26.2.14 - As I prepare for our group this morning I can see a group of Native American Indians and one in particular reminds me of the actor Russell Means who died in 2012 from throat cancer.

If I’m right can you come forward please? I almost choked coughing at this point!

There are many brought to bear witness and we come in all faith and in surety of spirit that we will prevail - we will uncover what is needed to help us go forward into the light of true understanding.

I can also see a younger Native American with long dark hair and a white feather in his hair.

This has been a time of great happiness for us here on the other side and we all shall make a stand for the human race, preparing ourselves for a further foray abroad, harnessing the energy and bringing greater rewards to each soul on Earth at this time.

I can now see Chief Dan George/White Cloud and also the face of a woman who looks like the lady on the cover of ‘Trail of Tears’ who reminds me of Kerrie. 

We are reminded that we come in all faith to bring this to fruition and it is a time of great remembrance. 

Can I ask is it Chief Dan George or is it White Cloud? I know Chief Dan George has passed to spirit and he may be put out that he is not acknowledged as himself, but I suspect he would not mind being linked with White Cloud for maybe they are one and the same!

 We come in all honesty to bring forward a new reflection of our Light! 

There are tears in my eyes now.

And it is with this greater understanding that we move forward, preparing you for further updates, challenging the thought process that come into your mind with never ending constancy.

Thank you my friends so much, I do love you all whatever your names. There was a loud crack in the room then in answer!  Our group is coming soon, should I speak first today? (Each week we take turns of sitting for communication).

We do in all essence come forward to cheer you on and we gather together with greater fortitude for the times ahead, asking you not to lose faith.

At this point I could hear the group arriving and had to stop. After we settled down, one of the girls saw me wearing a band around my forehead and saw feathers being wafted around my face in a cleansing motion with the name Silver Wing.

We bring you Love, we bring you joy, we bring you clarity of vision and we will open up those centres within you needed for this excursion into the great unknown. It is without doubt a most joyous time for us to be able to come among you and to sit and to talk with you.

Tears stung my eyes here and I spoke in a gruffer emotional voice.

This brings us the utmost joy and contentment and more than you can ever imagine – for we love you so!

There was a strong smell of tobacco that was different to the white sage I had burnt to cleanse the room earlier.

We wish there were more like you on the Earth plane that could carry our vision of truth and justice for all, but the lights are growing stronger and more powerful and we carry this vision to the greater population as a whole. We see the light growing in your minds and in your hearts across the waters and on to destinations that you have never been to, that you have never seen with your own physical eyes. And there are even greater delights in store for you and yours, for your families and for all mankind, and we prepare you for this grand reunion when we may gather together once more.

A different more feminine energy drew close and held me in such love.

We bathe ourselves in the Light of the Great Divine and sing our songs of Love.

Another frequency came close which felt heavy – it was as if I was experiencing how spirit must feel when they come into the density of Earth. The voice in my head didn’t sound human it was more like the voices I’ve heard in the old TV show called Star gate.  I was almost afraid to open my mouth and speak and was relieved when I heard my own voice.

 We come in all honesty to do your bidding and we have been granted access. We come from the Light and to the Light we shall return but we would like to say that we are most honoured to be welcomed into this circle of friendship. We are behoving to you and your friend for joining us today. It feels quite strange to be here . . . I feel light headed and somewhat lopsided! It is a very enclosed feeling  . . . like a deep sea diver with the heaviness of limbs. It is like breathing through mud almost. I shall withdraw!  I had to ask them to step back as if felt so uncomfortable.

 27.2.14 – Today I sat in my sanctuary feeling melancholy and rather alone; tuning in I found the solace I needed. I'm including this as it relates to yesterday.

We represent a gathering of the clan administering services needed on a grand scale across the world; there are many who are drawn to us and we instigate a network of services right across the globe, ushering in a new awareness for mankind. This has been a most challenging time for us all. We appreciate these times with you when we may sit in the silence and become one within your heart.

I feel the peace and the reverence within my heart and I send out my love into the ethers to be used and amalgamated with all those souls who do the same for the good of all mankind.

We are most appreciative of your services my dear.

(As I’m listening to the recording and typing these words I can see the face of a man who looks like Chief Dan George but there is a subtle difference).

We open up a network of services far and wide challenging you to accept the expedition we are on and which is growing stronger day by day. We are in unchartered territory and not exempt from the pains and sorrows that come with this task of letting go. The adjustments to our energy circuits put us in touch with a higher framework that will allow for a greater union. We sanction the services that bring us together in a network of love that initiates a raw understanding of the very aspect of our being, the interwoven energies that unite us, bombarding the atmosphere with a (sounds like) gelital substance creating massive impact in your world. This substance binds us together in the truest sense, uniting our thought forms.

While I’m speaking I’m seeing soft lilac and gold patterns of some substance, and a skeletal spine structure. What do you mean by gelital substance, I don’t understand?

We revolve around the same formula that unites us as one – there is an interconnecting of circuits that has a gelatinous substance.

I’m seeing a sticky substance and if you touch it with your finger it stretches and pulls out, similar to the star gate material.

Are you liking it to what fires ours nerve connections, which are covered in a sheath of sorts, something of that nature?

This substance activates a connection between our circuits enabling us to come closer together. It is how you say - a unanimous connection that enables us to share information back and forth across the great divide. It enable us to sample the truth within your very being, bypassing bravado and getting to the very core of how you are feeling at any moment in time. There is no bluffing, no subterfuge for we can gauge your reaction to our words instantaneously; you are now thinking – does this all make sense and are you talking poppy cock! But we know deep within there is an essence of believability in what we say and what we bring to you on a daily basis. We ask you to be encouraged by this! Our connection with one another has come on in leaps and bounds and we are encouraged also by your progress, by your adaptability to change and by your constant searching of truth and clarity to share with your friends on Earth. We vouch for our integrity and yours also!

I’m seeing the gold and purple patterns and feel lots of tickling on my chin.

We are catapulted into a new scenario and we ask you to adjust your vision to maintain that clearness and spontaneity that we have come to love in you, for no matter what we bring, we know you take it on board with a most loving heart and we sanction a greater awareness so that you may grow and prosper in our Love as we reach out to you across this great expanse of Love and eternal bliss.

Is it possible for you to tell me who was with me yesterday when I felt a real heaviness in my body and heart? Is that how it feels when you blend with me in the heaviness of my earthly body?

We feel your boundaries and your limitations, we feel the heaviness of the physicality that encloses your soul, but we also feel the expansiveness of your true essence and the myriad adjustments we can make to help you survive on the Earth plane. It is a wondrous thing to be interconnected with our Star family and even when you are here on Earth we are still connected!

I can feel my head moving round really slowly and can see my starburst painting in my mind. I’ve opened my eyes and am looking up at the sky now. This is what you are trying to show me isn’t it.  I love you! You fill my heart with love, you give me purpose, you give me hope, you give me expectancy of what is to come, ‘a grander vision for mankind’!  I think I shall call our second book this.

We are bound by the ecstasy in your soul and we magnify and manifest this for all to see.

I feel as if I’m floating and it’s wonderful.

We broadcast to the world on a band wave of frequency that is within your hearts and you may all tap into this connectiveness, it is there for you all, it is FREE, you do not have to pay copious amounts of money for this privilege – it is there for you all; it is an essence, an essence of your very being. And if perchance the next time you sit in a park for instance within the confines of nature – lift your face to the sun, feel its warmth caressing you, feel the breeze in your hair, the touch of it on your face. Breath in that essence of who you truly are, connected to all that is, connected to us your brethren, who forever watch over you and are delighted with your progress on the Earth plane. We are so delighted in watching you learning and growing in the classroom of Earth. We are mesmerised by your antics at times – you make us chuckle! And we stroke you and caress you during those times of sadness and self-doubt; we come among you and uplift you for you are so precious to us. We aim to set you on the pathway to success, to be uplifted in your endeavours and to forge a strong and silent pathway. We are ever grateful for your offerings to us and to those about you and we bring greater reserves of energy to see you through the weeks and months ahead.

I send out my love to you dear friends and thank you for your love and your upliftment, and for the peace you bring within my heart. I’m seeing vivid purple and gold at this point.

Go now my sister in peace, we will be there at your side in the dark hours ahead and in the lightness of your heart.


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Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on March 3, 2014 at 3:58am

Oh gosh Kerrie that link to 'Spirit' had me choking back the tears, I really wanted to howl but Gary was sitting next to me and I really struggled to hold it in!  such a beautiful inspiring video.

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on March 2, 2014 at 8:58pm

I am glad you have Skype for now dear Eileen,soon we won't need it:) everyone you must watch this communication with a magnificent black panther,OMG ....tears!!!!

The Animal Communicator - SPIRIT and Anna Breytenbach

Comment by Brenda Hoffman on March 2, 2014 at 9:35am

So loving. Thank you Eileen!

Comment by Grant on March 1, 2014 at 7:11am

Thanks  beautiful friend ..... "AND ITS FREE"........... love is it  xox

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on February 28, 2014 at 9:35pm

How wonderful Kerrie a double bundle of Love to look forward to! I just love babies and it is so lovely watching them grow into little people, curious about the world around them.  It melts your heart when they come and sit next to you of their own accord, bringing a book for you to read to them. We visit as often as we are able but both daughters are 4 hours away. Thank goodness for Skype!

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on February 28, 2014 at 9:23pm

Kelly what a lovely connection you have,you are blessed:)

Eileen it is interesting spirit came back to you after you had your family,that is what has happened with me,my children were my life,I brought them up on my own and they had my complete attention,now they have lives I always dreamt they would have and I have two beautiful little grandsons thanks to my daughter and now my son has just told me they are having their first and it is twins!

So I have been doing some dancing of my own:) my life has been a challenge too and I wouldn't like to do it again,but I guess it makes us stronger Eileen and White Cloud is apparently renowned for assisting women I was told by a man I met a few months ago at church who has had White Cloud as his guide for 35yrs!

So yes indeed his tribe is coming together:)

In Australian author Dawn Hill's book 'A little help from my friends' a lady had a regression and she recalled her life as a Medicine woman who was sent away from the village after she was unable to save the Chief,everyone knew  she didn't like the Chief,she died of a broken heart alone and White Cloud who used to be the Medicine man before her came to her in spirit and held her hand telling her not to look back.

I read that book over 20 years ago,so White Cloud was sort of in my life back then,well I bet he has been around for a few of his tribe members for many years before we knew of him.

I will treat my self dear Eileen,Nepal will assist me I am sure,I need so much help to get out of this mind of mine:) bless it! 

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on February 28, 2014 at 6:48pm

Hi Kelly it seems the tribe is widening even further and its getting sooo exciting! Kerrie I used to feel cross with myself for missing the signposts when I was in my twenties because I would have been able to get to know my Star friends sooner.  After the abuse in my marriage (another reason why I had my nose changed because I felt ugly) I lived in a bedsit alone for ten years feeling worthless for most of that time. With hindsight I see the signposts I ignored that could have set me on the trail sooner and brought me so much joy. However, I don't believe in crying over split milk, and I always get back up dust myself down and start all over again! I eventually found the love of my life and we had two beautiful daughters and two wonderful grandsons.  I learned yesterday too that my eldest daughter is having another baby and I was dancing round the house with happiness; spirit told me she was a few months back and I have been waiting for the confirmation!  If you'd have told me way back in the 70's in my bare little room that I would marry a man who would truly love me, I wouldn't have believed you. But Spirit knew and after I had my family they came into my life with gusto! I'm retired from work now and make time to sit and link with them for an hour every week day and its like food for my spirit.  Perhaps the older we get the closer we get to them before our return home! Treat yourself Kerrie to some pampering from spirit, its so easy once you get in to it.

Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on February 28, 2014 at 4:47pm

Dear Eileen,

Thank you.  I love how you share your own feelings during these visits.  As I read this tonight, I was visited by a Cherokee Grandmother Medicine Woman from Oklahoma.  She was born on the Trail of Tears, and was a brave, kind, loving and generous woman during her most recent incarnation.  She is the great grandmother of one of my very dear friends, and raised him until he was 14.  She used to only visit when her grandson was here and we were working together.  Now, she visits when I am here by myself, usually when there is something spiritual happening.  Tonight, she was here to "punctuate" your message.  Whenever she is here, I know that something of import is occurring.  "Earth's Classroom" message here is one of Love and encouragement.  Thank you again.

The Great Spirit IS gifting ALL with many blessings, and ALL always have the wisdom to recognize them.  Namaste!
With Gratitude, Love, Light & Compassion,

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on February 28, 2014 at 8:48am

Beautiful Eileen! thank you,I love how they do not judge 'our density' I can imagine it would feel heavy for them,I liken it to the feelings I have felt just before going to sleep at night when I was about 11yrs old and I would have strange experiences,I couldn't talk to my parents about,but now I think I understand what was happening,things would be going fast around me and my body felt like lead,I had the same experience a few years ago when I came back into my body after leaving it at a mediums.

How I envy you your group,I keep searching for one,White Cloud has found  2 ladies for me over the years and they lead me to their group, but they seem to be on their own path,I have not found anyone yet who is with me on this.

I love how they didn't say ego but used the word' bravado'..... (This substance activates a connection between our circuits enabling us to come closer together. It is how you say - a unanimous connection that enables us to share information back and forth across the great divide. It enable us to sample the truth within your very being, bypassing bravado and getting to the very core of how you are feeling at any moment in time. There is no bluffing, no subterfuge for we can gauge your reaction to our words instantaneously; ) ...( plasma?)

....for I am over us humans judging everything including the ego,how can we heal it if we continue to ignore it or worst judge it! We are being taught to be loving to ourselves and that includes our egos!

I have only had 2 hrs sleep tonight,it was a beautiful night however,it rained all night,I felt a cleansing,it has been a challenging 5 years and I feel as if I have missed out on being uplifted and connected with so many beings that have contacted me due to my feelings of unworthiness,I created people around me who reinforced that belief in myself,yet I always had so many others around me who were doing the opposite,who were uplifting me,yet I focused on the negative and allowed them to reinforce my unworthiness,why do we do that??????? I know I am not alone in doing that! I give thanks to my guides for their persistence with me,maybe through us they can understand how challenging it is down here.



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