitment to you on Earth, to those of you who have made that commitment to us and in no small measure!


We have adjusted our timelines to coincide with yours and we bring you up to speed, honouring this connection and giving sanctity to what has been a most joyous association.  We beam to you on a ray of Light that will bring us all the greatest joy and we ask you to study in closer proximity so that we may bear witness, bringing hope and solace where it is needed.


I opened my eyes and gazed up at clouds that looked like the wings of Angels.  Thank you my friends, thank you so much.   






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Comment by Terence Arthur Deighton on January 10, 2014 at 11:19am

When I talk about my 2 Psychic grandchldren & them being told that they have all the tools for the coming EVENT,,,,,, Just watch this boy with Autism give a lecture on Physics = heres the Youtube notes..

Jacob Barnett is an American mathematician and child prodigy. At 8 years old, Jacob began sneaking into the back of college lectures at IUPUI. After being diagnosed with autism since the age of two and placed in his school's special ed. program, Jacob's teachers and doctors were astonished to learn he was able to teach calculus to college students.

At age nine, while playing with shapes, Jacob built a series of mathematical models that expanded Einstein's field of relativity. A professor at Princeton reviewed his work and confirmed that it was groundbreaking and could someday result in a Nobel Prize. At age 10, Jacob was formally accepted to the University as a full-time college student and went straight into a paid research position in the field of condensed matter physics. For his original work in this field, Jacob set a record, becoming the world's youngest astrophysics researcher. His paper was subsequently accepted for publication by Physical Review A, a scientific journal shared on sites such as NASA, the Smithsonian, and Harvard's webpage. Jacob's work aims to help improve the way light travels in technology.

Jacob is also CEO and founder of Wheel LLC, a business he started in his mom's garage, and is in the process of writing a book to help end "math phobia" in his generation.

See this article in the New York daily news - Has IQ higher than Einstein

Comment by Terence Arthur Deighton on January 10, 2014 at 10:41am

Like you all, I saw that 9yr old in autumn. She went on to win. She blew me away emotionally.

have found her winning in the final singing "Nessun Dorman"

Comment by Apple Goddess on January 10, 2014 at 8:07am

I'm so glad you are enjoying this young girl's singing. There is another girl like this who I heard at an earlier point, can't recall her name now. But that one seemed more incongruous as far as an adult's voice emanating from her.  This one, Amira, somehow seems fully integrated for some reason. And her expressiveness is completely appropriate for the song...  amazing.  Apparently there are other songs online with her...prob. on youtube.   

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on January 9, 2014 at 7:31pm

Oh Faith this was so beautiful . . . a woman's voice coming from a child . . . truly remarkable it brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you God for these phenomenal gifts brought to raise our awareness to a higher level.

Comment by Rhode Island Jim on January 9, 2014 at 2:33pm

When's the last time you heard a 9 year old with a voice and stage charisma like that?  My best friend and ex-musical partners (Marcia) daughter (Charity) who is now 31 and has a 2 1/2 year old son - when she was about 11, I went someplace with her mom and dad to listen to her sing - she was so good, I got chills up my spine just listening to her.  Very similar to this young girl - this kid is so good it's scary!!

Comment by Apple Goddess on January 9, 2014 at 9:58am

can I give a little gift here? an indication that advanced souls are showing up now!     enjoy-

Comment by Apple Goddess on January 9, 2014 at 9:57am

hey, am I   'the masses' ?   just kidding. thanks Terence for the further explanation. I am very happy about the dream...and feel it could be any one or more of the scenarios you described (as well as Eileen saying it could be a parallel reality...eek!)        I just questioned your earlier phrasing calling it something like a movie..that seemed to make me be a passive observer.    I like your later explanation better since it includes  a number of options.   and I agree we are indeed being prepared for 'the eye of the needle' ...

Comment by Rhode Island Jim on January 9, 2014 at 5:30am

Terrence my brother - what a pleasure to have you as part of our extended family here.  It's obviously our job to - as gently as we can - explain to the masses why "we chose these life-lessons" and how we are all just trying to "wrap up" all the outstanding karma so we will be ready for living in the 5-D and higher realities that are on their way to us.


Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on January 9, 2014 at 2:11am

What a wonderful exchange happening here!  Thank you!

Comment by Terence Arthur Deighton on January 8, 2014 at 11:58pm

Dear AppleG', Eileen described it spot-on.

In our thousands of Past-lives, we chose the "Life-Lessons" whilst in Spirit (The Tibetan Book of the Dead describes this better). Those 'Life-Lessons' depicted the Parents that were chosen for us (that's why I describe it that they are only out Birth parents, whereas if they were part our Soul Family, their are extra underlyng reasons why they are with us again). If through this Physical Lifetme, we don't learn from them, they can manifest in following Physical lifetimes (I have helped a lady who'se abuse as a child, had manifested in many lifetimes. In this life, only a small thing happened which was a friend making advances to her - It manifested in her as total panic, & she felt she was being Psycically attacked also. When we got her deep enough, her guides stepped in, channelled to her of the many negative life experiences, then proceeded to tell tell her that they were working on her, while she was deep. At the end they showed her a wonderful blossoming Lotus flower opening out - that was her sign that all life-abuse lessons had been healed. This was as much an experience for me helping her as it was for her & Ive been blessed with her absolute trust since).

I seem to have described that healing for a reason;- This lifetime we are living/experiencing, is like no other. We cannot carry any Karma through into the next life. The vibration of the 5thD', means we would not survive the high energy, probable experiencing of total bliss & the Crystal-based physical Shell we will be housed in..... Therefore;-

 Your Dreams (as you put it), may be just a Dream. It may be a vision shown back to you - It could also be an experience from the Future/Present/Past, for you to Learn/Experience/Heal from . It may only be Guidance ??- This being to try to bring you into some form of Alignment for "What is to Come Soon" - Be open-minded, knowing that it is for your Best Interest - Have FAITH-CONFIDENCE-BELIEF that is - Bring yourself into that Alignment yourself & it may play out before your eyes.

If you are in Anger - Bring yourself up into Blame-Doubt then Disappointment

If you are in Pessimism - Bring yourself into Optimism

& if in this experience, you are just in Contentment - Then bring yourself into the alignment of Optimism-Expectation-Belief, then maybe Enthusiasm & Eagerness at the experience being played out to you.

I would say, your Emotional Feeling state, is more important than the need for Answers.

I described this somewhere else - Being in THE NOW,  or just BEING, isn't enough - Its the FEELING OF BEING IN THE NOW.

- - - - - - --  -

Hope I didn't go on too much - I FEEL, they take over my fingers (maybe to help others/observers, or even to make me walk in my shoes

- - -

& finally, I understand about your Father - my father transitioned 20yrs ago, Ive learned more from him talking to him, whilst in meditation/dreams, than when he was alive - He aso apologised to me in a Dream which was very emotional for me - That experience, cleared me of apportioning blame towards him - That experience alone was the one that made me see the bigger picture.

Just see that the experience your having is because of  'THE EVENT' looming near - As Esther/Abraham would say, "It's the Contrast, that helps focus you back into the Vortex"



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