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Einstein's Big Idea HD 1080p

A year or so ago I awoke with E = MC2 in my head.

I had no idea why but knew there would be a reason,I have since discovered that this is very important in understanding a lot of things.

I did not realise that C is light!

Program Description

Over 100 years ago, Albert Einstein grappled with the implications of his revolutionary special theory of relativity and came to a startling conclusion: mass and energy are one, related by the formula E = mc2. In "Einstein's Big Idea," NOVA dramatizes the remarkable story behind this equation. E = mc2 was just one of several extraordinary breakthroughs that Einstein made in 1905, including the completion of his special theory of relativity, his identification of proof that atoms exist, and his explanation of the nature of light, which would win him the Nobel Prize in Physics. Among Einstein's ideas, E = mc2 is by far the most famous. Yet how many people know what it really means? In a thought-provoking and engrossing docudrama, NOVA illuminates this deceptively simple formula by unraveling the story of how it came to be.

But what is electricity? Where does it come from? How does it work? Before we understand all that, we need to know a little bit about atoms and their structure.

All matter is made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of smaller particles. The three main particles making up an atom are the proton, the neutron and the electron.

Electrons spin around the center, or nucleus, of atoms, in the same way the moon spins around the earth. The nucleus is made up of neutrons and protons.

Electrons contain a negative charge, protons a positive charge. Neutrons are neutral – they have neither a positive nor a negative charge.

There are many different kinds of atoms, one for each type of *element. An atom is a single part that makes up an element. There are 118 different known elements that make up every thing! Some elements like oxygen we breathe are essential to life.

Each atom has a specific number of electrons, protons and neutrons. But no matter how many particles an atom has, the number of electrons usually needs to be the same as the number of protons. If the numbers are the same, the atom is called balanced, and it is very stable.

So, if an atom had six protons, it should also have six electrons. The element with six protons and six electrons is called carbon. Carbon is found in abundance in the sun, stars, comets, atmospheres of most planets, and the food we eat. Coal is made of carbon; so are diamonds.

Some kinds of atoms have loosely attached electrons. An atom that loses electrons has more protons than electrons and is positively charged. An atom that gains electrons has more negative particles and is negatively charge. A "charged" atom is called an "ion."

Electrons can be made to move from one atom to another. When those electrons move between the atoms, a current of electricity is created. The electrons move from one atom to another in a "flow." One electron is attached and another electron is lost.

* What is a element...

An element is a substance that is made entirely from one type of atom. For example, the element hydrogen is made from atoms containing a single proton and a single electron. If you change the number of protons an atom has, you change the type of element it is.

What is a 'quark'? 
(Lansing State Journal, February 12, 1992)



Question Submitted by: M. Harvey

Quarks are believed to be the basic building blocks of protons, neutrons and a wide variety of other, heavier particles, collectively called hadrons.  Just as atoms are primarily composed of different combinations of protons, neutrons and electrons, hadrons are believed to be composed of different combinations of quarks.  Quarks are usually thought of as elementary particles, i.e. particles that cannot be further broken down into other particles by any known means.

The currently accepted theory of elementary particles predicts that there should be six different kinds of quarks, designated by the letters u (for 'up' quark), d (down), s (strange), c (charmed), b (bottom or beauty), and  t (top or truth).  The lightest quarks are the 'up' and 'down' quarks, which compose the more common, 'ordinary' particles like protons and neutrons.  The 'up' and 'down' quarks are assigned an electric charge or +2/3 of the electronic charge and -1/3 of the electronic charge, respectively.  Because no free particles have ever been observed with a charge equal to a fraction of an electronic charge, the quarks must combine in groups of three.  For example, a proton is made up of two up quarks and one down quark (uud), giving it a total charge of +1 electronic charges.

The first quark theories were independently proposed by Shoichi Sakata in Japan and Murray Gell-Mann and George Zweig in the United States during the early 1960's.  Of all the quarks predicted by the current theory, only the top or truth quark has not yet been observed.  Experiments attempting to prove the existence of this quark are currently underway at particle accelerators like the one at Fermilab in Illinois and CERN in Switzerland.

The name 'quark' was originally chosen by Gell-Mann. He took the word from a line in James Joyce's Ulysses: "Three quarks for Muster Mark" 

Update (2/23/2010, courtesy of Dr. Ronald Kumon, University of Michigan): The word 'quark' was adopted from James Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake" (not "Ulysses")


    The spinning turbine is connected to a metal rod/shaft in a generator that turns a large magnet surrounded by coils of copper wire. The spinning magnet creates a powerful magnetic field around the coils. The magnetic field lines up the electrons in the copper coils and causes them to move. The movement of these electrons through a wire is electricity.

How Electricity Is Made

Have you ever wondered where electricity comes from? You might be surprised to learn that it comes from magnets! 

In the early 1800s, Michael Faraday discovered "electromagnetic induction", which is the scientific way of saying that if he moved a magnet through a loop of wire, the wire would become electrified.

In 1882, Thomas Edison opened the first full-scale power plant in New York City. Edison's electric generator was a bigger version of Faraday's basic experiment; a big magnet rotates around a wire to produce an electric current.

Today's power plants are bigger and controlled by computers, but the basic process is still the same as it was nearly 120 years ago.

Your form … the manifested form of anything is simply that … ‘manifested form’. A created energy that has come from what ‘IS NOT’ (for it was not there until created) So .. If we with respect … categorize you as a 'manifested creation', you are a ‘moulded’ energy in that form at this time … and yet it ‘IS NOT’ what you Truly are. What you Truly are is ‘energy’, without form. Simply energy. And that is your True ‘IS- NESS ’. Therefore, what you think you are now, ‘IS NOT’ what you Truly are.

I have just been watching GREGG BRADEN talk about the 'Quantum field' as was discovered by Max Planck,so I looked up Max Planck ....


In March 1887 Planck married Marie Merck (1861–1909), sister of a school fellow, and moved with her into a sublet apartment in Kiel. They had four children: Karl (1888–1916), the twins Emma (1889–1919) and Grete (1889–1917), and Erwin (1893–1945).

After the apartment in Berlin, the Planck family lived in a villa in Berlin-Grunewald, Wangenheimstrasse 21. Several other professors of Berlin University lived nearby, among them theologian Adolf von Harnack, who became a close friend of Planck. Soon the Planck home became a social and cultural centre. Numerous well-known scientists, such as Albert EinsteinOtto Hahn andLise Meitner were frequent visitors. The tradition of jointly performing music had already been established in the home of Helmholtz. cont...

This post of mine is linked to this post....

Thoth,Anubis,Ankh,Ma'at Pleideans,Mother Mary,Jesus,Lions! E =Mc2 m...

Build you own Pyramid

August 02 ~ ALL THAT IS … ALL THAT EVER WILL BE … IS ENERGY.~ The Federation of Light ~ Blossom Goodchild ~

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Comment by Grant on August 4, 2014 at 10:22am

 I LOVE the saying  every thing is energy begining  & no end just keeps rocking on ... a bit like a star we can see ..but went out  a million years ago but that light keeps shinning on  xox

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on July 27, 2014 at 9:03am


Comment by timothy lee sutterby (Tim) on July 27, 2014 at 7:17am

  This will keep me busy for a minute . E = MC2.......

Comment by Grant on July 22, 2014 at 5:50am

Thank you Kerrie this looks VERY interesting ... I turned to this this morn I see it had 33 visits........... I have always been interested in these things , at some point today I will have a look xox

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 22, 2014 at 9:55pm

Einstein worked out that if you approach the speed of light time will slow down!

Good morning to you. Yes, a more vibrant vibration is being offered by you this day. Although WE do not have the time frame and work by days of the week, and segregation of months and years, this does not mean that we are not able to calculate the time frame in which you reside in upon earth. If we could not do this, much would go awry in our communications with you.


Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on June 22, 2014 at 7:47pm

Comment in chat by gideon gilliet's 

e mc square means

that energie = mas square light

light= consiousness

that will help you

2 gr of mass need 4 gram of consciousness or light condensed

which together is the energy

ever heard of the phantom experience?

the theory of relativity is the law of relativity

this is also explained in the phantom experiment

only transformation


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