Are there black channellers? To clarify (African American) channelers

Greeting to all members of this site of mine,it has been going since 2009 and My administrators and I have been quickly reading all the many posts that come onto this site in order to approve them or not.
As I have mentioned before a few times,I am not a medium yet I am being contacted,I know this because I get guidance in dreams or in my mind which I follow and it leads me to people and places.
I am not educated in the metaphysical , it all goes right over my head,but my soul seems to reach me at times,it is a very patient soul I am thinking,
In any case all the contact and the bliss set me on a path that I found to be almost cult like,I was contacted by Ashtar,Ascended Masters,Angelic Realm,Galactics,Inner Earth , Native Americans,etc,etc, now I am not into any groups,never taken drugs, but always experienced dreams and personal guidance,this guidance took flight in 2006 and took off like a whirl wind.
I now am reflecting back at what happened and my response to it and questioning what is going on?
As you can see I have changed the site's name yet again to Sounds of Silence,I love The Federation of Light and White Cloud,but I do not like the me that got caught up in 'the movement' maybe this was what I had to see for myself,see just what us humans do when our hearts are moved by so much love.
As a result I now shy away from anything that feels like some sort of 'New Age Cult'
I went on YouTube and did a search on The Galactic cult and found a video that concerned me.
The Administrators and I are not into anything like that and we try very hard to protect this site from such people.
If there are any groups or individuals who are members of this site contacting you and asking you to join them please let us know.
Now as to my question about channellers,are there any black channellers? To clarify ( Native American) channelers Also while I'm on this vein of thinking,why are the Ascended Master pictures so very White and pretty looking , almost barbie doll like?
Love Kerrie/Zoolithe

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I do resonate with what you are saying.

I have often wondered the same thing. I think that part of the issue with the art is just the bias of the dominant culture.

As for African American channelers, I respect this one, Dr. Edwige.

I have listened to her and felt healing energies from her.

Many of the ancient representations of the divine feminine were dark in hue. 

We would benefit from paying attention to these things.

Thank you Jillian,I will check her out:)

I feel there is a need to ask ourselves, like Carlos Castaneda: "Does this path have a heart?" always. If our path has a heart, all is well.

,My dear Kerry, In truth the Ascended Masters are LIGHT, their souls have become so pure they have ascended to this state

However they will often appear to you in the human form they once inhabited, and it can be different human forms from different lifetimes depending on the image you use when contacting them, for instance El Morya often comes to me as dark skinned, wearing a turban,  or an older man with white hair as depicted in the many photo images  that have been printed, if you have inner sight they do this so you can recognise who has come to you then deliver their message.  The Egyptian gods/goddesses are always dark skinned, and normally gold clothing, but with the relevant head dress so we can  recognized which of the gods they are.  Mostly they will give you their name and realm also.      When my Father first came to me, he was a much younger man, the image he preferred,  but when I call to hm, I see him as the Dad I know.   I do hope this has been a help to you.             Blessings of Love and Light,    Joan Curson-Little

hi  I love you reply  joan curson-litle please be my friend .

Thank you Joan,yes I can testify to that,spirit has indeed presented it's self to me in ways that I am more comfortable with,even taking the form of an animal.
But why are more people not seeing the different beings that are out there,I know that White Cloud once showed himself as a Mantis being to Leanne and she said oh no go back to being White Cloud,another healer contacted me and also saw a mantis being assisting her with her healings.
The greys have been given a bad wrap and so people get freaked out if they see them.
I just want to know why we are creating these beautiful looking Anglo Saxon looking spirit guides.
When my guide showed himself to me he was an older American Indian,not White Cloud,Standing Hawke,but then all these others visited and they were as I said very good looking types and felt of a beautiful energy,but are they real? Like Ashtar I never followed him because it felt unreal,yet when he spoke to me, he felt of love,I just want to know if we are creating all this in our minds and if so why? We keep getting told we have to stand on our own two feet and have no attachments,how can you do that if these beautiful,wise,intelligent all knowing light beings are here guiding us?

Dear Kerry, sorry I have taken so long to answer your questions, however, here we are now. 

Spirit will often show you the form of an animal to indicate what energy you are working with or is coming to you at the time, alerting you as to the particular energy it represents, as each animal, insect, bug etc. carries a particular vibration.   The mantis for example is a destroying astral guru, there is a danger of being led into the left hand path. an astral guru who is now of the dark.  Of course when Leanne asked for White Cloud to come back he did.

 People do not see the different beings because they are not at that time connected to that particular stream of energy/light and so cannot blend with them

We are not necessarily creating beautiful Anglo Saxon spirit guides, the guides will use the actual form they had in a past life, or that will be the form that you will relate to more readily, unless they are tricksters of dark energy, who are able to create false images to steer you away from the purity you are, but they are on the way out as the light beings are becoming stronger and more in number.  When different guides present to you it is because they have a particular message they want to convey but it is up to us to discern between the light and darkness of their energy. 

Regarding Ashtar, often we see images that we find hard to believe, we are not creating this, they are from different realms and so can appear different, but should always carry a feeling of purity.  They contact us  because they are wanting to communicate, and we have free will as to weather or not to do so but a sure sign of conformation of their intent is that overwhelming sense of love that flows from them, sometimes so powerful it will bring tears to my eyes, these are the guides that only have our advancement and well being in mind.   Yes we do have to stand on our own two feet and empower our strength of will, but remember we all still have a lot to learn so a little guidance from higher realms and states of consciousness can be of great assistance.

Blessings of Love Light and understanding to you dear one.     Joan Curson-Little

Dear Kerrie, I strongly believe you are divinely protected. Diversion tactics by others always flit around those of the light.

Listen and follow your heart. You are always protected by those of the most divine intention. The dark ones will not sway your beautiful purpose that was meant for you to carry out on this beautiful earth during this divine lifetime.

You are so protected and loved. Listen to your heart Dear Lady of Light and compassion. Stand in your beauty! Namaste.

Hi Kerrie, It's been a while since I have posted here or visited.  I think I understand you to be asking if there are people who channel dark energy rather than dark skinned beings? If so, I believe that this is so.  I have a friend who joined a group very innocently and was not aware what the members were about.  Apparently they weren't exactly "Light workers" and when she chose to leave they channeled dark energy against her and she was fearful for a while as she could literally hear them chanting against her (not for her).  She also developed inner vision at the time and a propensity to feel as though her heart was being squeezed if she came across negative/dark energy.  So, I believe the answer to your question would be a resounding Yes! xo

Hi Kristen,thank you for taking the time to comment,I was referring to African American's,I have clarified that now thanks for bringing my attention to that:)
As for your friend,I guess she found out the hard way,people are capable of abusing gifts that should be held in great esteme.
Thank you Deanna xxx

Thank you Kerrie, i love your Question, because it is a question i have often asked much that i looked in the Ascended masters list and  i found  Afra, then again, i am not very much in Ascended Masters and the name Afra...i find it..a little bit how can i say. too easy per reminds it seems too easy for know what i mean

no, i was not too happy with this respond because we do have in Africa true martyrs and saints recognized by the people all faiths include . ...and this is something that bothers me a the fact that he was on earth 500 000 years ago..does not prove me anything ...

Native American, if they are Shamans, Africans too, do not need to proclame themselves Channelers, Channeling is part of their everyday Life. :o)))


Keep following your Heart and love yourself  exactly the way it are a way shower :o) 




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