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White Cloud’s talk to us through Blossom and his 11:11 meditation

Below is the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains where my group and I did our 11:11 meditation it is on the 33 parallel a high energy ley line as mentioned in ancient aliens (thanks to Jill Klien for telling me this) look at the numbers 11/11/11 = 6 same as 3+3 (divine feminine)


I love this from

 "It is a power vibration frequency that all beings have been working to and through to align their souls in this period of time and to come into wholeness. If they are added together 33, which is a power number as well. It is the higher frequency of masterhood. It also brings joys as one sees it, does it not?" THEO

since 11:11 this happened



Blessings Kerrie xxx 




14th November 2011


Good evening to you … you who are not of Earth … Pray tell of thoughts you would care to share.


We would offer extreme gratitude to those of you who ARE of Earth at this time … for it was noted instantly of a LIGHT shift that took place on your date of 11.11.11. Many of you indeed had in mind of what may or may not take place … which brought an automatic ‘gelling’ with the Higher Vibration that was entering IN. This therefore …  allowed the blending to merge smoothly and a Higher ‘creation’ of energy immediately transpired … which of course was all according to plan. It could not have been more smoothly carried out.

It goes to show how the collective energies can make such a transformation … and NOW we would ask that you consider everyday to be as upholding as the 11.11.11 date. NOW these Higher frequencies are making their way into your atmosphere … it would be most obliging if you were to acknowledge them on an every moment basis … so that it no longer is a thought ‘thought’ … it simply is part of your make up. 

We embrace this ‘change’ of situation …for it is to bring about an even greater transition that will consist of integration between worlds and species.

Would you care to elaborate?


It would be appropriate for us to say NOW that the opening up … the spreading of … the consistency of this NEW energy … will continue to change not only what is taking place in and around you … yet it will also be changing form ‘itself’.  The HIGHER minded the Earth soul becomes the more the energy that is filtering through will change into a newer ‘blend’. A ‘blend’ that has not existed on your Earth plane before. Something that is to become completely NEW. A NEW FORM of energy … that is being created by each one of you as you ‘get the drift’.

We wish to accentuate the realms of manifestation that are a large part of this NEW WAY. Many of you may have noticed the almost immediate actuality of that which you have been thinking or discussing within the realms of your possibilities. This we would consider to be of your preschool nature . We NOW ask of you to consider yourselves to be so much more advanced than this ‘smaller’ grade of self. Due to the veil thinning … you are able to ‘grasp’ more of your Higher Being. You are certainly NOW more capable of presenting to yourselves and the world a more refined version of the human Being.

So then … may we suggest to you that you take on board the possibilities of creating the once thought of impossibilities and watch them before your very eyes  …become possible.

Allow your FREEDOM of self to return and allow too, the self expression of TRUTH to enter into your Being once again . You have KNOWN yourself in this ‘reality’ of TRUTH in a place that is not of/from Earth. NOW we say to you quite plainly  … that you can BE this REALITY OF TRUTH upon Earth IN your Earthly form.

When you say ‘reality of Truth’… what exactly are you speaking of?


Dearest souls … friends … family … loved ones … WE ARE SPEAKING OF THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE! AND THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE … AS YOU KNOW IS LOVE.

The more you can express LOVE from a perception of who YOU consider yourself to be … the more you can change the perspective of what you consider to be possible. The more you ‘discover’ the TRUTH of yourselves … the more you surmount to what is achievable.Take into consideration what you have considered about yourself so far.  Take a journey ‘back’ to who you once thought you were … into the YOU that you KNOW yourself to BE NOW. A difference of quite an amount is it not?  A difference in the understanding of yourself as a LOVING BEING. A Knowledge of what you once considered impossible … to be possible … because you have accepted a DEEPER TRUTH about LOVE … about who you are. You have learned to understand LOVE on a level that is of a different degree than once you did when you started the journey of the souls’ traveling forward. Therefore … accepting the assistance of the arranged Higher energies … and the recognizing of this interaction between the LOVE energy that is streaming through and the LOVE energies coming from within the souls KNOWING … IMAGINE what is to come … from within you … because of what is NOW coming from without also.

My Being knows what you are saying … but whether or not it makes sense in the words you just said I have no idea. Basically you are saying ‘Hold on to your hats’ because ‘we ‘ain’t seen nothin’ yet!’


In a nutshell … YES!

Touché! I have to say I FEEL very excited. I can accept on one hand, that it is possible I am FEELING  so good from ‘hype’ about 11.11.11 and one’s imagination can ‘assume’ a change has taken place. And yet on the other hand … in all MY TRUTH … with respect … who cares! Many people don’t know about the portal … yet if they are having a great day … and FEELING GOOD … in my books that’s what counts isn't’t it? I mean … it’s about FEELING more LOVING and BEING MORE LOVING … it isn't’t SO important that we KNOW why  … is it?


You are correct in your assumption and indeed your understanding. We have no concern regarding ones KNOWING of WHY one maybe FEELING exhilarated … yet we have great concern that they DO!

It is about ‘GETTING IT’ ... because the more one ‘gets it’ … for the self/from the self … the more one KNOWS /learns how to use it. And we wish you to learn how to use it.

Just to clarify … to use the energy of LOVE that is coming through do you mean?


Exactly so.  It is not vital that you KNOW what it is … although an understanding … if not already present will eventually come … Yet once you discover for/through yourselves what … it is/you are … capable of … then the more you can manifest what is required for this NEW WORLD that awaits you .

We no longer need to spoon feed you ... with respect to each and every soul that reads of these words we ‘represent’.

Funny … I thought you were going to say ‘present’, yet you changed it to ‘represent’ right at the last second.


The fact of the matter is … your homework has been done. The exams have been marked and you have moved up into the next grade.

Which entails?


A whole new ball game! You have been waiting for us to ‘up the ante’ as you would say  … for many a year … would you not say?

Yep … we have been waiting for many things for you to do!


And we have always expressed to you the KNOWING that we KNEW from our angle … from our perspective that  … what we chose to ‘hang on to’ and what we chose to ‘divulge’ at any given time was for a specific function. NOW we are able to move and upgrade YOUR reverence(?) ...


Sorry … got to interrupt …. ‘Reverence?'  That doesn't’ make sense does it?… and yet when I questioned it … you wouldn't’ change it … reverence?'


Yes … we are correct in our understanding of this wording. NOW we are able to move and upgrade YOUR reverence in the terms of underestimating that which you are capable of understanding.

Not going to read that back … incase my confusion breaks the link … carry on …


You are entering NOW into the fast lane … You are interacting with the part of yourself that has been waiting for your response to connect with its KNOWING. You are ready now to change tracks from the slow to the fast. This ‘move’ has shifted into place over the last few of your weeks.

This shift shall continue to ‘form’. As it settles YOU shall notice the difference in your selves … your thoughts … your desires … even your very breathing. The air in which you are breathing in will be noticeably LIGHTER. The colours that you ‘choose’ to see shall be more vibrant than that which you ‘chose’ to see before. That which is all around you shall gradually become a representation of that which you are/have become. The Higher you … The NEW YOU!

Look out for these differences … these changes … for they shall warm your heart space. They shall be recognition to you of the TRUTH and the KNOWING that YES … It has happened . The change HAS taken place.

Most of all you will KNOW this change not just because of what you outwardly see … but because of what you inwardly FEEL. Here lies the greatest change of all. It is a fact that you actual heart organ has been and will continue to adapt to the NEW YOU. As if it actually changes into a different formation of what it once was. This you may consider hard to accept. This we state to you … is but one of many many new phenomena that we shall be expressing to you in OUR TRUTH. You will KNOW of this … for you shall FEEL it.

The infusion of LIGHT LOVE that is NOW coming through is connecting up with all of you in a way that you shall ‘GET’. It cannot be mistaken. Enjoy it. That is its purpose.  Be of JOY within it. As it is of JOY within YOU.

For  NOW it is appropriate for us to retract from your energy and yet we FEEL excited to KNOW that assistance is at hand to all those who seek it.

You FEEL excited to know ?… or did you mean you FEEL excited for ‘us’ to know ?


We always mean what we say !

I know you do.  I was just checking my concentration was intact.


If it wasn't’ we would make sure that that amendments were made and yet ... we have not had this dilemma so far and nor do we think we shall.

Right then … I’ll let you get off …… you must have better things to do than to discuss my concentration.


We bid you farewell for this connection this night and we send to each and everyone our DEEPEST LOVE and joy for all that has and is to come about.

Cheer ho for now chaps. In respect ... LOVE and THANKS.


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This is AMAZING!!!!!!!


Brenda I have just done White Clouds 11 :11 meditation and I met a star being, I think I got the name right Claudadam I think? he had yellow hair and a kind face, I was focusing to try and understand his name and I heard relax dear one so I did,how could I not with that energy so if I didn’t get the name right it is as it is xxx

I don’t know Michael it just happens,the same as when I was waking up one morning and I couldn’t wake up properly and I heard the name Ashtar,I said in my head did I get your name right? I don’t follow you! and very calmly and lovingly he said it is others perceptions of me you don’t follow,then I started to come out of it and I thought I had better write this down because I forget when I am fully awake sometimes,I so wish I could make it happen Michael,I am sure if I practice going within more I could, we all could, especially with these energies,White Cloud through Blossom said it is not me or others you doubt but the self and he said it is a waste of my energy and in a sense my down fall,so I need to reprogram myself big time:) xxx

We have been every race and both sexes according to White Cloud Michael,we have experienced it all:)

I don’t always have to be in that dreamy state Michael, when I received those communications from The Federation a while back, I was at work quietly by myself clipping my dogs when an energy came through me,but when I got my very first communication I was in meditation and Mother Mary appeared sending energy through me of such love I was in tears,when Standing Hawk visited me I was inspired to go down to the lake and meditate and he introduced himself to me,when I received White Clouds message,a song and that image of Jill who later emailed me I was then just going off to sleep and a blue light (AAMichael I feel) went through me,they can assist our vibration it would seem, once a few years ago I was very spiritually depleted and a pink light went through me (Mother Mary) this all started in 2006 when I first felt AAMichael’s presence when I received a healing at a Caroline Myss talk,I knew it was AAMichale due to the universe placing him before me a lot,now I am familiar with his energy,and in 2008 I got another zap of energy when I came across Blossom’s site and heard White Clouds voice for the first time I paced around the room tears flowing saying I am home and how can I handle so much love.Michael I really put the intention to serve out there right at the beginning of all this as you are doing,I wanted to know who I was on a soul level and what I was feeling,I read 30 books in a year and I meditated,did yoga and went on retreats,I read the moses code and did the I am that I am meditation for a month,I wrote down what I wanted,I wrote down a list of qualities I wanted to have and focused on that list everyday saying I am that I am. it has been a loooong process but it doesn’t have to be for you this was my journey I needed to do it this way and release a lot of unworthy ego,recently White Cloud through Blossom said it is not that I doubt him or others but it is the self I doubt,he said it is a waste of energy and if I may say your downfall,you have your own journey Michael and these energies are full on now embrace them xxx 

Yes it gets like that Michael, so what I did was let go let God alot and followed the guidance,constantly saying thy will not mine be done,then when things became clear for me I would respond and focus(God helps those that help themselves) thus I would feel empowered not rescued:)


7th June 2009


Greetings to you also dearest one. It is coming to the reasoning in these days ahead that there is a desire that beckons the soul self to create that which is thine to create. In other words we would gently persuade you to encounter within the deepest place of your heart self that which YOU KNOW to be the only way forward. We know you KNOW this to be Truth and Love. Yet we ask you to once again be of much diligence within this pathway that you walk upon. Yes, it is all well and indeed of goodness to ‘allow’ that which IS to guide you. To listen to your inner voice and to Trust All that IS. And yet we suggest now perhaps that you may desire to ‘step up the pace’ in which you are travelling. You are aware of the time lines that are predicted into that which lies only a few of your years hence. There is much to be done. And although there is much that IS being done and there is much pleasure because of it , we ask you now to look within and answer to the call that you will hear.



21st June 2009


For it is the inner journey of the individual to find out our meanings for themselves. We try to be as explanatory as we are able, and yet we find it necessary also for you to do the work … in discovering the depth of the words in which we bring forth. Ones soul would never grow to its fullest capacity if all work was done for them. They would become rather automated … for it is the heart that needs to hear … not just the mind that needs to interpret that of which we speak.

Michael I have found out who he was look at this email a friend sent me:

The name could be Claud-Adama. The Son of Adama - the High priest of Telos. They are the Lemurians and are often here with us - though not many can see them or they don't make themselves visible to many.

I will, you know me Michael anything happens you can’t shut me up:) I have absolutly no ego concerns...... LOL

I have found a group here in Australia for Telos just 10min. from where I live! so I am going to their next meeting on the 3rd Dec in the mean time I will read up on Telos:)


P.S. I have notice a few people struggling with these energies,they are manifesting whats on their mind very quickly and seeing rapidly where their focus is.

I keep checking in on my mind,my heart is cool though, feeling the love:)


Blossom is cool lol

Yeeh I can see you now Vajra:) hello:) xxx

On  the day of 11-11-11 I had such a feeling of happiness and excitement almost as if I was expecting something and......... I heard bells! very musical ones and it wasnt coming from anywhwere around where I live,Now that it has passed I have a strong sense or need to take care of everyone! and my dreams are very vivid,anyone else experence anything ?

Your Angels are speaking to you:) here is what White Clous said about 11:11

White Cloud’s talk to us through Blossom and his 11:11 meditation

And we have always expressed to you the KNOWING that we KNEW from our angle … from our perspective that  … what we chose to ‘hang on to’ and what we chose to ‘divulge’ at any given time was for a specific function. NOW we are able to move and upgrade YOUR reverence(?) ...

Sorry … got to interrupt …. ‘Reverence?'  That doesn't’ make sense does it?… and yet when I questioned it … you wouldn't’ change it … reverence?'

Yes … we are correct in our understanding of this wording. NOW we are able to move and upgrade YOUR reverence in the terms of underestimating that which you are capable of understanding.




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