Embracing the Dance between Spirit & Body

Pamela channels Jeshua

My dear friends,

I am Jeshua. I greet you all. You are all beings of light. You have come to earth to spread your light. In doing so, you meet with resistance. You are confronted with darkness. What is this game between light and darkness really about? What is the purpose of the resistance and darkness you have been experiencing?

Being in the Light means being in a state of consciousness in which you realize your oneness with all that is. If you are in the Light, if you are the Light, you feel completely boundless and free. You know you are part of a greater whole and you feel you are deeply cherished within this infinite web of living consciousness. Light is your connection to the One.

Light is by nature formless. It is not dependent on any material form. It is free from the constraints of time and space. You are not the material form in which your consciousness dwells at this moment. You are not your body, you are not the flesh and blood of which your body is made, nor the gender, nor the characteristics that belong to your present personality. They are part of you, but you are so much more. You are their origin, their divine creator.

Your infinite soul has dwelled in many different life forms and has experienced a great number of lifetimes throughout the universe. These experiences have enriched you in ways you do not yet recognize. Your sometimes arduous journey through incarnation is nothing short of God’s way of expanding him/herself. Your journey through form is meaningful, for it allows all of creation to expand and proliferate in new and enriching ways.

I know it often does not feel to you this way. You can become overwhelmed by the lack of light and connectedness on earth. I know. I am here to ignite a spark of remembrance in your soul. If you remember who you truly are, you realize that your divine core is still whole and unscathed, in spite of all that you have been through. Feeling your wholeness may give you a sense of relief or even a feeling of ecstasy. This is when you know you are hitting upon the truth. You remember the truth of who you are: a divine soul with infinite possibilities. I am here to remind you of who you are, and to inspire you to bring that awareness to your everyday life.  

There is no real gap between the human you and the divine you. Your divine self is not somewhere else. It is not located in time and space to begin with. If you want to connect to it right now, you can do so by stepping back for a moment from issues that press on your mind and emotions. Imagine your consciousness to become larger, withdrawing from these issues, and entering a space of open awareness. Within that space, there is no needing or wanting, there is just being. It may seem as if this is not going to help you solve any problems in your life, but I am inviting you to simply try. Can you shift your awareness and just observe yourself in a quiet and detached way? Can you be with yourself without judging or interfering? You will find that doing so makes you calm and more relaxed. If your emotions, thoughts or physical sensations draw you out of this calm space, don’t worry. Let it be. Observe what happens. In time you will discover that entering this space of silent awareness is a powerful tool to remember who you are.

This tool is always available to you. You can stay in touch with your wholeness, with the space of freedom within, by always keeping some distance from the things that trouble you, or even excite you in a positive way. By maintaining some distance you keep the awareness alive that these things never define you completely, although they are indeed important in your life. You are more than the emotions and events that transpire in your life. Inside you there is a presence who silently yet intensely observes all of these events and experiences come and go. This presence is indestructible. It is the fountain of life itself.

You chose to temporarily connect your consciousness with a body, a form, in your life on earth. There is a reason for this choice. The body is very precious. It is a wondrous feat that you can focus your consciousness in such a way that it identifies partially with a body, with the person that you are now, man or woman, with all the talents and characteristics that belong to you. However, please do not make the mistake that you are this package of characteristics. You are the consciousness that experiences them. This awareness can set you free.

The divine you, your beingness stripped to the core, is like a wide, open space, empty and yet full of vitality and potential. This is the part of you that is God. This is Home. If you connect to this part of you, you sense relief, joy and freedom. You feel safe. Being in the darkness means that you feel separated from your core, from your connection to the whole. You feel dispelled from the wide inner space which alone can bring you the peace and joy you are searching for. All suffering originates from this sense of disconnection. It is the severest pain your soul can experience.

Understanding the purpose of darkness

Why do souls ever choose to experience separation? The moment you choose to incarnate and live inside a material form, your light gets limited and constrained. Your consciousness gets narrowed down and you lose your sense of infinity. You tend to lose connection with the real you, who is formless, free and unlimited. Especially for young souls, who are in the beginning stage of their incarnation journey, it is easy to forget and to identify themselves with the form they inhabit. It is a sign of maturity when a soul is able to fully inhabit a human body and at the same time realize that that it is not the body but the one who experiences it and gives life to it. As the soul evolves, the awareness is born that there’s something transcending the body, the material form focused in time and space. The mature soul opens up to the dimension of formlessness and starts to recognize that its true essence resides there. In doing so, the evolved soul will be able to bring down the awareness of oneness into the realm of material form.

Why would a soul choose to embark on the journey of incarnation? Why did you choose to be confined by material form, by the cycle of birth and death, and all that goes with it? Wouldn’t it be much more blissful to stay in a state of unbounded oneness all the time? Ask yourself this question. Some of you would say right away that if possible, you would never incarnate again. You would tell me life on earth is too harsh, too dark and that you direly long to go Home and stay there forever. Nonetheless, I am telling you that your soul chose to experience this lifetime you are living on earth, like it chose to experience all of the lifetimes it lived on earth. There is a part to your soul who loves to dance with matter, and I am telling you this is the most divine, sacred and creative part of you. 

God desires to bring light into material form. Spirit (which I use as a synonym for God) created matter for Light to take shape and be experienced by itself. The creation of matter brought into being the dance of consciousness and matter: the dance of spirit and body. The interplay between spirit and body is God’s way of creating. You – as a spirit inhabiting a body - are God’s creation unfolding. As your soul is evolving and maturing, it is becoming more able to hold the light of Spirit and express it through a body. The art of living in a body is to manifest the freedom of Spirit within the material dimension. Anything in the material dimension that is lighted from within by the awareness of Spirit radiates beauty and vitality and adds something important to life. Embodied light is the most precious light there is. By embodying your soul’s light on earth, in a material form, you are expanding God’s creation. You are creating something new, and contributing something to the whole which would not have existed without your unique presence. 

The abundance of life forms existing on earth, in the kingdoms of animal, plant and mineral, reflects Spirit’s desire to manifest in a variety of forms. The beauty and variety of life on earth has evolved out of a dance of spirit and matter, consciousness and form. God longs to express in different forms, because it enriches creation and because it allows all beings to experience beauty, joy and adventure in their life cycles. All beings are sparks of Spirit. Traveling through different forms and getting acquainted with life from many different perspectives brings depth and wisdom to your soul. Even the experience of separation, of darkness, can help to enrich creation. 

You are God. You once made the choice to descend into matter and to shine your light while dwelling in a limited form. This is not some punishment you have to endure. It is the result of a sacred choice you made, as part of God. You are truly a Creator. Beneath the resistance you may feel towards your life on earth right now, there is a deep and enduring desire in your soul to bring light into the dense reality of earth. Shining your light upon the dark parts of earth reality, inside and outside, is truly your soul’s calling. If you do so you experience a kind of fulfillment that touches your heart more deeply than anything else. Even the vision of being up there in heaven in eternal bliss and peace pales by comparison. This is because it is in your nature as a divine being to dance between spirit and body. It is this dance that constitutes the essence of creativity. You, who sometimes feel discouraged by living in a human body on earth, will feel joyful again not by discarding the dance altogether, but by knowing how to bring your light into the darkness.

Darkness and density are part of life on earth. When you experience darkness or density in your life, you feel that the energy is heavy, slow and stuck. You sense a lack of movement, freedom and flow. Always, when there’s this type of density, there are negative thoughts or emotions, which betray a sense of disconnection and separation. I said before that feeling disconnected from Spirit, which means feeling separated from your own essence, is the severest pain a soul can experience. How do you remedy this sense of separation, which makes you feel wounded emotionally and doubtful of the meaning of life?

Carrying your light into the darkness

Today, I invite you to meet with the densest part inside you and welcome it with an open heart. In everyday life, you experience the densest part of you in areas of life in which your energy hardly flows. This may be work, relationships, health or any other aspect of your life. In this area, it is most difficult for you to accept yourself or what life offers you. You experience that aspect of life as an encumbrance, as something that should not have existed. You feel blocked, stuck and I invite you to visualize this density as a stone that you carry, just like the proverbial "millstone round the neck".

You may feel that the density you experience is due to outer circumstances. You may feel that it has been caused by the rejection, betrayal or violence of other people. Or you may say: I do not fit in with life on a place that’s so dark and dense as earth is. It is understandable that part of you reacts in this way. It is the bewildered and shocked part of you that has forgotten about the true power inside your being. It is a traumatized inner child speaking to you through these negative thoughts. This child feels a victim, it feels discarded and disconnected. I invite you to recognize the wisest and lightest part of you, whose sole purpose it is to bring that child home. You have one choice to make. Do you identify with the traumatized child inside, or with the bright and unbroken part of you who is able to heal that child?

The origin of your suffering lies not in the density or darkness of outer reality. It is in your felt inability to rise above the densest part inside of you and embrace it with your light and true radiance. Feeling victimized by the dense part, you resent it and want to get rid of it. To cast out a part of you, makes you feel torn inside. Your soul will not be at peace until the lost child has come home.

Imagine that you are carrying a stone around your neck for real. Take a look and see how heavy or large the stone is. Set your imagination free. The stone contains all the emotions you have difficulty with and all your negative beliefs about living on earth, such as “I am not welcome”, “people don’t understand me”, and so on. The stone carries your fear as well as your resistance to life. It symbolizes what has gotten stuck and blocked inside you. Therefore, the stone also points at your mission in life. It is your soul’s mission to bring light to the densest parts of yourself.

It is your life purpose to shine light on the hardened and petrified parts of you. To spread your light on earth is first and foremost to reach out to the darkness within. As soon as you embrace this journey within, your light will automatically radiate out to others and inspire them to do the same. You do not have to focus on what needs to be remedied in the world. Focus on your own stone. Do you see a picture of it? What color does it have? How does it feel when you pick it up? Say hello to the stone and hold it gently. Allow your consciousness to flow into the stone and sense the energy inside of it. Do you feel anger, or grief, or fear? Allow the stone to tell its story to you.

Remind yourself that you, who are holding the stone, are a being of living light. You are whole and unbroken, safely held within God’s arms. Now watch what happens to the stone by just holding it and turning your attention to it in an open and welcoming way. It will transform. As you connect to it from your divine core, surrounding it with acceptance and quiet understanding, you sprinkle it with sparkles of light. The stone is lit from within. Your consciousness brings life and movement into the stone. It is no longer cold and hard. It gradually transforms into a gemstone. The structure of the stone has changed due to your loving attention. Take a good look and see what color and form it takes.

Now ask the stone: “What is your gift to me?” What kind of quality do you feel is present in the gemstone? Feel it from the inside. Is it compassion, endurance, the ability to surrender and trust? Is it tranquility, courage or joy? Receive the gift. This stone first contained stuck and dark energy. After you embrace it with the quiet power of your true nature, it transforms into a treasure. It will not simply be neutralized; it will be transformed into a gemstone, reflecting your inner beauty and wisdom. What was first a millstone round your neck has become a precious jewel. Pick up the stone and see how it sparkles and shines in a color and form that reflect your unique energy. Allow the gemstone to enter your body and see where it goes naturally. To what part of your body does the stone go spontaneously? What effect does it have on you? It will have healing effect on your body and spirit.

Life continuously invites you to turn to the dense, dark and stuck parts of you. The dance between spirit and body is like a dance between light and dark. As soon as you recognize your true nature, the dance becomes less of a struggle. It becomes a joy. As you become aware of the transformational power of the divine you and invite darkness to come out into the open, the dance of light and dark brings forth precious jewels which show how light can travel into the densest part of reality. The gemstone is the result of the integration of consciousness and matter, the fruit of the dance between spirit and body. Life invites you to perform this dance again and again. Whenever you feel negativity or darkness in your life, please don’t judge. Bring the stone into your imagination. Welcome it and connect to the part of you that is not yet lighted by your divine awareness. Take care of the stone. Your loving attention is the key to enlighten the stone from the inside.  By shining your light upon the dense and dark parts within you, you embrace the dance of creation and God is born on earth through you.

© Pamela Kribbe 2011

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Comment by LeoMex09 on April 20, 2011 at 11:04am
Thank You PAUL for sharing this message,Thank You VEHL LADEA for sharing your beautiful story.
Comment by LeoMex09 on April 20, 2011 at 10:56am


Beloved KERRIE,for sharing


Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on April 19, 2011 at 7:42pm
:)) xxx
Comment by vehl ladea on April 19, 2011 at 6:29pm

Thank you Paul for sharing this info, I always asks and wonder who is that presence inside me who assists and directs me in everything I do here.  While others can give name to whom they are actually channeling with or conversing with, In may case I don't have a particular who.  I discover recently that for the longest time I am connected to the Universal Voices. Everything I read about and heard from the writings of Lightworkers in full action of being in service, I have already perceived as if I've had had that conversation with them  a long time ago. Even as I am talking to a friend in need of help, I am often asks how I could read their minds. When I came to know Christ more during my teenage years, He helped me understand more about Love, Buddha helped me with Knowing and understanding more of life.  about 2 years after graduation, me and my roommate are talking about angels, she made me describe what mine looks like and told me to ask his name, even in meditation I couldn't hear his name, so I searched for an actual look alike in pictures or even in statues, after 2 years I found him and was able discovery that he's Uriel, after 5 years an Astrologer who live across the globe from where I am and don't even know me personally, only my date of birth, told me through her readings that Uriel has been with me from the other side of this veil and even from the time I entered in this world he has been assisting my life here.  I was so shocked.  There are as many  beings, most are Angelic, some are elemental some are souls of the departed loved ones who enters into my unconscious mind and give me information or asks for help.  But I feel that there is this presence in me truly,  that sees and remembers everything my human form doesn't know about. Again another piece of myself was found.  Thank you sooo much for this information. I felt "Lighter" and I could see clearer the flow of energies around me. 


Blessed be,


Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on April 19, 2011 at 2:46pm

Thank you Paul I can relate to light is formless because when I did a group meditation years ago on connecting with your guides all I got was light,

inside you is a presence......... yes I feel that presence and it is so comforting,this is why I retreat from people a lot, I can feel that presence better when I am alone, but my personality finds excitement to be with people, yet I can't stay for long, I constantly need to retreat,I have thought this was a weakness in me, but I now understand it is not, but the more I let go of judgement, the more I allow this personality to enjoy people,for it is such a strong desire to connect with others,so I move around not staying in one town for long, all my life this is what I do, move from town to town,I thought I was running away from myself,but I feel it is my way of keeping my vibes up there, sort of survival. is good with soul integration for yes it is true we will not feel at peace until the lost child comes home,The Federation of Light have said it is not our desire that only a few of us ascend and this is so, we are all one!This is at the core of the divine feminine, as the saying goes a mother is only as happy as her saddest child. 

smile I hope I am making sense Paul, it all just comes out and I just let it be,thanks for this ((Hugs))


P.S. I love this:


Now ask the stone: “What is your gift to me?” What kind of quality do you feel is present in the gemstone? Feel it from the inside. Is it compassion, endurance, the ability to surrender and trust? Is it tranquility, courage or joy? Receive the gift. This stone first contained stuck and dark energy. After you embrace it with the quiet power of your true nature, it transforms into a treasure. It will not simply be neutralized; it will be transformed into a gemstone, reflecting your inner beauty and wisdom. What was first a millstone round your neck has become a precious jewel.


I got an emerald green crystal and compassion and it went into my solar plexus! so true for me for I can not go forward with empowerment unless I have mastered compassion,this I know.


12/10/10~The Federation of Light~


Do not reserve your greatest Love for those you feel deserve it. GIVE of LOVE to ALL. BE of LOVE to ALL. And when ALL understand of this … you have Ascended into your new world.






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I was given this name in my mind at 3am in the morning,I asked who it was and was told thyself! so I am guessing it is an aspect of me from else where,maybe Arcturus as I have been guided by The Arcturians many times and mediums have told me I am from there,which explains why I resonate so much to their channels,I am guessing they are a part of The Federation of Light,I love them so very much,when I am contacted I get very emotional and call them family.

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