I need a real solution for my problem and I think I'll find it here.

Hiya Lightworkers,

My name is Sam and I've had this problem that's been affecting me for the majority of my 18 year old life. My first experience of it was when I was 10 years old and it really began to uproar once I hit 7th grade, and has only gotten worse since then. Let's call it TMAU, aka Trimethylaminurea. I'm sure none of you heard of it, but it SEEMs to be rare, even though I honestly don't think it is, I just think people dont brodcast it b/c doctors don't take them seriously, and it's embarrassing. The number of reported diagnosis is 200000 in the entire US. Basically it's body odor. But even if you shower 10 times a day, try 16 different deodorants in a month, and get the most wallet-depleating of perfume, the smell doesn't go away. It is said to have an ammonia type smell, but other people describe it as trash, onions, feces, etc. I say "other people" because I have never actually smelled it but once, and it was more like ammonia or something almost metallic or stale scented. I really don't want to bring negativity to the site, so I'll be brief with the experiences I've had since middle school and say it was pretty gut wrenching, and It was a challenge everyday, because I couldnt seem to go anywhere or do anything around people with out being tormented by my peers and even sometimes teachers. People would talk about me literally behind my back in loud voices so I would hear, imply that "someone stinks" or even at one point start chanting "Showerrr showerrr" in weird voices like they were trying to be somehow subtle with out subltety.

My mother doesn't really believe what I've been experiencing. When I finally opened up to her about what was going on 2 yrs ago, I was hoping she'd understand and give me solutions, but nothing has helped, not even clearing and she's now convinced that I over exaggerate everything, and that it's all in my head. But how can it be in my head if I cleared my mind several times? Not only that but I've had enough experiences with people saying it to my face and coughing and holding their nose when I walk past, to know that it's not in my head. I've even heard someone say and I was walking out of the classroom "I don't like her. She stinks." very loudly followed by a series of abrupt coughs. again, I don't want to get into too much negative details but I want to make the situation clear, and believe me I'm not even getting into one 10th of the worst stuff. I've had people yell at me from across the campus at my old highschool (cuz I switched schools) and when I turned around CONFIRM they are talking about me and tell me to wash myself.


MOVING on, (I'm glad I'm done with the explaining those occurances part) I can pretty much GUARENTEE you it's not in my head. this is a rare disorder (so called, bc again, I don't really think it's as rare as people think bc of the nature of the disease) and I'm very confused right now at what to think. Everyday seems to be a battle when I'm around a lot of people (mind you, it's not EVERYBody who reacts to me like this, just the majority. ) I mean, I've read the forums, their's no cure, but I think there's another aspect to this disease that those forums wont look at. Maybe an implant or something of the sort that isn't normal. I say this, because I've actually asked someone If I smelled, a teacher who never seemed to hold her nose or pretend to choke around me, and she said no, that I didn't. I think anxiety may be part of the disease but it isnt the entirety bc i tend to b a pretty mello, and good humored person. Another example of my ap psychology teacher who I happened to know is an alien in human skin bc of a few situations I wont go into, was really making her class to be a pain (to say the least) with the comments she would make (about smell) and when I upgraded her with my accell., she stoped making those comments entirely, and the atmosphere of the classroom became much better. ANYWAY, b4 I babble, I really am just writing this because I NEED a real solution to this problem, and I've realized know one I know knows how to help me either spirtually or physically. I know there's a way out of this weird illusion-curse, WHATEVER it is, and even though I probably sound a bit jumbled, I just want to be able to move forward with out having to shrink back from society. I'm not trying to spread negativity, but I just want some one to give me a hand.


Ps: about WHEN this disorder started, I happen to know that the same year that I went to my aunt A. , who lives in texas, (I live up in the east coast) invited my family and my aunt B. and my cousins to her house for a surprise bday party, when she barely even talks to my family, or my mom (her sister), the same year I came back from that trip, i started having this problem. I don't remember exactly when, bc at that age I wouldn't have made the connection. One of my older cousins who also went to that bday (aunt B 's son) says that ever since he went to her house (and AuntB & family stayed at their house even longer)  he has been making terrible decsions. (ie, drugs) and he had been until recently been rooming with some spirtually dangerous people (bad aliens) who tried to pretty much kill him. (Luckily we've cleared him and got him out of that environment)It has already been confirmed from several sources that Aunt A.is a "witch" which is what Africans refer to bad aliens (in human skin), low energy people, etc as. So with that in mind you could see why I feel "TMAU" is not just the surface of what it says. The standard definition is the body not being able to produce FMO3, which breaksdown Trimethaline, and since the trimethaline isn't breakdown , the body excreates it through the skin which causes the smell. but I honestly think that that is, dare I say, Bull. There is spiritual/psychic source of this problem and I want rid of it.

I know this is probably strange to read, but pls seriously try and help me , bc I honestly don't know what else to do.

Thank you so much ,


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Hi Sam,firstly let me explain I do believe you,however I also know that we are living in a matrix,an illusion and we are the creators not victims,so ask yourself why you have chosen to take on this energy that is smelly,I had this smelly energy brought into my home and Ian Clayton did a clearing for me

ENERGY CLEARING IAN CLAYTON FRIEND OF BLOSSOM’S it was brought into my home by two intellectually disabled ladies who had come from a dysfunctional home,however I did not smell it until I was ‘in a space’ to smell it (lower vibration) which was bought on by living with their ‘issues’ for a year,so why did I create that? my lesson is to know that even though I do not believe in this illusion we live in,it is real and I must learn to have compassion for others,I am a very detached type of person,I care for the world and want peace and harmony but I can detach easily,it is only since my contact in 2006 and awakening that my heart was opened,however my desire to assist has had it’s downfalls, I give thanks for the assistance White Cloud and many other guides and angels give me,I have had to learn to stay in my heart by not judging, so send love to the family that are lost in lower vibrations of drugs and what have you,forgive yourself for ’thinking’ you had to experience this,give thanks for the soul growth you will now experience as you do the practices to remember who you are that are on this site, if you have trouble finding them talk to me some more,for now I must rush off,I send you love,remember to connect everyday and give thanks and LOVE YOUR SELF you are a brave soul to take on this experience and come out of it so well xxx


If you stink take Zinc...

Dearest Sam

I am going to think about this one and get back to you,  this may sound funny but steven smells a horrible smell when he channels whales! and we have to open the doors and spray things. i dont smell it.

I am sure the solution can be found.

Blessed be

love and light

Sarah of white xxx

Hi Sam , Kerrie has given you some beautiful insights, I would love to add. There is also some beautiful power  [positve] in transcendence  [meditation] If you learn to meditate often you get to  a very quiet state there lie the power you can sugest often that this bc thingy start to disapate , work a scale say every time u transcend ask it to go  say 10% & work on that , also tell your self u love u & all , even the people that have been not nice & come out of meditation very slowly giving thanks , BUT you must do it correctly, It took me years to gehings right BUT I got it Right all through meditation now new doors open all the time . You could google Tapping  [power of tapping energy points  & doing the same thing sugesting it goes. I should try it with typos lol xox


Any kind of music, or musical act, musical style, or general sound vibration (like an appliance that is audible) that started around the same time, and has continued since then?


I have known two girls with the same case as yours.  When I was in 4th and 5th grade I was tested.  Kids in the class made fun of these girls.  At first I didn't understand and to fit in with the crowd I didn't stand up for the girl.  I am sorry to say I wasn't ready at the time to stand up for her or her friend.  Until I was in 5th grade I realized how foolish I was.  One of the younger girls had a brother he was younger, in the 3rd grade and we were in the 5th grade.  The 5th grade kid started to make fun of the girl, and this 3rd grader who was so much tinier than the 5th grade stood up and with a voice so loud said, "HEY DON'T MAKE FUN OF MY SISTER."  That took me by so much surprise and I felt so much love and courage in his voice that it made me want to stand up for her as well, I think everyone felt his courage and everyone shut up.  That kid was my hero.   

If you don't find a cure soon just know that I would stand up if people make fun of you.  You shouldn't feel bad that you produce this smell, the people who are tolerant of the smell are the people who have woken up.  These people won't care about your smell just know that much, these people love you.  I love you.  The people who can't deal with the smell are people who are still asleep.  Nothing else I can say right now because I am not a medical doctor.      


Ahhh love your heart Vajra,a huge hugzzz

Besides what I wrote.  What Kerrie wrote would help you more. 

Visualisation and gratitude powerful tools dear Alessandro xxx

Jose thanks for this information:)

you probably need to look  at what you're eating. You may want to start doing some toxic cleansing with organic green juices. If you don't have a juicer, you can get multi ingredient green juice powers that you can mix in apple juice,Etc. If you go into a health food store and ask the person in the vitamin section, what kind of detoxing things they have available. It first starts with what you're putting into your body. lay off of fast food, processed food. sugar. Start using whole organic/non GMO foods. Stay away from any soft drinks. stick with fresh juices and Distilled water, as close to a gallon a day as you can.  There's actually many variations of things you can do. Regular doctors generally don't know anything in this realm. Actually, you may want to get a colon cleanse first. This is an alternative practitioners task. they could help you out the most.

 Good Luck




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