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There are several types of Astrology.

Natal Astrology: The construction and analysis of the Horoscope for an individual organism- i.e. a person, country, business,  or question. All these have a birth time.

PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY:The use of transits and progressions to tell timings for current or future events.

JUDICIAL ASTROLOGY: The use of Astrology for the decision making process in corporations and bureaucracies.

HORARY ASTROLOGY: The are of interpreting specific questions that are asked for the moment the question is formulated.

MEDICAL ASTROLOGY: The use of a chart for prognosis and diagnosis of physical and emotional disease.

MUNDANE ASTROLOGY: The use of Astrology for casting and analysing the birth chart of a country and /or ruler.

SYNERGY ASTROLOGY:  Analyses the relationship between 2 birth charts.

ASTROCARTOGRAPHY:  Places a person's personal chart on the map of the world to determine harmonic and inharmonic places to be.

FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY: Investment in stocks, etc.

Whew! I think that's it :-) If I remember any more I will post.

VEDIC: East Indian method using planets up to Saturn.

CHINESE: Uses different animal symbols.






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Comment by Lydia ~ site co~creator on Thursday
Comment by Ametrine (Marie-Helene) on February 11, 2017 at 12:19am

FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse in LEO February 10 / 11th 2017~

Comment by Ametrine (Marie-Helene) on February 5, 2017 at 2:59am

My freedom lies not in correcting what's wrong,
But like the rooster announcing the approaching dawn,
Awaking the world with my new Spirit Song.

Alright! Enough of the defense, it's time for the offense! Call in the Aries! The trick will be to not be distracted or intimidated by some of the crazy Aries energy that is going to be flying around this week and stay focused enough on launching your own missiles haha!

As foretold long ago, this is gonna be a wild and crazy year so don't be looking for the roller coaster to stop.... uh uh. Rather pick up the pace, aim high, and fire! While some others may still be wondering or groping around in the dark you can be the lit torch showing the way up, out, and beyond.

The best use of Aries is to start the new paradigm with new thinking, new friends, new jobs, and new visions, so go for it! Pura Vida!

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on July 5, 2016 at 8:48pm
Well done Yvonne :) He says Saturn represents the heart,he goes along with 'New Age' philosophy that favours the heart,yet the bible says the heart can be deceived and to use your mind,that is where I am at now,not that I follow the bible or indeed anything!
My Saturn is in libra,same as my ascended sign,it is placed in the first house so with my ascended as well,people think I am a libra type personality,I do crave balance,I seem to always be trying to 'fix things' get some harmony happening,but it eludes me!
But I have four major planets in Gemini,which is really who I am,I talk a lot! yet like my alone times best.Which must be because of that libra influence.
That is what is crying out now,time to stop all my opinions and pass the site on to dear Lydia who is very much in her heart :)
Comment by CreativeLady on July 5, 2016 at 6:20pm

Thank-you Kerrie! I wrote down the directions and ta da :-) ha

This utube below, is made by Danny Wilten. He has been doing research on Kabalah (sp?), the bible, geometry and has been connecting it to art, the bible, etc. He has a lot of knowledge and is able to piece it all together.

There is a utube channel called Son of Satan which has some info on it sharing that Jesus, is the son of Satan, or is Satan etc. etc.

This is Danny's perspective.

From another point of view, mine, we are in side of the circles/power of Saturn/Karma until we gain knowledge and wisdom ( through study, Meditation and insight) in order to come through the other side. Where Saturn is in our charts is where or deepest lessons will come. As Saturn transits around our charts those lessons change, but the underlining energy of the original lesson remains, although much less felt until we abide in the Love and detachment from our Saturn lessons. xo much love Y

Comment by CreativeLady on July 5, 2016 at 6:05pm

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on July 4, 2016 at 9:03am
Yvonne I saw the link you did,if you want to do a full video you have to choose the embed code on YouTube :)
Comment by CreativeLady on July 2, 2016 at 6:46pm

thanks, I just tried to copy a utube to Ametrine's post on meditation. will go back and see if it worked, ha. jeeze. I'm too old for this, LOL LOL

Comment by Kerrie ~ Administrator on July 2, 2016 at 6:37pm

Thank you Yvonne:) I am on my lap top now,so I can see the icons,the one for picture is the second icon,it looks like a blue window or picture,click on that then click on choose file,then choose a picture from your files.

The third icon looks like a film strip that is for the videos , click on that and then paste the code that you would have copied from youtube or somewhere,do you know how to copy those embedded codes off you tube ?

Go to youtube,choose a video,click on share,then embed then high light the code that comes up copy that then paste it as I said above :) 

Good luck :)

Comment by CreativeLady on July 2, 2016 at 6:23pm

Sweet Kerrie, thank you, I am on a PC. I see the icons on the top on this box. will play around with them :-)  It seems I am being pushed to come into this Age of Aquarius, LOL at least I have figured out how to use my cell phone :-) It is so awesome that you figured out how to put all this together by yourself!!!!!! I am amazed! Blessings sweet lady. xo


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