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 I am copy and pasting this from Michael’s post (prepare for the landings) blessings Kerrie

Also in regards to the fear of the huge solar flares that are being given off by the sun—these are only “destructive” to those of darkness, such as the 1% of humanity, the power elite. But for those of you who are of the Light (which is really about the entire 99% of humanity) these solar flairs actually enhance your genetic DNA changes in your bodies and help you accelerate the Ascension process into your new, higher vibrational bodies, and should be welcomed. Michael Ellegion  



Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Breathe deeply three times, and then focus into your Heart Center. Breathe deeply three times again, and allow yourself to feel a deep peace within.

Now, let the energy move down your body, through the base chakra and into the Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet. This is your own personal "Earth Keeper" hologram or crystal. Feel yourself grounding and connecting into the Earth. Now, let that energy move downwards to the Crystal Hologram at the center of the Earth, and let yourself connect with the deep love and support of the Earth Mother. You are loved and connected and supported on the Planet.

Now, bring that energy back up and into the Heart. Breathe deeply three times. Now let the energy move upwards through the throat, the brow and up to the Crown Chakra. Visualize the Crown Chakra like a Golden Lotus Flower, and each petal is opening to the Sun. As the petals open they become receivers for the Solar emissions of Light. Each petal absorbs the light and transmits it into the Light Body. As the light transmits into the Light Body, that Body becomes more Radiant and Beautiful, and you may feel warm. Breathe deeply three times again.

Now, allow the energy focus to move upwards to the Soul Star Chkara above the head, the crystal hologram where your soul energy is focussed. Imagine this like a Lotus Flower of White Light, and the petals open to receive the Light transmissions from the Galactic and Cosmic Suns......pulsations of Rainbow Light entering into the Soul Star Chakra and being distributed around the Light Body creating pulsations of Rainbow Light. Again, you may feel increased warmth as the Light Body becomes more radiant.

Just allow the Light to flow, and know that this activation allows you to become a receiver of Celestial and Solar Light, and to nourish your Light Body with this Light in a conscious way. Know too, Beloveds, that this Pulsating and Radiant Light Body will act as a Light Shield and distributor for any Radiations that you may encounter in your environment. For, your Light Body is the part of the original design whose purpose was to connect you to the Highest Frequencies of Light with no damage to the material aspects of your Being.

So now, bring your attention back to the Heart Center and breathe deeply three times again. Then, when you feel ready, you may open yout eyes.

This activation can be done at any time when you feel the pressure from Solar Flares or intense Electro-magnetic activity in the environment.

We wish you much Love and Joy in your journey in the New Earth Reality!


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For almost ten years -- since she passed in November, 2011 -- I have been in regular contact with the spirit of my wife, who is now a true, and highly repected, angel named Ariela Cariel.  When the recent solar flares endangered our dear Eath and Lighworkers, she was sent on a very dangerous mission to tame those solar flares.  How, I was not informed.  But she was away for about a full week on that highly important mission.  Michael, too, has appeared both in my spiritual chat room and my private readings.  Metatron called me by my own angelic name which should not have surprised me, but it did.  What greater validation could there be?  When I mentioned it to him, he replied, "How can I not?"   :-)


Hugs......................Great Love, sent to you. I too lost a magnificient Light Being. My beloved Avitar son Christopher. It is with much love to share this earth at this time with everyone on it..............Blessings and Love,

My son crossed at the age of 33, on Good Friday, what more can I say.........He is with my beloved brother and greatest teacher Jeshua, Mother Lady Mary, and Grandmother Anna...........WE all need to see our blessings and be one.

July 5 - Today's Energy is tired and more tired. We are more than
overwhelmed by all the huge Solar Flares that are pummeling us. I have never
seen so many in such a short time. The Universe is forcing more Light into
us, forcing us to let go of the dense, dark energies that we still hold. It
is moving our vibrations and the vibrations of the Earth up a few notches,
giving us no choice but to hold more Light. We are achy, moody and
exhausted. There have been at least a dozen M Class Solar Flares as well as
Coronal Mass Ejections and a Solar Wind, which will be affecting us through
the weekend. This strong solar activity can cause computers and other
electronics to act up. There should be some beautiful Northern Lights over
the next few days. There have been Earthquakes in California, Oregon,
Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, Japan, Philippines, Kuril Islands, Indonesia,
Chile, Leeward Islands, New Zealand, Ionian Sea and New Guinea. There are
reports of headache, neck pain, jaw pain, back pain, hip pain, foot
pain,joint pain, chest pain, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing,
muscle pain and cramping, hot flashes, sweating, burning skin, loud ear
noises, high blood pressure, dizziness, feeling unbalanced, fuzzy
headedness, confusion, anxiety, panic attacks, moodiness, angry outbursts,
fatigue, insomnia, strange dreams, vivid dreams and of course, exhaustion.
Animals are lazy and needy. Be sure to drink plenty of water and stay
hydrated. Emergen C or Coconut water is good for balancing the Electrolytes.
1/2 Teaspoon of Sea Salt will help with integrating the intense energies.
Baths or showers will help to cool off the excess heat. Eat lots of raw
foods for energy, though you may be craving high carb, comfort foods. Use
the Energetic Clearing Technique to heal any
physical or emotional issues. Please share. - Claudia McNeely - Divine
Empowerment a href="">>

Be Love

Our world is changing very quickly. The energies astrologically are moving
us quickly toward a major change with the assistance of massive Solar
Flares. We are moving ever closer to our shift into the 4th dimension of

Anything that is not Love cannot make this leap into the 4th dimension. Take
a moment to look around the world at all that still is not Love or even
close to being Love. The Powers That Almost Were are still filled with
greed, and doing everything possible to hurt humanity. There are murders,
rapes and other violence committed daily.

Although we are very close to that tipping point, we are not there yet.

Events in our world are leading to a massive change in consciousness. The
Bankers who have been attempting to destroy our world are now being caught
in their deception. I expect the world financial systems, including that of
the US to fail very shortly. Almost every country in the world is bankrupt,
and that is about to become very evident.

When the public is no longer able to deny these realities, there is a
possibility of mass hysteria and violence. It is very important for us who
are awake to help prevent this from happening.

Please join me in using the Energetic Clearing Technique below throughout
the day to help bring humanity to a place of Love.

"I ask the Spirits of all the inhabitants of Earth to go throughout time,
through our ancestry, through our soul's lineage, through our soul
contracts, through all of our aspects and locate all causes, signs,
symptoms, side effects, predispositions to and damage from all the ways and
all the reasons we or any of our aspects feel or have ever felt fear, anger,
greed, violence, destructiveness and any similar thought or emotion and
everything that brings up. Take our Higher Selves and every aspect of our
beings to the very first incident that caused these issues to start. Analyze
every aspect of it and heal it perfectly, permanently and completely. Come
throughout time, through our ancestry, through our soul's lineage, through
our soul contracts, through all of our aspects, healing each incident based
upon the foundation of the first, until we are at the present filled with
Light, Love, Peace and Truth. We are Love, We are Peace. We are sharing. We
are caring. WE ARE LOVE. WE ARE LOVE. WE ARE LOVE. Know that every negative
thought or inappropriate behavior based on these issues quickly disappear.
Take all the time you need Spirit, but quicken time and do the job NOW.
Thank you, Spirit."

We have to be Love to make this leap.

by Claudia McNeely - Divine Empowerment
a href="">>

Thank YOU for this Archangel Michael

Dear Kerrie,

I like this message for Meditation...

Thank you Kerrie, I have done this and it feels beautiful and sooo timely. Feeling of being looked after. Loverly! Love Kx



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