16.1.14 – I can see a white feather bonnet and can feel a presence drawing close; the closer they draw the more emotional I become. Clouds of purple are washing over me and I can hear the rain outside pattering against the window pane.  I’m very much aware that Australia is experiencing the opposite with heat waves up in the 40’s and I’m sending out love and blessings to Kerrie and all in Australia who may be feeling uncomfortable. I’ve just been given a glimpse of gold filigree at this point.


I love you dear Star friends so much; I’m finding it such a struggle on Earth to make ends meet and feeling so tearful.  I know there are so many who are struggling just like me who do not have the luxury of tuning into their ‘Oneness’ to get that comfort and solace but I pray soon that they will!  The tears are coursing down my cheeks and I feel as I did many years ago, resting my head in my mother’s lap and pouring out my grief and anguish, and she would soothe me, stroking my hair until I was calm. Purple clouds wash over me and are sweeping round and round; I appear to be in a tunnel and am feeling calmer now.  I can see a gold network of patterns overlaying the purple and there is such a wonderful peace here.


We are ready to make our move and we solidify arrangements that will enable this procession, transporting you to heaven in the blink of an eye.  We register your concerns and a harbouring of resentment at times when you have been stuck in the mud so to speak.  This has been a great testing time for us all and we initialise further feedback to allow us to move forward on this beam of light.  Depend on us to instigate a renewal of services- this is a time of renewal, a time of gathering together and pooling our resources. 


We have stood back and allow you to make up your own minds as to where your allegiances lay but now we step forward to assist you.  We reprogramme an inordinate amount of information ready to feed into your circuits, and we challenge you to accept this understanding that we bring to you, in all reverence, and in all hope for a glowing future for mankind.  It serves us well to bring this now to your attention and we believe we shall get better feedback in the near future, allowing greater reserves of energy to penetrate your energy fields, undertaking and generating further studies and allowing you to ‘feel’ in the truest sense our aspirations and joys at taking you on board once more. 


We allow further information and regenerate your systems pulling you to the foreground; we jumpstart your circuits and push you forward into the arena ready to do our bidding, and we know you take this on board with great dexterity and a willingness to learn and grow.  This is not done under duress, we know this, and we would not want you to do anything you were not happy with.  Please accept our apologies for what has been a troublesome time of late.  We champion the cause and point you in the right direction, allowing further updates.  We blend together with perfect ease, a joyous association. 


Be prepared to do your duty and allow us a modicum of comfort as we enter your zone, your energy field.  We do wrap you in cotton wool to shelter you from the harsh knocks that have taken their toll; we prepare for greater sacrifice and this shall lead us further afield into new territory.  It goes without saying that we shall be there by your side, and we deliver a whole host of remedies that shall lead us to the land of plenty, where dreams really do come true.  We show you the way, ushering you into our domain, perfectly attuned, a grand enterprise monitored and projected onto your line of vision.  We obey the Master within, honouring our connection with the unseen and tapping into those reserves of energy available


I’m gasping at the purple and gold before me, it is like a spider’s web only much more intricate.


We join with the Divine in essence.  Glory be to God in Heaven.


That Divine essence of ‘Oneness’ is who we are . . . who we all are!  I wish everyone could see the kaleidoscope of patterns of gold on purple that I am seeing now . . . it is so beautiful.


We will don that cloak of immortality and bide forever more in the heavens across the universes, across the universal mind.  The expansiveness of all creation is there before you to explore in all its splendour.  There is no limitation . . . there is only exploration . . . continuous as the stars and in the knowledge that we shall never expire.


In whatever form that we choose; we go on and on and on, choosing to experience in different formats, different formations and patterns of growth.


We register this interval as being a great success and we terminate this contact to allow you to rest and go about your business on the Earth plane.  We thank you for allowing us to look into those circuits within you so that we may refresh you, so that you may continue your journey with greater success.  Be of good cheer for we are always here with you, always in the background watching over proceedings.  You have only to call for help and we are there beside you, giving you the help you need to keep you on course.  And we do understand your needs and desires and we will focus on what is necessary to bring you what you so obviously deserve, and this will create a barrier with the outer worlds, a barrier of healing balm. 


I can still see the purple and golden shapes and it feels as if I’m in some kind of structure, it is hard to focus enough to say what it is though, all I know is that I feel calm and at peace.  I’m now sensing a disc floating away.  I went back into the house and slept as I always do after a healing session.  I’m sharing this as it shows just how much support we do have from our Star friends, especially if we take the time to unburden ourselves and listen to their advice.


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Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on January 23, 2014 at 11:21pm

Thank you Terence as always for your positive input.

Comment by Terence Arthur Deighton on January 23, 2014 at 1:14am

Regarding the I AM Presence coming into our Life-Streams & the conversion from Carbon-based 'Shells' to Crystal based = Patricia Cota-Robles


Comment by K. P. Kelly, Administrator on January 22, 2014 at 3:55pm

Dear Eileen,

Thank you for sharing your personal healing message.  It is confirmation of what is available to all of us, and that all we need to do is to reach out.  I hope that you continue to feel better, and that the recharging stays with you.  :-)  ( )s too!

May The Great Spirit gift you with many blessings, and may you always have the wisdom to recognize them.  Namaste!

With Love, Light & Gratitude, K. P. Kelly

Comment by martha on January 20, 2014 at 3:16am

Thank you :) xxx

Comment by Brenda Hoffman on January 18, 2014 at 5:11am

Dear Eileen - Thank you!

Comment by Grant on January 18, 2014 at 4:10am

Thank you Eileen............... love yr msgs xox

Comment by Terence Arthur Deighton on January 17, 2014 at 11:47pm

Wow Eileen - Again - I said you were Blessed (& a Chosen One of the Fed'Of'Light).

I'm so glad you shared this Personal Channelling for YOU.. For ME, it validates this Moment-In-Time being a testing time - Will people fall by the wayside, or keep TOTAL FAITH/LOVE/PASSION for 'What Is To Come'.

It also validates again that ''JUST BEING' or in 'THE NOW', isn't enough. WE all have to participate in helping Mankind in our own way.

- - - -

On the 14-1-14, I woke up Shivering (Major Shift),,,, by the end of the day, I had to write everything I got down, as some of it was 'Out-of-the-Box' stuff. I put it in a discussion here (maybe an appropriate time would show),,, but at the bottom I wrote this.....

If that wasn't enough, this morning I woke up Shivering (& I don't do shiver as I have a condition called Polythycemia, which means I develop too many Red blood cells - never cold). By lunchtime, I had to go into deep meditation again as this was a SHIFT - What I got was - "Sacred Initiation Flames are finished, It is time for 9 weeks of Rose-Pink Rays coming up from the Grid (Silver) in the Earth at our Dolphin Matrix Chakra - Also 9 weeks of the I AM Presence energy coming down from the Grid (Golden), which is at our Christ Conscious Chakra - Also known as the 'Golden Energy of the Christ Consciousness' & coming 24/7, not just in Dreamstate......

Eileen this ties in again with your 'Gold on Purple',,,,,, Ive been told to bring this energy, Down & Up from the Grid, firstly for myself, then my daughters, then son-in-laws, then grandchildren, then "The whole of Mankind, who has a Sacred Contract that takes them into the 5th Dimension"..... & 3 times a day (if poss')........ This is the SERVICE they hoping we'll choose (with our Free Will),, as White Cloud said - We have stood back and allow you to make up your own minds as to where your allegiances lay but now we step forward to assist you.

- - - - -

But the main reason I've shared this is it links into Apple Goddess's - - It seems to me it is the lightworkers and earth angels who are suffering most!  SOMEONE or SOMETHING is turning the screws on us.. - - She is so correct!! & I need to let her know she is not alone.

Because I AM doing their will & bringing these energies Up & Down Mankinds Lifestreams,,, & there is a Dark Dragon called Voosloo (Dark & Light & 12th Dimensional), that comes to try & disrupt me.... I AM having to bring in more Protection, in a Golden Sphere of Light, that stretches from the Golden Grid above - through my Lifestream - & down to the Silver Grid (Christ Cons' chakra down to Dolphin Matrix chakra). Then the Elohim tell me I can continue with my 'Work of Service' for mankind.

As White Cloud also said - Be prepared to do your duty and allow us a modicum of comfort as we enter your zone, your energy field.

Everyone needs to raise their Vibration, their Protection, their Love/Passion & Faith

Just another test,, as their has been all the way, on this Beautiful Journey,, & THE EVENT, puts us on the bottom rung; of the Ladder to another Spectacular Journey

- - - -

Look after yourself Apple Goddess - Know you are Loved, just ask for Protection

Eileen thanks again for this wonderful Sharing xLuv&Lightx

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on January 17, 2014 at 9:16pm

I did manage to work it out after all but it is big so I'll put the link here


Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on January 17, 2014 at 8:55pm

Yes it was interesting White Eagle came forward,Stacy hadn't heard of White Eagle,he didn't say anything she just saw an eagle with huge wings and heard the name,White Eagle has been close too these past few years,Bev is very much guided by him,White Eagle was who got Bev and I together (Admin Bev)

also Pam

http://thefederationoflight.ning.com/group/guidinglightoflove (White Eagles group)

Pam channeled the Arcturians...


Pam ( Daughter of Blackhawk's) channel from The Arcturians,

see Eileen another Arcturian contact! I am Arcturian according to a few mediums and an Arcturian I met in line who 'tracked me down' saying there are many of us,plus the Arcturians guided me to that Arcturian crystal here in Australia that time I came across that house I was invited to for a sacred fire ceremony that was called White Cloud's house.

A member who joined this site due to White Cloud contacting her said he told her he was Arcturian she drew him and sent it to me,I'll have to attach it somewhere in forum  and put the link here as I couldn't upload it here for some reason

Comment by Eileen Zizecli-Coleman on January 17, 2014 at 8:25pm

That's beautiful Kerrie, I'm so glad you have received that confirmation you are getting the love and support from White Cloud and White Eagle via the Godhead. How fabulous about India, something wonderful for you to look forward to!



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