Are there black channellers? To clarify (African American) channelers

Greeting to all members of this site of mine,it has been going since 2009 and My administrators and I have been quickly reading all the many posts that come onto this site in order to approve them or not.
As I have mentioned before a few times,I am not a medium yet I am being contacted,I know this because I get guidance in dreams or in my mind which I follow and it leads me to people and places.
I am not educated in the metaphysical , it all goes right over my head,but my soul seems to reach me at times,it is a very patient soul I am thinking,
In any case all the contact and the bliss set me on a path that I found to be almost cult like,I was contacted by Ashtar,Ascended Masters,Angelic Realm,Galactics,Inner Earth , Native Americans,etc,etc, now I am not into any groups,never taken drugs, but always experienced dreams and personal guidance,this guidance took flight in 2006 and took off like a whirl wind.
I now am reflecting back at what happened and my response to it and questioning what is going on?
As you can see I have changed the site's name yet again to Sounds of Silence,I love The Federation of Light and White Cloud,but I do not like the me that got caught up in 'the movement' maybe this was what I had to see for myself,see just what us humans do when our hearts are moved by so much love.
As a result I now shy away from anything that feels like some sort of 'New Age Cult'
I went on YouTube and did a search on The Galactic cult and found a video that concerned me.
The Administrators and I are not into anything like that and we try very hard to protect this site from such people.
If there are any groups or individuals who are members of this site contacting you and asking you to join them please let us know.
Now as to my question about channellers,are there any black channellers? To clarify ( Native American) channelers Also while I'm on this vein of thinking,why are the Ascended Master pictures so very White and pretty looking , almost barbie doll like?
Love Kerrie/Zoolithe

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Beloved Ametrine,you have been my guide and friend all these long years,thank you for your love,patience and more important to me for your respect as I travel my rocky but incredible path.
Thank you for the link,I had a look at it and started to read and immediately I see that the channeler is a pretty white lady with pretty Ascended Masters on her site (I looked up
The Summit Light House that was mentioned on the channel,) the channel speaks of The Afro Americans being deceived by ETS and fallen Angels and their gifts degenerated to voodoo and black magic,more duality stuff,more fear stuff , more religious sounding stuff,I didn't read anymore.
I was speaking with a lady White Cloud has channeled through,she lives near me,she was not aware of any of this until she found my site after White Cloud contacted her 2 years ago,she didn't even believe in ETS until she met me and then started to channel them.
We have both met a lovely lady who is a healer and very much into all the conspiracy stuff and she has been telling my friend all about it all,it is interesting that the channels have stopped as my friend goes through all of this heavy stuff.
Another friend I met who also lives near me and has had White Cloud channel through her is not interrested in all that internet stuff and I guess at her age she is somewhat protected from it by her ignorance of computers,she is channeling continuously and putting her channels on this site regularly with my assistance and she always just says keep it simple.
May we find peace in that advice,just keep it simple,for me kindness and respect are the highest vibrations of love,that's the energy I want to remember.

Hello Kerrie,

I know a Black family that channels. They are called The Mushaba Family. They are connected with Nancy Tate as she also channels the Mushabas. The father (Papa Mushaba) passed away in 2013, but the rest of them, Mama Mushaba, and the 3 sons are still among us. The oldest son, Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba is the Grandmaster of the Mushabas here on Earth, the son of the Creator Mushaba, who created the Black Race.  They live in California. Anakhanda is channeling his earthly father, Papa Mushaba, who's cosmic name is Porda now.  Porda is in the Mushaba mothership named Nexus, which is of a triangular shape. You can contact Anakhanda by email at Also they have a website store named where there is information about the whole family and what they do. Mushaba Blessings to You.

Thank you Teresa,I watched the youtubes what a lovely man he is,I love how the wind came up and spoke to him,that is how I have been contacted at times,in places where there should not have been a wind,once in a cave and once in my salon:)

Bless you Beloved Friend, and i could not agree more with you, true humility , simplicity , kindness  and  respect are the key :o)

Which you have in abundance dear Ametrine xx

Bless you Beloved  Friend, Bless you 

Yes, there are channelers of every color and no, all angels and ascended teachers are not blond, blue-eyed white people. Eurocentrism has had a big impact on many western spiritual movements. This is why we see so many advertisements for Life Expos, and New Thought conferences where virtually all of the speakers are light-skinned people of European descent. Everyone should be suspicious of this in a world where fair-skinned persons are the minority.

I studied for five years in a Spiritualist community and I was the only person of color there. I have participated in many events and trainings which were white-dominated. But such narrow congregations of people by color are not natural and not in alignment with high spirituality.

I am Black (and mixedblood) and I can channel and I have been contacted by beings of many different worlds. They come in many different colors and have a wide variety of features. Few of them look like white people. I also work with angels. They are not white either.

I was spoken to by a council of beings about this very issue. They told me that the reason  beings from other planets have had such a hard time contacting earth is because of our tendency to hate difference. We have a lot of hatreds on this planet based on perceived differences (racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, religious bigotry, etc). This makes it hard for us to accept ETs who look nothing like us. We should not be surprised that a large number of white people who channel or who have been abducted talk about beings who look like white people. But we should not be influenced by these skewed reports into thinking that ascended beings most closely resemble European peoples. They do not.

Thank you so very much Jennifer,I checked out your site, your path has been incredible,we are blessed to have you here with us:)

Thank you so much Jennifer, many Blessings :o)


Dear Kerrie,

As for cults, historically nay sayers of one kind or another have tried to besmirch the honorable reputations of others by using some form of their names or identites to present a very negative picture.  They want people to make all or nothing statements and judgments about others.  In my opinion, it is best to ignore them entirely, because when we comment back or engage in their nonsense, we are feeding them.

Channelers are not chosen by any other thing than their readiness.  It has nothing to do with national origin, creed, religion, "race" (humanity is only one race, in truth), gender, sexual orientation, stature or ethnic background.  There are channelers of many varieties.

Thank you for bringing up the leanings of the most prolific so called spiritual art.  I have encountered countless very dark skinned people in my near 70 years on this planet, and I am here to say that many of them are brilliant LIGHTS!  I think that the assumption by many artists that spiritual beings have white skin is extremely arrogant and ethnocentric.  The most popular case in point would be the paintings of Jesus, Yeshua Ben Joseph.  He is most frequently depicted as light complected with blue or green eyes, and light colored hair.  Really!!!  Mediterranean people of that era were brown-skinned, brown eyed, and had very dark, often black hair.  As Jillian stated here, "Does this path have a Heart?"  In my opinion, anything that is racist, ethnocentric, sexist, etc. has no heart, and that includes ethnocentric "spiritual" art.

With Gratitude, Love, Light, Sound, Fragrance, Peace, Compassion, Joy and Laughter,





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