Angel for February is .....

~ Words of wisdom from The Federation of Light ~

Souls of Earth … Souls of life … as this Light showers upon you … find it within yourselves to ask for forgiveness … Forgiveness to the self as it was led astray from time to time … seeking pathways that were not so useful … yet engaging.

Seek also forgiveness to those who have TRULY travelled the darker pathways and unable to find a road to freedom ... For they became so lost and entrenched in that particular walk way ... that all thoughts of sunlight left their thoughts and therefore their soul .

When this Light comes … Find YOU … The TRUTH OF YOU … and offer the deepest Love for/to the self and for ALL THAT IS.

FEEL that Love … for we say to you … it shall be overwhelming. ~Blossom Goodchild ~


Recent Sightings in Washington

Native American Indian wisdom

Animal Totems: Birds by StarStuffs

The Owl's Call


Spirit phoenix guarding my back door.

Arch Angel Gabriel

Member's channel's 

EARTH'S CLASSROOM - Eileen Coleman


You're Strong Enough to Process Energy Bursts Instantly ~BRENDA HOFFMAN

Metatron Talks About His Cube ~  Orea De Sa'Hana 

The reality of God/Source ~ Ron Radhoff


My Message from AAGabriel ~Heavenly (Monica)

White Brotherhood channeled books ~ sigmund sontum 

The Order of the Magdalene ~ Beverly J. Thompson 

Ashtar ~Leanne Kerrison ~keep up with your positive thoughts for yo...

Featured group

Ashtar Command



Quan Yin's strength and protection grid


(I do these and they are unbelievable,Jasper (Soltec) is an Australian channeler I had the privilege of meeting and doing his workshop,his channeled meditations of the Masters are exceptional. )

Blessings Kerrie/Zoolithe

Another Aussi  and member of the site Brad Austen's guided meditations are also beautiful,I have also enjoyed listening to these:) 

Brad Austen Meeting Merlin {Guided Meditation}





I think! 


I'm Buzzing!!! LOL!


Ron Radhoff 's comment

There are a lot of ascension symptoms happening to a variety of people and what they experience is based on their individual need to adjust and align to the higher vibrations that are increasing all the time. Most often it deals with deep seated issues. Your experience may or may not be a symptom but probably are.  A simple way for anyone to tell if strange experiences are ascension symptoms or  not, and  if you do not yet connect with spirit guides, is to get a pendulum and ask if what you experience(d) was in fact a symptom. Ask it to go forward and back  if yes and right and left if no.

Conversation between Jewel and I ....more pieces of the puzzle

Kerrie this is so interesting we obviously were meant to share our love for Ashtar. He tells me that it consists of The Great White Brotherhood headed by Sananda and that White Eagle aka Master Kuthumi and St John,   St Germaine aka Master R  and many more work along side him. I know that is why he is so important to me as I work with The Great White Brotherhood on earth but of course we are all one. Where there is Love there is no separation.

Thank you for the wonderful site showing how easy it is to reach them I will share it with my group. Sadly I could not get into the site where Joanne's grand daughter was contacted and I was so disappointed. I was so anxious to learn more. There are so many takes on the 3 days of darkness that I have heard about so thought the innocence of child would be very truthful.  Maybe you can check and find why it is not coming up.  Thank you.

Anything else that you experience I would love to share, he just fills my heart with deep love, it's not easy to describe but I know you know.  I am sure that we must be together working along side him when we 'do the work'

Blessings dear one




Non member channels


KRYON ~ Soul Communication

DRAGONFLY PORTAL ~The Hathors – Channeled by Anna Merkaba –


Jonathan Goldman - Holy Harmony (Healing Frequencies

Five Star UK Admiral & Chief of Defense: UFO Cover Up

THE RICHARD ALLEN SHOW:Timothy Good interview - UFO Expert

Secret Ancient Knowledge: Gregg Braden - The Divine Matrix

Unsealed Alien Files S01E02 Cracking The Alien Code

Coast to Coast am ALTERNATIVE - 15 February 2014 - The Pleaidians &...

Cave in Kariong Australia

Egyptian carvings in a cave in Kariong Australia 2

“Be gentle with yourselves as you move into Higher Dimensional Life. Know that sometimes the Flow may be easy as you work with the Miracles of Creative Manifestation, and sometimes it will be a little difficult as you may briefly drop into old frequency addictions and fear habits. This will be because many around you will still be in the frequencies of fear and they may briefly shift you from your center. If this happens, just gently move back into the Higher Frequencies of Love and Peace. It is so important that you embody this Radiant Light so that others may experience Higher Frequencies and learn to align with these energies."

— I AM Archangel Michael


JANUARY 2014 POSTS ~ blessings Kerrie Zoolithe

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Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on March 1, 2014 at 9:01am

Dear Kerrie,

Thank you!  Very nicely and thoughtfully done!  :-)

The Great Spirit IS gifting ALL with many blessings, and ALL always have the wisdom to recognize them.  Namaste!
With Gratitude, Love, Light & Compassion,

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