Archangel Michael 2014 Outlook

Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you at this wonderful and most glorious time. You are now opening to the wonderful aspects of yourself as you move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart space. You are now opening a new doorway as you move into your year of 2014.

It is now about moving to the fruition of your soul’s divine plan and your purpose and mission in this lifetime.

Many of you are continuing to tie up lose ends from your year of 2013 and crossing over into 2014. In 2013 many of you had come to a threshold. If you have tied up loose ends in your life, both in the physical third dimensional realm, within yourself and in your relationships, you have moved to a basis of truth within yourself, the being-ness of you. If you have done this you have moved to a threshold at the end of 2013 to move into 2014.

Your year of 2013 was a jumping off point into the opening of a new doorway. What will transpire in 2014 is the opening of a brand new doorway. In the first three months of 2014 for most of you, a new doorway will open. This will be a new doorway into the unknown. When this doorway opens there will be a question asked of you: Are you ready to fully step into your divine purpose and mission in this lifetime? Moving to another level of this and expanding it. Are you ready to move to another level of the life you are living? This will transpire in the first three months in 2014.

Your year of 2014 will be a year of moving “up the ladder”, where you will be taking gradual steps up that ladder. Many of you in 2013 were still weeding out the old and why we had asked you to tie up loose ends. It is important to tie up these loose ends so you can step into the new doorways that will be opening in 2014.

2014 will be broken into four three - month periods. A new doorway will open in each specific three - month period and this will be a new step up on the ladder into raising your resonance and vibration. You’ll be moving deeper within your heart to raise your resonance and vibration higher. Moving into the purity of the impeccability and integrity of the word and the purity of life. So We ask you: Are you telling the same old story? Are your relationships moving to a pure state where you are raising the resonance and vibration of the relationship? Or, are your relationships still moving along in the old? Is there an old story of the relationship? It is important you look at your relationships.

In the first three months, when the doorway opens, it will be important to look at with whom you will be walking through that doorway with. If you are looking at yourself honestly, truthfully, impeccably with integrity and asking all the questions we have been asking you to ask yourself, and looking at what needs to be tied up in your life, it is important to now look at your relationships. See in the relationships what needs to be tied up and what needs to be expressed. It is time to tie up the loose ends in your relationships if you are moving to higher levels in group consciousness and in your life individually. You are moving up the ladder with others in group consciousness now. And you are also doing this individually because of your individual modalities and endeavors that express who you are and the being-ness of you. You are then adding this to group consciousness.

It is important to look at your relationships because the first doorway that will open in 2014 will be a doorway to enter on the new pathway into the unknown with whomever choose to do this with. It is about the resonance and vibration of these relationships. Look at each individual relationship you are having with others. If you are choosing to walk through that doorway in these relationships make sure these relationships are open and truthful and the loose ends in these relationships are tied up. What needs to be expressed and what needs to be healed?

You are now moving into a higher vibration and resonance. As you do this the vibration and resonance becomes more pure as if moving into rarified air, a rarified resonance and vibration. It is time to look at the murmur of low vibrational energy that still exists in your life. Where are you holding onto the old story in your relationships? What are you holding onto that you need to release if in fact it is your decision to release it? By tying up these loose ends along with what is transpiring within you, you can connect with those who choose to raise the level of resonance and vibration in relationships and in group consciousness. So you can step on the pathway in the unknown to create to a greater extent your modality and what you are to give to the world in service to it and move to the next level in your soul’s divine plan and your purpose and mission in this lifetime.

Your year of 2014 will be broken into four three-month segments with four specific and crucial door openings on your way to the year of 2015. The year of 2014 is about raising resonance and vibration. Raising the resonance and vibration within yourself, in group consciousness and in collective consciousness.

In order to do this it is important to set firm intentions for 2014 in this first three month period. This will direct the will for life outside of you and where you want to bring your life. The clarity of the intentions, the clarity of your modality and your endeavor will give clarity for your life and yourself. Set these intentions individually and collectively. By being specific with a specific definition you direct your will for life and state to the universe what you intend to manifest in 2014.

Your year of 2014 is about raising your resonance and vibration. It about looking at the murmur of low vibrational energy in your personal relationships and in group relationships to see if this is hindering the group or your personal relationships.

2014 is about creating relationships. Moving into We Consciousness. This is why at the end of 2013 We asked you to look at your life and your relationships to tie up the loose ends in them. It is now about moving through the new doorway and creating new relationships in we consciousness. These new relationships are formed at a higher vibration and resonance, a purer resonance and vibration. So look at what may not be pure in your life. For it is now about releasing the low underlying murmur of low vibrational energy of what transpires in your relationships. In this first three-month period continue to do this because a new doorway will open in your third month of 2014.

As you move into the second three-month period in 2014 you will gain a clearer definition of yourself, your endeavors and your group endeavors. You will begin to connect with those who resonate and vibrate as you. Keep in my, look at your relationships and who you are connecting with now. Are they a reflection of your resonance and vibration? Or are you still murmuring and meandering in old relationships that you cannot release yourself from?

The second three-month period is about moving into a collective consciousness with others of like mind, like soul, like purpose and mission. It is about moving into a higher vibration and resonance into a greater collective consciousness with those outside of you.

In the third three-month period you will begin to form new relationships. Quite possibly new personal relationships and solidifying these relationships in relationship to your soul’s divine plan and your mission and purpose in this lifetime. You will be solidifying these relationships and making agreements in these relationships that will allow you to move to the next doorway together.

Each and every one of you is looking to form new relationships in we consciousness. In the microcosm(your personal relationships) and in the macrocosm, (your collective consciousness relationships). Your new group relationship is about forming a collective consciousness. This is why we ask the individual to look at their consciousness. Is the collective consciousness at a resonance of high vibration? Or is there a murmur of low vibrational (old story) resonance and vibration? It is about fine-tuning yourself to what is old to move into what is new. Releasing the old murmur of low vibrational resonance within you and the old story that you hold onto in your relationships as it is now. It is about clearing and cleaning house.

Your third three-month period is about solidifying relationships. Defining and refining them to move together through that new doorway.

The fourth three-month period as you come to the end of 2014, the mechanizations of your collective consciousness will be put into place in group consciousness. Each doorway is a doorway to a greater unknown. 2014 is about moving up the ladder. Each doorway is an opening to take a step up on the ladder. Moving and ascending within you and in collective or group consciousness. This is a year to affect the collective consciousness by raising the level of resonance and vibration of yourself and the group. It is time to look at your resonance and vibration.

This is what you can expect in your year of 2014 as you move along the pathway. It will be a year of transformation, truth, transparency, and authenticity. Greater truth will be revealed in your outer third dimensional realm in the old world of form. In your old political systems, government systems, social systems, corporate systems, truth will be revealed through transparency and authenticity. Yet it is about moving into the depth and breadth of your transparency and authenticity and your willingness to be transparent and authentic and truthful. This raises the level of resonance and vibration. In order to begin the entrainment of collective consciousness into the new of we consciousness, it is about entraining your nervous system to a higher vibration by releasing the old lower vibrational energies.

The year of 2014 is a movement into we consciousness and greater levels of it. We consciousness in your personal relationships and in your collective conscious group relationships. The only way this can transpire is when you connect with each individual and serve and support their highest good to raise the level of resonance and vibration. In 2014, look at how you relate to others. Are you supporting and raising their resonance and vibration? Or not? Are you continuing to look at what isn’t in the relationship, at what the individual isn’t doing? This is your story and thus stuck at that murmur of low vibrational energy. It is about holding up the mirror with those you are with and being open to receive this. By doing this you are holding their highest good in mind as others do this with you. Can you do this without defending?

2014 is another step up the ladder to raising your consciousness and awareness to yourself through transparency and authenticity with yourself. Are you speaking your truth to yourself? 2014 is a brand new step into we consciousness, collective consciousness for the good of the whole. Celebrate your individuality, your uniqueness, your individual talents and gifts, your modalities, and endeavors that express your mission and purpose individually in this lifetime. If you so choose you can take this into a collective consciousness with others.

Look at your attachments that still exist to your third dimensional world of form. What in the third dimensional world of form holds you in the low vibrational energy through your belief system? 2014 is a continuation of the clearing and cleansing process within you and in your third dimensional realm.

You will see various weather patterns that will greatly affect areas of your world through a clearing and cleansing process. What will transpire in your old third dimensional world of form is a clearing and cleansing process as well. You will be seeing transparent and authentic truth coming through in the old third dimensional world of form. All of this is about raising the level of resonance and vibration into a collective conscious, in we consciousness. This is what you can expect in 2014.

It is about raising the level of resonance and vibration in your individual process and raising it in your group consciousness and into the collective consciousness. Each specific doorway that will open in each three-month period will be an opening for you to step up the ladder. What will transpire is; many will make that choice and some will not. This doorway will only open at a specific time period and it will then close. Each doorway will remain open for a specific period of time and then it will close. Each and every one of you will energetically know when the doorway is opening. It will be up to you to walk through it. It will be shown to you in the third dimensional world of form. Opportunities will come to you that may just bring up your old wounding, your old defense patterns in each aspect of each doorway.

There will be those who choose to move through the doorway in the first three months. If you do make that choice and continue on the pathway into the unknown a new doorway will open in the second three months as it will in the third three month period and in the final period as well. Each doorway will have a specific period of time that it will remain open and then it will close.

This is why We ask you to tie up your loose ends to close those doors and lock them shut. As light workers and way showers you are being asked to “take it to another level”. In transparency and authenticity move into the being – ness of the light worker and the way shower. If in fact, in your soul fragment’s divine plan, your mission is to be a light worker and way shower in the truth of it, the transparency of it, the authenticity of it and in the being-ness of it, it is important that you are pure. It is important that your heart is open. It is important that if any old low vibrational murmur in relationships or anything in your life still exists, it now be scrutinized by you. Is this important in my life? Am I ready to release any of the old attachments and why am I still attached to that in relationships? Clean your slates dear ones for your year of 2014 is upon you.

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Comment by Timothy James Hughes on January 14, 2014 at 12:58pm

This message is very similar to the one given on January 11, 2014 by Adamus with the Crimson Circle.  You may read the transcript or watch it later this week at  Michael's message is very important.  The opportunity to move up the ladder is within our grasp and choice.

Comment by Melvin "Yahweh" M. Lusterio on January 14, 2014 at 11:05am

The Good Force be with you!

Nice message, Archangel Michael! Thanks for posting & thanks again for your help!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) *

Comment by Grant on January 14, 2014 at 9:16am

LOVE it trust it be it  ty xox

Comment by Kit Blackburn Sr. on January 14, 2014 at 4:00am

Out with the old and in with the new. Replace fear with love. Remove hate and bitterness with joy and kindness. Be the greatness that you are searching for.

Love the light,


Comment by Orea De Sa'Hana on January 14, 2014 at 12:02am

It may not show yet, but I agree that big things are happening below the surface. It behooves us to prepare ourselves any way we can, every way we can. 

This does, indeed, seem to be the time to examine, release, let go (I know this sounds redundant), and move on and forward. If unsure what to do and how to do it, ask for guidance and help. It will come to you, one way or another. I intend to do this with some of my stickier "problems." God bless us all in our endeavors. 

Comment by vicente carranza on January 13, 2014 at 9:49pm

I have been a metaphysical person since 1969.  I became a spiritual warrior in 1975 and a Shaman later. What I just read is what all astrologers say, what all the people that come from the school of "positive thinkers' say.  All of  it is so general and could fit any person.  Because any human being would want nothing but good things to happen to him/her and and are always hopeful would find something to hook up to in any general discussion like the one I just read.   Read 4 newspapers from the four corners of the USA for five days and see if you will come out with the same thing. The physical world guides us in the spiritual world. If what you said on the above article is true why is it that in 16 years you will not have the same life you have today. And by 2050 the USA will not exist as we know it today. Could you please explain that. Please.  Thank you and God bless.

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on January 13, 2014 at 9:18pm

AAngel Michael has been very active the last few days:)

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