Mt. Shasta is one of the only two Cities of Light currently anchored at ground level on Earth.

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From Dolphin Star Temple ~ Pleiadian Lightwork ~ Amorah Quan Yin ~

Since prior to the Lemurian era, higher-dimensional Cities of Light have interfaced with Earth and her human inhabitants. Since the first initiate had his/her first transcendental experience, humans began to have direct connection to these crystalline cities. Perhaps in a meditation, or lucid dream, the seeker suddenly finds him/herself walking, out-of-body, up a flight of crystal steps toward a beautiful, light-filled, crystal temple.
There a Light Being greets the visitor with a gift of a golden staff, or a robe and crown, or a crystal wand. Words may or may not be exchanged.
When the visit is complete the person returns to waking consciousness still feeling the energy and Light flowing through the body. These visits bring great joy and encouragement on the path.
The example I just gave is a simple one, compared to the vast possibilities.
Yet it is a typical starting point. Further on in one's path, initiations may be given in the crystalline temples. And eventually, the seeker will be invited to come into an entire crystalline City of Light.
These Cities of Light are complete with crystalline walls and gates and often large complexes of temples and various sacred geometry forms.
I would like to make you aware of a few of the Earth's City of Light locations and of sacred protocol for accessing them.
Mt. Shasta is one of the only two Cities of Light currently anchored at ground level on Earth. So, let us begin our journey there. When I first visited Mt. Shasta, California in 1985, I knew nothing of vortex centers and Cities of Light. Therefore, I was very surprised when greeted by St. Germaine (whom I had not heard of, either.) He lovingly told me the source of all of the major areas of problem in my life and what to do about them. When I returned to the campsite and told my friend, in ecstasy, what had happened, he replied, "Yeah, Mt. Shasta is known for things like that. It is supposed to be some kind of vortex center or something." Well I was convinced! I began regular pilgrimages, during which I always brought a large clear quartz crystal alter, as I was guided to do. These magical visits continued until I moved here October 1988. Each visit was better and more powerful than the one before. On one memorable trip in late 1985, my visual interpretations were altered in such a way that everything I sawÐpeople, rocks, and trees alikeÐappeared slightly geometrically stylized and had numbers written on them. I automatically knew exactly what the numbers meant and had an instantaneous understanding of the major historic details in the life of each person or nature object. I even dreamed in sacred geometry and numbers, without words, as if they were an old and totally familiar language. St. Germaine was there to provide personal life guidance as well. It was in December of 1989 that I finally found out with whom I had been speaking all those years. By then I had experienced two or three of the type of crystal temple visits of which I spoke earlier.In 1988, just prior to moving here I had my first experience of seeing a large Crystalline City of Light hovering about a half mile above the peak of Mt. Shasta. In the beginning I saw it only from the outside. Beings of Light from the sacred city would communicate with me, take me through activations, give me healings and meditations to do, or just send me love. I was being prepared for the deeper experiences to come. At that time the Ascended Masters Retreat space, inside the tallest of the two peaks, had existed for quite a long time. It looks like a gigantic cave with a dome-ceiling and a fire place in the center. Sometimes the Ascended Masters would gather at a long table. At other times they would sit around the fire, or stand in processional form. At times there was talking, even group discussions, while at other times we met in silence. Each visit was different, and continues to be.Anyone can call on the Ascended Masters of Mt. Shasta and ask for permission to come into their Retreat. If admitted, an Ascended Master will come to take you in. You will be greeted by male and female Ascended Masters dressed in long white robes. The Ascended Masters Retreat is also the gathering place in Mt. Shasta for the Great White Brotherhood: a mystical order of Light Beings, both human and higher-dimensional, who are working on behalf of Earth's spiritual awakening and ascension. When you find yourself inside, try not to have expectations. This will allow you to be receptive to what the Masters deem appropriate for you at that time. You may meet only one being or many. You may notice other humans around or not. Remain open and receptive.From inside the Ascended Masters Retreat, you may request admission to the Intergalactic Federation of Light meeting room in the upper quadrant of the smaller peak of Shastina. To my understanding, this space was anchored in Mt. Shasta in 1993 shortly after the City of Light was anchored down to 5000 feet elevation. Prior to March of 1993, the City of Light of Mt. Shasta had remained above the mountain. It was anchored at ground level during the full moon of that March, with the greatest depth of snow fall on the mountain in this century. I was strongly pulled to drive up as far as possible that night with a friend. At about 5000 feet, we both felt an incredible surge of Light and energy and knew we had gone through a portal of some sort. A mile or two further, another surge and a rarification of the energies ensued. At that point I tuned in and asked the Ascended Masters, clairaudiently, what was happening. Jesus Christ replied immediately by appearing to me and telling me to expand my clairvoyance to see the mountain as if from a distance. I saw, at once, a giant Lightship surrounding and containing the entire mountain. Jesus told me that he had called me to come up the mountain and be a part of the anchoring of the City of Light into ground level. We would be inside the City of Light at a fifth-dimensional level all the way up to our destination at Bunny Flat. He said that at tree line, the sixth-dimensional levels would begin. Eventually the entire physical city of Mt. Shasta and the surrounding area would be anchored as a living City of Light. But this would take many years. He went on to say that Mt. Shasta would be the first physical city to operate by consensus and higher law.That night on Mt. Shasta was as magical as any I have ever had. The crystalline rays of Light were visible to both my friend and me. We felt as if we were truly in sacred communion, or satsang, with God. Temple pillars were being lowered at varying elevations, geometric buildings were being lowered into place. Jesus said that the depth of snowfall was being used to anchor the sacred geometry. Snowflakes have a natural crystalline geometric structure which creates the physical grounding for higher-dimensional crystalline energies. Once the City of Light was anchored into the snow and into the Earth below, it would remain and continue to deepen and expand, even when the snow melted.Since that time, an Ascension Temple has been anchored directly above the Shasta peak. It is an elongated cone that becomes a spireÐcrystalline, of course. When you enter from its lowest point near the peak of Shasta, you are energized and your lightbody activated. Sometimes, first-time visitors do not get to move all the way through the upper tip of the spire; sometimes they do. When you are lifted through the tip of the spire, this Ascension Temple is a portal into many other places, including: Shambalah, a Venusian City of Light, the City of Light of Machu Picchu, and others. Where you go is a very individual thing and determined by the guardians of the Ascension Temple.Also beneath Mt. Shasta, is a Lemurian City, which has its own temple complex. Again, your admission and personal experience there is very individualized. Many visitors to this Lemurian City are greeted in the round courtyard of the temple complex. It is a very social and joyful place complete with a large fountain, lots of flowers, and benches. The Lemurians tend to hug more than the Ascended Masters and other guides do. You may be invited to tour their homes, library, or a specific temple. Just enjoy!On February 8, 2000, I was greeted in a morning meditation by many members of the Dolphin Star Temple Higher Council of Light. Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School is the one for which I have been the founder and channel. On our Higher Council are several Ascended Masters, the Pleiadian, Sirian, and Andromedan Emissaries of Light, two Karmic Board Masters, Goddess Antares, Hathor and the Hathors (her helpers), Sekhmet, Isis, Thoth, Osiris, Ptah, Maat, Ra, and An-Ra, and three Elohim: Elohim of Divine Love, Elohim of Divine Grace, and Elohim of Divine Innocence. This system is a contemporization of one of the ancient mystery school systems that existed in Lemuria, Atlantis, and ancient Egypt. The Masters who approached me on that day informed me that we had built enough multidimensional Light and anchoring of higher-dimensional energies, that we were being given our own Inner Sanctuary inside Mt. Shasta.The Dolphin Star Temple Inner Sanctuary is now part of the Mt. Shasta City of Light. It is a small complex unto itself, as well. In order to journey there, invoke, three times, the guardians of the Dolphin Star Temple Inner Sanctuary of Mt. Shasta. Tell them you would like to visit the sanctuary and receive any light activations or healings that are appropriate for you on your spiritual path. You do not have to be "in the mystery school" to be welcomed there. The complex has a central Ascension Temple, a Higher Council meeting room, and a library containing pertinent records from the Halls of Amenti, and the Alexandria Library in Atlantis. There are many healing rooms and Chamber of Light rooms in which you can receive energy balancing, Ka activations for embodying your Higher Self, nervous system healing, and all of the Chamber of Light sessions listed in The Pleiadian Workbook.. You will be shown by guides which ones you can use and how. There is also a social and music area that looks like a courtyard. A large fountain is centrally located in this courtyard. If you step into it you will drop through a portal into the courtyard area of the Lemurian Temple complex.Mt. Shasta is one of numerous sacred sites on Earth that houses a Temple of the Sun. The others of which I am aware are: on the east side of Mt. Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii; beneath Uluru (formerly called Ayer's Rock) of central Australia; the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt; the Tor in Glastonbury, England, site of ancient Avalon; Palenque in Mexico; Machu Picchu in Peru. These seven sites are also chakras in Earth's thirteen chakra system. Temples of the Sun have traditionally been used as places to hold ceremony on the Equinoxes and Solstices to assist humans in aligning with the Divine Plan as it is calibrated with our time cycles (which correspond to orbital cycles). In other words, we realign ourselves with our place within the cosmos, our soul's purpose, and Earth and universal Divine Plan through our connection to our local Sun.Prior to physical birth in each lifetime, our souls pass through the Sun. Inside the Sun, we leave an imprint of time-released encodings of our purpose for the given lifetime. The Sun also imprints our souls with the cocreated Divine Plan for Earth during our upcoming lifetime. When we do ceremony with the sunrise, high noon, sunset, and midnight aspects of the Earth's daily orbit, we realign with these encodings. You can also look at the Sun, at any time, and ask the Sun to assist you in attaining your goals, while breathing the sunlight into your body and chakras. As we progress through life and complete goals, the Sun releases new encodings to us, through its rays, that impulse our next goals to be activated in our lives. This sacred relationship has been honored in most indigenous cultures throughout time in various spiritual practices.Lake Titicaca, another of Earth's chakras, contains a crystalline City of Light beneath its deep waters. To many seekers who have experienced Lake Titicaca, the City of Light seems more like a space station than a city. That is because, like Mt. Shasta City of Light, it is both. These Cities of Light serve as posts for many higher-dimensional Light Beings from other star systems. Lake Titicaca is the main headquarters for the Intergalactic Federation of Light. This Intergalactic Federation is comprised of members of the Andromedan and Milky Way Galactic Federations of Light. Milky Way and Andromeda are twin galaxies, also called cosmic twins. Other Intergalactic members are from the Great Central Sun, including Elohim, archangels, Supreme Beings of numerous galaxies, and even large sections of the universe. Centrally located in the Lake Titicaca subaquatic complex is Great Central Sun Temple that connects to the Earth Star Crystal at the center of Earth at its bottommost point. From the tip of its cone-shaped spire, in the the center of this large dome-roofed temple, is a portal that opens into the Great Central Sun. This Great Central Sun Temple literally anchors the Earth's connection to the Great Central Sun and to Divine Source.The other Earth chakras are located at: Mt. Denali, Alaska; Mt. Fuji near Tokyo, Japan; Mt., and Lake, Batur in Bali, Indonesia; Table Mountain near Capetown, South Africa; and Delphi, Greece. Each has its own City of Light, with its own function, as do all thirteen Earth chakras. At this time, Mt. Shasta and Lake Titicaca are the only two Cities of Light anchored at ground level. The other eleven are etherically located above the physical chakra sites. If you choose to explore these, ask in your meditation, or before going to sleep, that the guardians of the particular crystalline City of Light you wish to visit to come and take you there if it is in your highest good at this time. It is inappropriate to rush an initiation or access to high frequency, multidimensional places unless you are properly prepared and it is your right timing. That is why the crystalline Cities of Light have guardians to assure your safety, and maintain the purity of the sacred space. If you ask three times and receive no response then it is not the appropriate time. The guardians and masters will come for you when the timing is right, once you have made a request.Many crystalline Cities of Light and individual etheric temples exist beyond what I have named. Just trust that when it is time for you to experience them, your guides will make sure it happens. When physically visiting an Earth chakra, greet the Ascended Masters, overlighting devas, and guardians of the sacred space. Tell them you have come to commune with the Light Beings in the City of Light and receive from them whatever is appropriate. Also let them know that you would like to experience and honor the sacred purpose of that space, and ask permission to enter. When this sacred protocol is followed, it tends to open your multidimensional access to the beauty and Light more deeply. It is also traditional in many spiritual cultures to take a gift. Perhaps nuts or chocolate for the nature spirits, or a small amount of cornmeal or whole grain. Only leave crystals when specifically guided to do so. Otherwise they may not be appropriate for the site. I love to carry spring water from Mt. Shasta and pour a small amount into water sources in other sacred sites to create a sharing and linking of the sites. Whatever you do and wherever you go, approach in the spirit of honoring and sacredness and the gifts you receive will far outweigh those of the taker. Happy spiritual journeying!


Author unknown,but I feel this is probably Aluna Joys ((Hugs)) Kerrie

Kerrie.... The author is Mt Shasta resident, High Priestess of The Dolphin Star Temple, Author of "The Pleiadian Workbook" and one of my teachers of the clearing work that I do. She is an amazing lady called Amorah Quan Yin and I am so grateful to her for being such a fab teacher. Most of the healing work that I do, I learned from her. What a blessing. Much love and blessings for 2011....Ian

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Comment by Ian Clayton on November 16, 2011 at 12:19am

Hiya Bev, I haven't a clue why you are thanking me, but thanks for the thanks anyway!!! Much love and blessings... Ian

Comment by Bev Karakochuk- Administrator:> on November 15, 2011 at 11:37pm

Thank you Ian , I was crying as i read these words, not to sure as to why, maybe feel left out and really want to see these things, Lots of Love.

and again thank you my heart is full  :)

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on August 20, 2011 at 4:14pm
Comment by Wayne Matthew Clarke on August 2, 2011 at 4:48am

I come back here again and again! I love the descriptions and details of Telos.....I imagine myself in the crystal caverns...

I will be in California soon and I just may visit this area!

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on March 11, 2011 at 7:32am
I am feeling good today to Larry so yes love is in the air:) I will check out FB and Starann your song ((Hugs))
Comment by Larry Fowler on March 11, 2011 at 4:20am

I'm feeling pretty sparky today; wonder if ya'll had something to do with that? I do believe so. Starann, I definitely resonate with your words and I understand my challenges and I pray that I have the strength to meet them as I have those many previous to this. I'm working on a book that is nearly finished called, "Wolf's Run, Warrior/Poet." I plan to publish on Kindle but if you're on FB, you can read several of the stories in my "Notes." Just an aside but the book is essentially about my spiritual growth and the amazing experiences I've had in my life. I wouldn't trade my past for anything! :-)


Sometimes are more difficult than others and it's not really me to complain; I just suck it up and go. Things seemed different yesterday and I am so grateful for all of your support. What lies ahead I can only dream of and, pass or fail, I do the best I can...


Love to you all... Larry

Comment by Kerrie/Zoolithe ~site creator ♥ on March 10, 2011 at 3:34pm
Thank you beautiful people, I know how hard it is to be open to receive, so much easier to give, I need to learn to receive, White Cloud helped me with that one a few years ago in meditation, he bought tears to my eyes he had such love,I trusted him totally and a lot of healing was done on that score,so Larry and Starann you are helping those of us that need to give give,bless you for holding that energy so people like me can learn it,Ian I feel you my friend I have been there these couple of weeks, soul integration,emotions.feminine energy (the female painbody) is in need of healing bigtime,we can do it we are the strongest of the strong,but we can not do it alone,I have learnt that if nothing else,Ametrine is that one of your paintings?  
Comment by Larry Fowler on March 10, 2011 at 11:45am

Bless you, Starann..for your pain, your resilience and your fortitude. My pain is cumulative from years of abusing my body by living on the edge. I've been near death so many times that the life that flashes before my eyes is into reruns! Never been to the Light, though. And I guess that's what bothers me. Why can't I see and come back changed? Maintaining change is a daily process and some days are harder than others. I usually keep my mouth shut about my travails, too, but sometimes it feels right to open up.


For nearly three weeks now I've been battling withdrawal symptoms from quitting pain meds (narcotics) cold. I've taken them for so long that I'm still not sure how life will be without them. I am soooo determined, though, and I just want to be normal. Since Vietnam when I first broke my neck (among other things) I've used them to get through the days. If I'd known about them during a tumultuous childhood, I probably would have become hooked then!


I've lived with my pain, have even known that, eventually, it was going to get truly bad but I didn't let it stop me from going 110% as a cop or a private investigator. Just loved going to the limit (and past) in my life. I thank you so much for your understanding and I feel truly honored that you have chosen to communicate with me... Love and Light, Lar

Comment by Larry Fowler on March 10, 2011 at 10:13am

Thank you, Starann, it sounds so wonderful but I'm afraid I don't know how to do it. I understand how I am honored to be a part of what is happening today. I have known this for a long time.


But I just don't know how to do what you are suggesting: don't live in the frustration of pain, choose light and life and all will be lifted. I have heard these words before but still don't understand. I don't know what "honor your pain" means. I should be glad that I have it? Thank you for being my constant companion? I'm sorry to be sarcastic but I can't wrap my thick head around the philosophy...

Comment by Larry Fowler on March 10, 2011 at 9:08am

I had forgotten how beautiful you all are. All of you. Kerry, Ametrine, and you, too Ian. There have been times in my life when I have screamed curses at my God but then thanked Him when miracles happened. I think my problem is that I have carried my Faith without so much as a whisper in my "ear." I read about Mt. Shasta and to me it's just fiction. How could I think differently? I listen to the words of SaLuSa and Blossom and I love what they say, yet it all seems so surreal, so Pollyanna. So much so I can't even speak about it to my family. They think it's quite a bit off.


I don't fear death in the least; I have seen so much of it, caused some of it I'm sure and at the end there is always peace on the faces of the departed. Some more so than others. I think about ascension and how wonderful that is, to live without pain, to be free to just be. And the minutes drag on, day after day, my body screaming for release. Ian, I know just how you feel and how warm and secure the cave can be; I spend time in mine, too. I'm just frustrated. I know there are beings and hierarchies who can take this pain from me but I also know that it is my cross to bear. Kerrie, I understand the need to be a Bi##ch but I can't let myself do that. It wouldn't be fair to my wife who has cared for me these past several years. To tell you the truth, I feel like Job while knowing there are greater plagues that can be delivered unto me. Ah, I ramble, and I envy those who can fall within and see these wonders that are described. Only about once a year do I actually tell anyone how I'm feeling and this covers 2011, I guess. Thank you all for being here for me.. Love, Lar


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I was given this name in my mind at 3am in the morning,I asked who it was and was told thyself! so I am guessing it is an aspect of me from else where,maybe Arcturus as I have been guided by The Arcturians many times and mediums have told me I am from there,which explains why I resonate so much to their channels,I am guessing they are a part of The Federation of Light,I love them so very much,when I am contacted I get very emotional and call them family.

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